Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 1: Young Master

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 1: Young Master

What if you transmigrate into a post-apocalyptic novel you’ve written?

And what if you transmigrating into a post-apocalyptic text you’ve written will turn you into a zombie king?

If this zombie king is not only the man’s mortal enemy but also the one responsible for killing the man and causing him to be reborn back to the end of the world to come for revenge. So what to do?

Mu Yifan, after a day and night of anguish at being transmigrated in the post-apocalyptic novel he wrote, decided to be ruthless, and in the moment when the man is reborn and end the man immediately!

According to the novel’s plot, the man will die and be reborn with a portable space back to the month before the end of time, which is April 5, 2014 Tomb Clearing Festival.

On this day, the unregenerate man will go to the G City Shui village to pay respects to his fallen comrades, but unexpectedly, he will be assassinated, shot and unconscious. In the midst of the mountains, when awakened again, his soul will be reborn.

Mu Yifan thought of this and quickly pulled out his phone to see that the time on it showed 8:27 on April 5, 2014

His face turned pale and he scrambled to grab the car keys off the table and rushedoff to the villa garage.

“Young Master, where are you going?”

An anxious voice stopped Mu Yifan in his tracks.

When Mu Yifan looked back, he saw a middle-aged man in a gray suit standing at the villa’s front door, his face wearing gold-rimmed nearsighted glasses, very gentle, like a research bachelor, but with a blue-gray medical kit in hand.

From the memories in this body, I learned that the middle-aged man in front of me was called Li Qingtian, the family doctor of the Mu family.

Li Qingtian raised his hand and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, smiling as he approached, “Young Master! I’m here to do your physical checkup!”

Upon hearing this, the corner of Mu Yifan’s lips slowly curled with unseen coldness.

At first, I didn’t bother to give the characters in the book their names, so I just used the names of myself and my best friends in real life to name the characters in the book, so this body owner’s name was Mu Yifan like his own, the eldest son of Admiral Mu Yuecheng, and after graduating from the military academy, he was elected to the Special Forces and is training with the same group as the novel protagonist man.

Mu Yifan and the man, as comrades, should have treated each other with honesty, but the man is outstandingly capable and better than him in every way, and even The promotion, to get the attention of the superiors and the respect of the subordinates, which has always been narrow-minded Mu Yi Fan gradually on the man began to hate it, often Secretly tripping up the man in the mission, and that’s where the feud between him and the man comes from.

Later, Mu Yifan was diagnosed with bone cancer after being wounded on a mission, and had to withdraw from the army and go home to recuperate, the only fortunate thing was just the benign cancer, the cancer can be cured by drugs or surgery. However, it allowed his second brother to take advantage of the situation and find someone to secretly inject a horrible virus into his body. Mu Yifan turns into a zombie after the end of the world that doesn’t look like a human or a ghost.

And…Li Qingtian was the one who injected him with the virus.

Mu Yifan returns to his senses, glancing without moving his eyes at the hand gripping the car keys, and realizes that his nails have taken on a light gray color, which is a precursor to becoming a zombie, and also shows that he is incapable of changing the fact that he is about to become a zombie again.

However, by removing the main character from the book, he may soon return to reality.

“I need to go out for a trip, you…” Mu Yifan seemed to think of something with a twinkle in his eye: “After you go into the night, come over again for my body check!”

Li Qingtian was stunned, then, smiling gently, “Yes!”

Mu Yifan looks at his medical kit: “Do you have a mask in your medical kit? Borrow me if you have one!”

“Yes!” Li Qingtian was busy taking out the white mask from the medicine box and handing it to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan stopped talking and hurriedly put on his mask and sunglasses and drove away.

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  1. Yes yes yes thank you for retranslating and editing this story properly! I think one of the previous translators just churned it through google translate and pumped out mass releases without trying to make the story understandable

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