Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 2: The Male Protagonist

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 2: The Male Protagonist

On Tomb Clearing Festival, the number of people rushing to pay respects to their ancestors is particularly high, causing congestion on the main roads and making it difficult for vehicles to drive.

It was 1:18 p.m. when Mu Yifan arrived at the outskirts of the Shui village in G City.

He got out of the car, and he first pretended to buy a set of yuanbao candles or something like that in a small shop for grave-cleaning items, and then, hurried up the mountain.

This is the time when people rush back to their hometowns to pay homage to their ancestors, and everywhere is filled with the sound of prayers for blessings and the deafening sound of firecrackers and the smoke choking people the place looked like a fairy celestial driving a cloud of mist over the entire mountain.

Mu Yifan remembers that the novel doesn’t detail the man’s name and time and place for when he went to the worship of his comrades, only lightly mentioning that it was in the afternoon. The location was halfway up the mountain when the sun was in full bloom, so he wasn’t sure if the man was still in the Shui village at this point, so he had to blindly head to look for him on the hill.

Thankfully, the hill mounds were built around the mountain and were not difficult to find.

Mu Yifan extracts the memories from this body as he searches for the man.

Previously, I hadn’t been able to observe the man’s appearance because I had been in the shock of crossing over to the post-apocalyptic text I had written, but… There’s no doubt that the man, Zhan Beitian, has the same name as his real-life hairdresser, as far as looks are concerned

Before Mu Yifan could look for the male figure in this body’s memories, a tall, upright man in front of him, ruthlessly drew his attention and, at the same time, stopped abruptly in its tracks.

The man was about six feet tall and wore a tight black T-shirt, military green slacks and a pair of black military boots, a simple match, still cannot hide the body unintentionally reveal the strong atmosphere. The face is handsome and firm, wheat skin under the sunlight, showing into a stable luster, thin lips tightly pursed into a straight line, making people feel a little cold and hard, deep eyes staring at the grave in front of him with a steady stare. His deep inner pain and self-loathing.

Mu Yifan stayed stiff in place with shock, his eyes widening wider and wider as he stares straight at the other with an incredulous face.

He didn’t have to go forward to find out to be quite sure that the man was the legendary character in his writing, Zhan Beitian!

Of course, it wasn’t because the other party was extremely handsome, nor was it because of how strong and overbearing the other party looked-

The other guy even fxcking looks exactly like his best friend!

The Jade Emperor why are you so mean, is it because I’m so desperate that you made this up on purpose?

What a fxck!

How could he be so brain-dead when he was thinking about his best friend while describing the man’s appearance?

Now well, the man looks just like his hair, so how is he going to get off?

He came up with more than a dozen vicious ways to kill people on the way, and he saw fit to use them on himself, once and for all!


If he could have done that, he would have done it already, and he wouldn’t have agonized for a day and a night before thinking of such an unethical thing as killing off the man!

Just as Mu Yifan growled in his heart about how effed the situation was, suddenly ‘da’ sounded, and the bag in his hand actually broke with a hole! And all the ancestor-offering stuff he bought before fell on the floor.

As Mu Yifan snapped back to his senses, he saw Zhan Beitian not far in front of him glaring over to him.


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