Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 3: The Wrong Grave

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 3: The Wrong Grave

The sweeping gaze from Zhan Beitian made Mu Yifan feel shocked, afraid of what the other party might see, and he panicked, crouched down and using the picking up of worship supplies with the movement to hide the guilty conscience he was feeling, and at the same time, touching the mask and glasses on his face to make sure they stayed safely on his face, he relaxed a bit after securing them

After picking up his things, he continued to act as if nothing had happened, walked over to a deserted grave and began lighting candles and burning incense.

While he was busy, he quietly used his side gaze to scan towards Zhan Beitian, and when he saw the other party turn away, his heart was truly calm back into place.

At the moment, Mu Yifan’s mood was very complicated, happy to have found the male protagonist in the novel, but worried that he won’t be able to kill ruthlessly, especially since the male protagonist, Zhan Beitian looked exactly like his friend from childhood.

“Who are you?” A fierce voice suddenly interrupted Mu Yifan’s thoughts.

When Mu Yifan looked back up, he saw a middle-aged man lowering the burden from his shoulders, followed by an old man and a middle-aged woman, and a young man and two small girls, six pairs of eyes stared at him curiously, especially Mu Yifan with a mask on his face and glasses, he was like a man with the look of a thief who doesn’t want to see the light, this immediately put six people on alert.

Mu Yifan looked at them, then at the grave in front of him, and finally, his eyes fell on the burden the middle-aged man had previously placed on the ground and thought to himself. This grave couldn’t be their ancestor’s, could it?

The middle-aged woman stared straight at Mu Yifan as if seeing an enemy, and, the more fierce her gaze became, she busily approached the middle-aged man and says in a low voice: “Husband, seeing him on the grave while he is covering the whole face, shouldn’t he be the driver who killed our third child?”


Mu Yifan was dumbfounded, the middle-aged woman’s voice was not loud, but she could still clearly hear what she said, and was trying to explain, when she heard the old man’s breath Fierce yelled, “What? He’s the driver who ran down Sanér(Third Child)?”

The middle-aged woman snorted, “You look like you’re sneaking around, you must have an uneasy conscience, dreaming in the middle of the night that San’er is asking for his life, that’s why you came here to burn incense!”

Mu Yifan quickly stood up and explained, “This lady!”


It’s the kind of bad luck that can happen when you find a random grave to burn incense on, and you get mistaken for the driver who ran over their family!

He’s too unlucky, isn’t he?

Besides, if he wasn’t afraid that Zhan Beitian would recognize him, why would he cover up like a thief!

“Ahhhh! Who’s your aunt? What a shameless thing, don’t think that just because you gave us money, we can forgive you!” The middle-aged woman opened her big voice to curse Mu Yifan, then, the whole person lying in front of the grave loudly howling: “My poor Sanér, still less than five years old, and you…”

The other five all stared at him with red eyes, especially the middle-aged man who was filled with grief and anger, took off his stick and swung it at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan panicked and dodged: “You misunderstand me, I’m not the driver who caused the accident as you say, I just…just went to the wrong grave”

As soon as he yelled those words, firecrackers rang out next to him, solidly overshadowing his words.

The middle-aged man missed, and angrily raised the flattened burden again, shouting fiercely: “Son of a b.itch, I’ll break your legs and make you worship me for San’er sake!”

Mu Yifan saw that they weren’t even listening to his explanation and quickly pulled out and ran.

Perhaps with the man in mind, he even ran in the direction of where Zhan Beitian was standing.

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