Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 10: I’m sleeping with you tonight

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 10: I’m sleeping with you tonight

Zhan Beitian returned to the hall and first turned on the TV to make sure he was now really back before the end of 2014 before turning to the kitchen Looking for food.

Right now, his mind is a bit confused, and everything that happened in the end times is like a nightmare, but if it’s a dream, what happened in the carry-on space? How does the situation explain that?


Zhan Beitian raised his left arm and immediately purple-red sparks of electricity sprang upon his palm, one of the abilities he had acquired after the end of the world.

If he’s not dreaming, then he’s born again?

But, if he is reborn, he shouldn’t have to meet this man named Mu Mu, is he reborn into a parallel world?

Suddenly, Zhan Beitian felt the space within his body emitting a strange movement.

He closes his eyes in confusion and mentally scans space, then he raises his right hand and a red bead appears in his right palm.

Then the red beads fly up and scurry out of the kitchen and into the rec room as fast as it can.

Mu Yifan, who was dazed in the recreation room, caught a red light flying in from the corner of his eye, and before he had time to react, the red light ‘ Swoosh’ as lightning swept past and rushed towards him.

The next moment, Mu Yifan felt something hard fly into his mouth and dig into his throat, causing him to have a strange sensation and cough in discomfort.

Zhan Beitian ran into the recreation room quickly with a chilly face, scans the room and sees no sign of the red beads, but sees Mu Yifan covering his mouth with one hand, with the other hand on his throat, and kept coughing like he was choking on something.

Mu Yifan coughed several times before his throat felt much more comfortable, and when he saw Zhan Beitian standing in the doorway, he couldn’t help but say, “Just now… It’s like something got in my mouth.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes lowered and he walked forward to sit down: “Open your mouth.”

Mu Yifan looked at him quizzically and opened his mouth obediently.

Zhan Beitian quickly raises his right hand and extends his index finger to gouge at his throat.

“Ugh!” Mu Yifan immediately dry heaved, then vomited a puddle of yellow bile water.

He wiped his hand over his mouth, furious, “What are you doing?”

Zhan Beitian said in a cold voice, “What you just swallowed is very important to me.”

Mu Yifan stared at him, “What did I swallow?”

He had only seen a red shadow flash before, not even looking closely at what it was.

It was impossible for Zhan Beitian to explain to him what this thing was, standing up and saying in a deep voice, “I’ll give you half an hour, whether you want to Vomit or poop, do whatever you can to get it out of you, or we’ll go to the hospital to get it out.”

After that, he strode out of the recreation room.

Mu Yifan jumped up in flames, “F.uck, are you sick, it’s only half an hour, how do you want me to get it out to you? Even if I had to poop it, I can’t pull it that fast, and what I just swallowed now won’t come out until tomorrow morning anyway.”

Zhan Beitian abruptly stopped and turned to stare at Mu Yifan, as if seriously considering his words, and remained silent for a moment before saying, “Fine, tomorrow! You can do it in the morning, however, I’m going to sleep with you tonight.”

Mu Yifan: “… ”

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this novel! I really love the characters and the concept but unfortunately had to stop reading the other translators working due to grammar mistakes giving out headaches. I can feel the saving grace!!!

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