Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 4: You’ve Been Shot

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 4: You’ve Been Shot

When Zhan Beitian heard the noise, he turned his head in confusion and saw a man with a sunglasses mask on his face running towards him, followed by a man holding up a thin middle-stick who chased after fighting while cursing.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glint of light reflecting off the opposite mountain.

Zhan Beitian’s heart was shocked, and before he had time to react, he heard a ‘poof’ sound, the sound of a bullet hitting a body.

Immediately afterward, the man who had run from him stumbled and his body fell towards him.

Zhan Beitian was busy catching this person, and when he looked down, the bosom man’s right arm sleeve was spilling a puddle of bright red blood, and the man was also shot by a bullet and he had a small hole.

It’s a gunshot wound!

Zhan Beitian’s face looked astonished and quickly crouched down holding someone, using a side grave to block his body from the shooters.

The middle-aged man and his family caught up with him, swung the flattened carriage again, and said angrily, “Son of a bitch, see how I kill you!”

A raised eye of Zhan Beitian and a stern gaze shot out horrifyingly at the man.

The middle-aged man was so shocked on the spot that he couldn’t hit the stick held above his head.

The gaze of the man in front of him was too harsh, and he looked like a very bad person to mess with, so the middle-aged man swallowed his saliva and turned around in a panic to leave quickly with his family.

Zhan Beitian looked down at the person who had fallen softly in his arms and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

The shot he thought the man was receiving was actually fired at him, but the man accidentally saved his life by taking a bullet from him.

Mu Yifan, confused, heard a low voice, and strained to open his eyes.

When I saw a familiar face, my heart missed a beat and I just about screamed out loud.

Mu Yifan hurriedly suppressed his guilty conscience and surprise and asked weakly, “What’s wrong with me?”

He felt as if he’d been turned from Hades and his right arm suddenly hurt so badly that it felt as if he’d had his arm cut off.

The pain in the arm eased quickly, however, and now he only felt a small tingle.

Zhan Beitian said, “You’ve been shot.”

“What? Did I get shot?” Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian incredulously.

If he got shot, why wouldn’t it hurt?


He had just been in so much pain for a moment that he almost died, but the pain from the wound subsided quickly.

What the hell is going on?

Is it why he’s about to turn into a zombie?

But why did he get shot?

Mu Yifan quickly figured out the reason for this, it must be that he took a shot for Warrior Beitian.


People with protagonist auras just aren’t the same.

He took a bullet for someone before he did anything to kill that someone.

Zhan Beitian doesn’t explain much: “We need to get out of here first.”

While the people nearby set off firecrackers again and the smoke billowed, he quickly picked up Mo Yi Fan and ran down the hill.

Mu Yifan was stupidly leaning on his embrace, but his heart was catching on.

According to the plot, Zhan Beitian was assassinated, shot, unconscious in the mountains, and when he wakes up again, his soul will be reborn.

Now he took a bullet for the man, however, so the man won’t go into a coma from the gunshot wound, so will the man’s soul be reborn??

What’s going to happen next in the story?

That he-

Will it still go well enough with his plot to kill the protagonist man?

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