Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 5: I Really Owe You

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 5: I Really Owe You

Just as Mu Yifan was worried that the plot development would get out of his control, Zhan Beitian suddenly stopped and stood still for a long time.

He turned his head in confusion, only to see Zhan Beitian bobbing his head vigorously, then, as if losing all his strength, the whole man fell backward.

Mu Yifan was so shocked that he quickly grabbed Zhan Beitian’s hand and pulled the man into his arms, “Hey, hey, are you okay?”

He screamed several times and even slapped the other man’s face hard, “Zhan…what’s wrong with you? Don’t you scare me?”

Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian still did not respond, carefully probing under his nose to make sure that he was still breathing, he let out a small sigh of relief.

Thankfully he is not dead.

But how did a good and healthy man suddenly become unconscious?

Mu Yifan thought that something was wrong with Zhan Beitian’s body and panicked to pick up his phone to call the emergency center, but as soon as he pressed two numbers, he stopped the action.

He’s so stupid, isn’t it the best time for him to do it when Zhan Beitian suddenly passes out?

And, if he wasn’t wrong, the sudden fainting of Zhan Beitian, most likely because his soul was about to be reborn, so he was set to kill him before Zhan Beitian is reborn.

“Can I help you, sir?” A concerned family who was visiting the graves nearby asked.

Mu Yifan regained consciousness and shook his head incessantly, “No, no, my friend is just suffering from heatstroke.”

There were too many people here, it wasn’t a good place to do it, he quickly ran down the mountain carrying the over 1.9-meter tall warrior Beitian on his back.

Mu Yifan found his car, straining to throw someone into the back seat, exhaling heavily, wiping the sweat off his forehead, and cursing lowly: “Bastard, I really owe you.”

Who’s as pathetic as he is?

He wanted to kill the man, but instead took a bullet for him, and now the man is in a coma and it’s a good time to kill him, but he still wants to Do a chore like carrying the man down the hill and then pick an empty spot to finish him off.

He is so cautious for no other reason than that he fears that when the man dies, he will not only not return to reality, but will be imprisoned for life in the Spending time in jail would be more than worth it.

“I hope you don’t wake up before we get home.”

Before nightfall, Mu Yifan drove back to the villa he was staying at, then moved the man into the hall and threw him on the couch.

He patted Zhan Beitian’s face to make sure he hasn’t woken up yet, and quickly implements his plan to kill the man.

Mu Yifan scanned the hall to see if there are any murder tools, and quickly, his eyes fall on the fruit knife on the table.

He picked up the fruit knife quickly and raised it abruptly, but when he looked at the handsome face that looked exactly like his hair, the fruit knife would not fall down.

He was genuinely unable to do anything about it, and in real life, he was the best of buddies with Zhan Beitian, and anything that happened to him, Zhan Beitian picked up the slack, and if there’s any trouble, it’s also Zhan Beitian who defended him, this man loves him more than his own brother, how does that make him go down and kill the man?

However, he can’t go back to his original world without killing Zhan Beitian, and he’ll be brutally tortured by the man.

As soon as Mu Yifan thought of it, the courage to kill was brought up again.

“Brother, I really don’t want to kill you, and when I get back to reality, I’ll be good to you.” He kissed Zhan Beitian’s forehead a few times, making barks and noises.

Mu Yifan wiped his hands down his legs, wiped the sweat off his hands with his pants, then, taking a deep breath, he raised the fruit knife again: “I am now It’s in the book, I’m in the book now, this guy is fake, it’s fake, I just have to kill him to get back to reality.”

He closed his eyes, shook his hands, and tried desperately to hypnotize himself that everything in front of him was fake.

When it was almost time, Mu Yifan’s heart was so hard that he aimed at Zhan Beitian’s heart and plunged in hard.

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