Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 6: Scaring the crap out of me

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 6: Scaring the crap out of me

When it was almost time, Mu Yifan’s heart was so hard that he aimed at Zhan Beitian’s heart and plunged in hard.

The only sound he heard was a ‘pop’ sound, the sound of a knife being plunged in.

Mu Yifan was frightened and panicked, releasing the fruit knife, not daring to open his eyes to see if Zhan Beitian was alive or dead, for fear of seeing a corpse or seeing Zhan Beitian’s angry eyes.

Suddenly, ding-dong, the doorbell rang, scaring him so much that he jumped open his eyes to see the couch empty but with a fruit knife in it! The whole man took several steps backward in fear and nearly fell to the ground.

Where is the man!?

Mu Yifan hurriedly glanced around and didn’t see anyone in the Zhan Beitian and muttered to himself, “Why is he gone?”

Did he run away while his eyes were closed?

But how come he didn’t hear the footsteps leaving or the door opening?

No, there’s no way Zhan Beitian could have just run away, he would have captured the would-be himself and taken the knife away if he saw him killing him with it.

As if Mu Yifan thought of something, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Zhan Beitian’s soul is supposed to be reborn, and, again, with a portable space, back to the month before the end of time, i.e. It’s possible that Zhan Beitian entered the space because he sensed danger on his soul.

If that’s the case, then Zhan Beitian should not have seen himself kill him, otherwise, the warrior would not have disappeared in front of him and would have the carry-on space thing is exposed.

Just then, the doorbell dinged again.

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and yelled in a bad mood, “What’s with the constant press, it’s scaring me, you know?”

Unfortunately, the villa was so soundproof that no one outside could hear him roar.

Mu Yifan pulled out the fruit knife on the couch, there was no blood on it, so he didn’t stab Zhan Beitian.

He exhaled, not really sure if he should be relieved that he hadn’t killed anyone, or if he should be nervous about the soon-to-be-reborn Zhan Beitian Fear.

Because Zhan Beitian baptized by the end times is a cold, wary and suspicious person who is particularly cold, wary and suspicious, the person who can get within one meter of him is Few and far between, let alone to gain his trust, so he’ll be hard-pressed to find an opportunity to kill him later.

Mu Yifan didn’t have time to think deeply before his thoughts were interrupted by the reminder doorbell.

He tossed the fruit knife back into the fruit basket in a bad mood and headed for the door, seeing through the cat’s eyes that the visitor was Li Qingtian, which reminded him that in the morning there was the matter of asking Li Qingtian to come over after nightfall to examine his body.

Mu Yifan opened the door and let Li Qingtian in, saying indifferently, “Go to the recreation room.”

The reason why he didn’t let Li Qingtian stay in the hall was that he was worried that Zhan Beitian would see him when he came out of the space.

Li Qingtian looked strangely at Mu Yifan who was still wearing his mask and sunglasses, very curious as to why they are going to the recreation room.

Mu Yifan came to the recreation room and didn’t close the door, just undressed and said, “Take the bullet out of my arm first.”

Li Qingtian, seeing the bullet hole in his arm, he frowned, not daring to ask more questions, opened the medicine cabinet and took out the anesthetic, the hemostat and the tweezers with gauze.

Mu Yifan didn’t look at him, sitting on the couch and contemplating, waiting for Li Qingtian to remove the bullet before saying, “I have one thing for you to do.”

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