Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 7. You just have to lie to him.

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 7. You just have to lie to him.

Li Qingtian was slightly nervous and asked, “What…what is it?”

He felt that the Young Master was very different today.

In the past, if a Young Master saw him, he would immediately remember that he had bone cancer, so the whole person would be very grumpy, but, today’s Young Master is very calm, like a different person.

Mu Yifan lowered his eyelids: “As you know, I’m very lonely living in the villa by myself every day, so I want to have a friend around and we live here together.”

Li Qingtian looked at the now somewhat pitiful Mu Yifan and said without softening his heart: “Then, Young Master can speak to him directly.”

Mu Yifan shook his head, “Even if I tell you straight, he’ll only spend a few days with me at most.”

“Then you want…”

Mu Yifan quickly raised his eyes to Li Qingtian and pleaded, “Doctor Li, just lie to him, lie to him that I won’t live much longer, he definitely will stay with me, I don’t need him to stay with me for any length of time, just say a month and that I’ll live a month at most.”

In a month’s time, it will be the end of the world, so he will try to win the male protagonist ‘s trust and take his life while he’s at it.

If he can’t kill the protagonist man before the end of time, he’ll need to find a place to hide, because, officially, he’ll be a zombie, and his body will initially be very stiff and easy for the protagonist man to discover his identity.

Li Qingtian had a hard time with it and agreed: “Okay.”

He originally felt guilty about Mu Yifan because the second-youngest member of the Mu family gave him a sum of money to secretly inject the horrible virus, which is said to accelerate the spread of bone cancer, will soon kill Mu Yifan, so anything Mu Yifan asks for he will try to acquiesce to him.

Mu Yifan quirked his lips in a sneer.

He would ask Li Qingtian to come back at night this morning to examine his body because he was worried that he hadn’t killed Zhan Beitian, but had instead been wounded by him only then did he call someone in, never thought it would come in handy.

Then he thought of something else and said, “By the way, I still need you to wrap my face in gauze, the worse the better, so that I will look weak for my friend.”

Li Qingtian immediately responded, “Okay.”

Just as Mu Yifan’s face was halfway wrapped, a tall figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the hall’s sofa, coldly sweeping the hall, cold and stern gaze was as cold as ice thorns, then, a trace of doubt flashed in the eyes.

Zhan Beitian found his memories very confused.

He clearly remembers that he was killed by the zombie king Mu Yifan, but how is he still alive now?

Was he saved by someone else? Or did he die and came back to life, or was he reborn?

And why he has some strange memories in his head.

Zhan Beitian looked down at what he was wearing, and then, pulling his phone out of his pants pocket, the time on it read, 2014 April 5, 2010, at 7:43 pm.

His pupils widen slightly, isn’t this time a month before the end of the world?

The reason he remembers this day is that he was assassinated and shot once when he went to pay his respects to his comrades in the Shui village of G City. and passed out in the mountains.

But his current memory is that someone had unintentionally taken a bullet for him!

What’s going on here?

Zhan Beitian was inwardly frightened, and before he could even think about it, he heard talking coming from the room ahead.

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