Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 9: The Talent of Being an Actor

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 9: The Talent of Being an Actor

“Who are you?” Zhan Beitian asked in an icy voice.

The other man’s face was wrapped tightly, but from the pants and shoes, and the wound on his right arm, he could be identified as the one who suddenly had the extra memory of the man who unintentionally took a bullet for him.

“Me?” Mu Yifan’s brain flew around and said, “My last name is Mu, Mu… Mu, my full name is Mu Mu.”

He originally wanted to change his surname, but if the people in the next-door neighborhood saw him calling him Mr. Mu, wouldn’t that be a betrayal, and it would be better to take a Same sounding last name, as for Mu Mu, because that’s his nickname and that’s what his friends and family call him.

“Thank you very much for stopping that family for me, otherwise I would have likely been injured by them, and thank you very much for stopping them when I somehow was shot, you took me down the hill. Afterward, you suddenly fainted and I would have taken you to the hospital, but… ”

Mu Yifan touched his swollen thigh and apologized, “I don’t like going to the hospital, so I had to take you home and have a private doctor give you the Checking the body, by the way, I wonder what the gentleman’s name is?”

“Zhan Beitian.” Zhan Beitian replied simply, narrowed his eyes, and asked, “Why did that family beat you?”

As he used to remember, there was indeed such a family nearby when they were visiting the graves of their comrades, and at the time, they were crying very sadly, so that’s what got his attention, but there was absolutely no appearance of this man named Mu Mu.

Mu Yifan himself could not tell the real reason, nor could he use the wrong grave as an excuse, not to mention that ZhanBeitian did not believe it, but would even arouse suspicion.

He had to look guilty and say, “I accidentally ran over their child, and because my conscience was bothering me, I tried to sneak off to offer incense to the child. I didn’t think you’d know the rest of the story.”

It’s so f.ucking suffocating!

Who takes the bad omen on themselves?

He’s the only idiot who would do such a stupid thing.

Hopefully, the man won’t be impressed by this.

Zhan Beitian stared fixedly at Mu Yifan as if trying to see if he was lying on his face: “After I fainted, did you see me fade? ”

Seeing the other man looking at him blankly, he quickly changed his tone and asked, “You live here alone?”


“You’re taking this shot for me, so I’ll be here to take care of you until you’re better, and to borrow your kitchen.”

Zhan Beitian doesn’t wait for Mu Yifan’s answer, turned around, and left the recreation room, staying here not because this man took a shot for him, but because He doesn’t know what the hell is going on right now.

Mu Yifan was relieved to see Combat Beitian leave, Combat Beitian’s eyes were so sharp that he was almost about to be overwhelmed.

His entire body slumped wasted on the couch, and he said to himself, “I realized I’m pretty talented as an actor.”

At least Zhan Beitian didn’t suspect him.

However, with his knowledge of Zhan Beitian, the man, though not suspicious of him, must have generated curiosity, and in ten days and half a month nevermind not leaving.

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