Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 13: You’re a guy, right?

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 13: You’re a guy, right?

Zhan Beitian was busy pushing Mu Yifan forward: “Mr. Mu? Mr. Mu? Mumu! Mumu!”

The man on the floor was unresponsive, so he quickly picked the man up, grabbed the keys he’d thrown on the hall counter and ran out of the villa, driving to the hospital.

When Mu Yifan woke up, the person was being pushed into the emergency room, and when he saw Zhan Beitian beside him, he asked huskily, “What happened to me?”

He remembers throwing up so badly in the bathroom that he just about puked his stomach out, it was very unpleasant, he got dizzy in the back, and all of a sudden he was seeing only darkness in front of him, so he didn’t know what happened next.

Zhan Beitian said in a soft voice, “You fainted in the bathroom earlier, so I took you to the hospital.”

The doctor came forward to examine the body and asked, “What is wrong with you gentleman?”

Mu Yifan weakly replied, “Nauseous, I want to throw up.”

After that, the nausea came back up, and he quickly braced his upper body for a few dry heaves.

He’d been throwing up almost all morning, and now there was nothing in his stomach for him to throw up.

When he was almost done vomiting, the doctor took his pulse: “What’s wrong with him, besides being nauseous and wanting to vomit? For example, do you feel feverish, phlegm, sore throat or have illnesses like anemia or rheumatism?”


Mu Yifan doesn’t want to say anything about the gunshot wounds and bone cancer, lest the doctor give him a checkup so that Zhan Beitian will find the difference.

Zhan Beitian’s lips moved, as if he wanted to say something to the doctor, but, in the end, he chose to remain silent, not wanting to pay too much attention to the things which might cause attention.

The doctor, who was concentrating on taking his pulse, tightened his brows and stared up at Mu Yifan’s gauze-wrapped face for a while, as if he wanted to get his face See a little something.

Mu Yifan saw the doctor’s face and hurriedly asked, “Doctor, am I okay?”

Shouldn’t he have seen something wrong with his body?

Should have known he wouldn’t have given the doctor a pulse.

Mu Yifan placed his other hand on his left chest to make sure his heart was still beating before he relaxed a little, really worried that he had now become a zombie.

The doctor asks in an uncertain tone, “You’re a man, aren’t you?”

Mu Yifan was stunned, “What do you think I look like a woman?”

Even though his face is wrapped, the voice, Adam’s apple, and body all show that it’s a man, so how could this stupid B-doctor ask such a stupid question.

“That’s weird.” The doctor released Mu Yifan’s hand.

Zhan Beitian asked, “What’s wrong with his body?”

“It’s hard to say, you guys wait here, I’ll call a doctor over again.” The doctor said, leaving behind a foggy and sweaty Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian, who hurried out of the emergency room.

Zhan Beitian said, “I’m going to register you.”

Mu Yifan dry heaved with nausea a few more times after they left.

Afterwards, the doctor brought in an old doctor to take his pulse and ask him some questions about his health.

The old doctor looked at Mu Yifan in shock and suspicion: “Are you really a man?”

Mu Yifan didn’t look good: “Do you want me to take off my pants so you can check?”

“No, no.” The old doctor was too embarrassed and went on to pull the previous doctor into a corner for a whispered discussion.

Mu Yifan vaguely heard the old doctor say things like ‘I’ve never seen it before’ and ‘There really is no such a thing in this world’.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with me?”

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