Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 14: Inspection reports

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 14: Inspection reports

The two doctors returned to Mu Yifan: “This gentleman, we recommend that you get an ultrasound first.”

“Ultrasound?” Mu Yifan was startled.

He still has a month to go before he officially turns into a zombie, and with his heart still beating, an ultrasound shouldn’t be a problem, so he agrees to take the B ultras.

The doctor immediately gave Mu Yifan a list.

The small hospital wasn’t as crowded as the large one, and after paying the fee, we waited in line for about ten minutes, and soon it was Mu Yifan’s turn.

The doctor who examined Mu Yifan was a woman who applied a coupling agent to Mu Yifan’s upper body and then checked the situation with a probe.

Then, her eyes flashed with astonishment and oddness, and her eyes scanned inexorably to Mu Yifan’s firm chest and protruding Adam’s apple. She went on to whisper, “You are not a transsexual, is it?”

A very good hearing Mu Yifan looked at her in confusion, “What transsexual?”

The female doctor did not answer him, her eyes full of wrongness and stare, then, withdrawing the probe, she said, “Come back in half an hour for an examination inspection report.”

While waiting for the results, Zhan Beitian left the hospital to go nearby for breakfast, and Mu Yifan worries that seeing the food vomiting again will affect the Zhan Beitian’s appetite didn’t come along for the ride, and he might have to have some kind of checkup, much less go-to breakfast.

Just in time to get the ultrasound report card when Zhan Beitian returned.

Mu Yifan couldn’t read the report form and went straight back to the ER to hand it over to the doctor.

The doctor saw the report sheet and was mistaken for a moment: “This…this.”

Mu Yifan was made incredibly nervous by the doctor reaction; he’s not afraid that his body is sick, but he’s afraid that the doctor will see something different about his body and cause him to lose his life.

Finally, he couldn’t stand the doctor staring at the report sheet all the time and didn’t have the heart to say, “Doctor, can you just tell me which disease do I have, you make me nervous when you want to talk and don’t talk like that, and you make me sick even when I’m not sick.”

The doctor came back to his senses and was busy saying, “Sorry.”

He cleared his throat and added, “Mr. Mu, according to the pulse we just took, your pulse is a slippery one, which can be seen in the anemia, rheumatism, late fever of acute infections, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, cirrhosis of the liver and ascites, etc., in addition to others, when we see the slipping pulse in women without disease that can be judged to be pregnant, you”

Mu Yifan interrupted him impatiently, “Doctor, I don’t understand a thing you’re saying, just tell me what disease I have.”

The doctor quickly said, “You’re pregnant.”

There was a sudden silence in the emergency room.

Mu Yifan stared at the doctor as if he had heard the Arabian Nights.

Even Zhan Beitian, who had been reborn by the end times and had seen all sorts of things that were difficult to explain scientifically, looked at the doctor with a startled face.

The doctor was being watched by the two older men and was under great pressure, but had to be hard-pressed to say, “This is truly unbelievable, but the ultrasound doesn’t lie, it shows that Mr. Mu is three months pregnant even though he has no uterus”.

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