Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 15: You Shut the Fúck Up

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 15: You Shut the Fúck Up

“Blow this nonsense to your mother.” Mu Yifan slapped the desktop and rose in anger, “I’m a grown man, how can I be pregnant, the test report must be wrong.”

He was very sure he wouldn’t be pregnant even if he was a woman, because in the body’s memory, for the last four months, the body’s owner has been staying at home daily, but other than contact with Li Qingtian and the delivery man, he hadn’t seen anyone at all, let alone slept with a man…

Also, how could the original Mu Yifan be pregnant with another man’s child when he liked women?

The doctor said kindly, “Mr. Mu, I understand how you feel right now, but this report is really yours, because, the examination office after seeing that the examiner is a male, with no uterus in his body, and yet carrying a fetus, which is very unnatural, I recommend that as a man yo take an ultrasound.”

“You shut up, old man.” Mu Yifan yelled, tugging at the doctor’s collar in anger.

A grown man isn’t a man if he doesn’t get angry at being told he’s pregnant or something.

The doctor, unafraid to die, hurried to finish his sentence in one breath: “Get rid of the baby as soon as possible.”

“You…” Mu Yifan wanted to say something, but suddenly, a cramp in his abdomen, like all his intestines tied into a knot, made him hurt like hell:” It hurts…it hurts, my stomach hurts.”

The doctor scrambled to his feet: “You may have moved the baby.”

“You…” Mu Yifan was so angry that he really wanted to beat this quack up, dammit, in the end, can’t look at other people’s faces, and even kept on Mention the word ‘tire’.

“Mr. Mu, I advise you to abort the baby right now, otherwise, it will most likely kill you.” The doctor said as he helped Mu Yifan.

But, as soon as he touched Mu Yifan’s arm, it was as if an electric shock struck his whole body, and then, he felt numb, he fell down softly!

Zhan Beitian was startled.

He saw the purple-red electricity emitting from Mu Yifan’s body electrocuting the doctor.

Mu Yifan was in no mood to care whether the doctor was dead or alive, he himself was in so much pain that he fell to the ground and rolled around: “It hurts…it hurts like hell.”

The screams drew three nurses, who saw the fallen doctor on the floor and called out anxiously, “Dr. Zheng, what’s wrong with you? Quick, get Dr. Hu over here.”

Immediately, the emergency room was a mess.

Zhan Beitian regained consciousness from that dazed moment and quickly picked up Mu Yifan on the ground and strode out of the emergency room.

Mu Yifan’s pain in his abdomen immediately disappeared without a trace the moment he was picked up by Zhan Beitian, if not still weak, the pain just now was as if it was just his delusion.

“Shit, quack, he’s definitely a quack.” He yelled all the way out of the hospital building.

Zhan Beitian found Mu Yifan’s car, shoved the man into the passenger seat, and turned around to sit in the driver’s seat himself.

He didn’t drive away immediately but looked sideways at the man who was cursing quackery and rubbing his stomach while suddenly, giggling till he couldn’t stop laughing anymore.

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