Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 16: The Unsympathetic Guy

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 16: The Unsympathetic Guy

Mu Yifan heard laughter and turned his head to look at Zhan Beitian in depression: “Is it that funny? Let’s see if you’re still laughing when you’re diagnosed pregnant.”

Zhan Beitian quickly put away his laughter and touched his cheek.

Just now, I can’t believe I’m laughing!

How long has it been since he’s laughed like that?

It must have been five or six years ago, by the count.

Zhan Beitian turned his thoughts and said in a soft voice, “I think the fetus pictured in the ultrasound should be the bead you swallowed, just take the surgery to get it out.”

But how could a doctor look at a bead and see a three-month-old fetus when there’s such a big difference between a bead and a fetus.

When he saw Mu Yifan’s relieved appearance, he didn’t voice out the doubts he had in his heart.

Mu Yifan also felt that this was the only explanation that would make the doctor think he was pregnant.

“I’m hungry.”

Zhan Beitian started the car and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Mu Yifan thought, his eyes suddenly brightening: “I want to eat sour noodles.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyebrows moved, he was nauseous and vomiting, and wanted to eat acid, was he really…

He drove away from the hospital without a word and searched ten blocks before finding a small shop selling sour noodles.

Mu Yifan ate five large bowls of noodles in a row, even finishing all the soup without leaving a single bite.

Zhan Beitian waited until he was almost done eating before saying, “Wait, I have to get my luggage from the Shenghua Hotel.”

“Mm.” Mu Yifan raised his hand and asked the boss for another bowl of sour noodles.

Zhan Beitian saw how quickly he was able to clip the noodle to the face with his right hand and narrowed his eyes, “Your right hand doesn’t hurt?”

A gunshot wound to the arm won’t heal in ten days or half a month, much less use chopsticks so nimbly, it’s literally as if the man hadn’t been shot! Same.

Mu Yifan’s movement stopped, a guilty conscience, the painless arm made him forget about the gunshot wound long ago, not to mention since last night until now so much has happened, how can he remember to pretend to be a patient in front of Zhan Beitian.

He raised his head, feigning composure, and said aggrievedly, “Of course it hurts, but I have to power through the pain, otherwise, would you feed me the noodles?”

“You’d better keep holding it in.”

“No sympathy guy.” Mu Yifan lowered his head and continued to eat the powder.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with a sneer and he turned his gaze outside.

A month later, something like compassion will only kill you.

Mu Yifan discovered that Zhan Beitian was back to looking indifferent, and was in no mood for noodles, so he immediately checked out with the boss.

Back in the car, not without a yawn and a sudden, very heavy eyelid: “I’m going to get some sleep.”

Zhan Beitian turned his head sideways, but the man had already fallen asleep.

He drove up to the Hotel Shenghua, took his luggage to the desk, and checked out.

When we got back to the car again, Mu Yifan was still asleep and even his posture hadn’t changed.

Zhan Beitian was in no hurry to drive away, sitting in the driver’s seat and thinking back to what he was doing at this time in his last life.

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