Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 18: You’re Lucky

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 18: You’re Lucky

Only then did the three gangsters notice a tall man beside Mu Yifan, with a sturdy build and a stern gaze, who at a glance was a trained man and he was not a person to be messed with.

The two companions hurriedly whispered advice to the gangster, who was splattered all over his feet by the filth spewed out by Mu Yifan, “This man looks like Very unpleasant, I’ll let things slide, and don’t forget, we have important business to attend to now, otherwise, not good to deliver.”

One of the gangsters hesitated and said fiercely to Mu Yifan, “Count yourself lucky.”

The three of you turned around and were about to leave, but Zhan Beitian said in a cold voice, “You three go back and tell Miss Rong to stay out of trouble!”

The three gangsters were startled.

How did this man know they were found by Miss Rong?

Mu Yifan was also stunned.

When he heard that, he remembered not only that he was still in the book, but that the face was the name of the woman in his book.

And, as the story goes, whether the protagonist man was born again before or after he was born again, when he woke up in a gunshot coma in Shui village, shortly after arriving in the Shui village to do the tomb worshipping, later, it is the woman who takes the injured man home and finds a small clinic doctor to remove the man’s bullets.

The woman was a saving grace for the man, and after the end of the world, when the man meets the woman again, he keeps the woman with him, slowly, and just develop a relationship.

However, before the man was reborn, he only had a slight crush on the woman, and only after the man was reborn did they slowly go from friends to a couple.

Mu Yifan scratched his head in frustration.

Now that he saves the man before she does, wouldn’t that make the woman miss out on getting to know the man?

It’s a good thing the man knows the woman, because if the man really likes the woman, he will definitely try to make her like him again.

Like now, the man made a special trip to this seldom-traveled alley for the woman because, according to the plot, the woman was on the way home from work on the second day of Tomb Sweeping Festival, she ran into three gangsters, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the man was leaving the woman’s house, he wouldn’t have run into the woman and she would have been killed by them. The scene where the gangsters bully the woman, I’m afraid the woman would have been dragged into an empty alley and gang raped by three gangsters.

Mu Yifan thought of this and muttered, “No wonder he drove the car here.”

I dare say the man was waiting for the woman and the three gangsters to show up so he can use the opportunity to save the woman and meet her.

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t his vomiting just now have disrupted another chance for the two main characters to meet?

Mu Yifan felt a little guilty, but then he thought that the male protagonist would be killed off sooner or later, and it didn’t matter if the hero and heroine recognized each other or not.

Thinking so, he was much more comfortable.

Uh, wait.

If the man is here to rescue the woman, doesn’t that mean the woman is nearby?

Mu Yifan looked around curiously and saw a clear-eyed woman in a t-shirt and jeans standing ten meters in front of him on the left.

And then, once again, he was staring!

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