Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 19: His Name is Cuihua(virgin)

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 19: His Name is Cuihua(virgin)

Damn, the protagonist woman actually looks exactly like his real-life crush… Damn, which gods did he offend to be like this?

He remembered that when he described the protagonist woman in the book, he didn’t write it with his crush in mind, and also, he didn’t write it with his crush in mind of the name to get the name, how it looks the same go.

Ah, he remembered, Mu Yifan in the book also liked the female protagonist, that’s why he hated the male protagonist so much.

Depressing, is that why the woman looks exactly like his real-life crush, right?

Mu Yifan looked at Miss Rong’s beautiful face for a long time, unable to return to his senses.

When the three gangsters saw that Zhan Beitian knew what they were up to this time, and that there was no way to continue what they were going to do next, they decided to go back and report first. More on that later.

After they left, Zhan Beitian turned to look at Mu Yifan, but found him staring at the face of the face, so he twisted his eyebrows and said coldly, “Mr. Mu.”

Mu Yifan returns to his senses: “What’s wrong?”

“Get in the car.”

When Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian was not looking well, he guessed that the male protagonist must have eaten it up and didn’t want him to look at the female protagonist, but he preferred to look. And more than just looking, he’d introduce himself so his goddess would remember him.

He quickly waved his hand excitedly at the face that had stopped at the sound of the fight and shouted, “Beauty, my name is Mu…Mumu, what’s your name?”

Zhan Beitian picked him up by the collar with a chilly face and circled back around the front of the car to the passenger door to shove this disgraceful man into the car.

Mu Yifan doesn’t give up and pokes his head out of the car window: “Beauty, next time we meet, I’ll take you out to dinner, my cell phone number is XXXXXXXXXXX”

“Shut up and sit down.” Zhan Beitian said in a deep voice.

Mu Yifan ignored his warning and continued to call out, “Remember, beautiful, my name is Mumu.”

Then, pointing to Zhan Beitian, “His name is Cuihua.”

Giggling, Rong Yan was thoroughly amused by Mu Yifan’s words.

Such a tall man is even called Cuihua.

“…“ Zhan Beitian closed the car door with a black face and drove off quickly.

Mu Yifan sat back down listlessly in his seat: “I haven’t asked her name yet.”

The woman looks the same as his real-life crush, so he doesn’t know what Miss Rong in Zhan Beitian’s mouth looks like, that is, Rong Xue. 

I’m sure they should look similar, after all, they are the same father and mother sisters. Back then, if it was for Rong Yan’s father to have an affair and insisted on divorcing Rong Yan’s mother and marrying a mistress, otherwise, the two sisters wouldn’t have split up!

After that, the younger sister, who had just turned one year old, went to her father’s care and was raised by the mistress, and there was no one for the youngest to learn good manners from, so the younger sister was raised unruly, and, very jealous, and hates her own mother and sister who left her alone as a child.

And because her sister is better at everything than she is, and the man she likes, likes her sister like she does, that’s why she thought of finding three gangsters to bully her own sister.

Zhan Beitian glanced at him, not speaking, but thinking about the three gangsters.

Does the fact that things are the same as they were before he was reborn mean that the end times are coming too, so he should have prepared for it sooner.

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