Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 20: Something is wrong with the body

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 20: Something is wrong with the body

It didn’t take long for Mu Yifan to get back in the car, and the man soon fell asleep again, as if he hadn’t slept in half a month, and slept extraordinarily well. It also smelled especially good, with drool dripping out of the corners of my mouth and wetting my collar.

During the meal, the Zhan Beitian could not wake him up no matter how much he called him, he could only shake him hard, the whole only woke up confused, and, the meal was eaten with closed eyes, and no fear of getting a fish bone in the mouth.

Mu Yifan didn’t know how he could be so sleepy, and opening his eyes felt very difficult.

When he returned to the villa, he didn’t even take a shower, he just went to bed and whirled off to sleep, and then, slept until the next morning, after eating breakfast, and then back to sleep again.

Zhan Beitian hadn’t noticed Mu Yifan’s difference at first, besides, all his thoughts were about the end times about to come.

As he was planning what he was going to prepare for in the end times, his phone rang, and it was a call from Lu Lin.

“Major General, we’ve been to G City and investigated what you’ve said, and it’s true that a family’s five-year-old child in Shui village last month As for the murderer who ran over the child with a car, he has a strong background in G City, so we didn’t investigate further. After all, G City is not our turf, but it is said that the murderer is someone whose surname is Mu, who ran over the child, this person used every means possible after the incident to make things covered up.”

Surname Mu?

That would be someone as Mu Mu.

Zhan Beitian said in a light voice: “The investigation stops here, I have something else for you to do, you go rent a warehouse in Wanping County tomorrow for a period of one month, Xiang Guo will be responsible for purchasing as much rice as possible, as long as the quality of the rice is similar to that of ordinary household rice, and…”

After handing everything over, he saw that it was still early, so he took his car keys out for a walk to see what else needed to be prepared.

Then, for three or four days, he was busy, only returning to Mu Yifan’s villa when it was time to eat and sleep.

Gradually, he realized that Mu Yifan was very out of sorts in the past few days; besides vomiting less and less, he either ate or slept on a full stomach and, with a very large meal and a love of sour foods, he was almost like a pig.

Zhan Beitian originally didn’t want to pay any attention to Mu Yifan, but when he thought that Mu Yifan was already physically ill and had taken a shot for himself in the back, the most The important thing was that the Qingtian Pearl was inside Mu Yifan’s body, so there was no way to not care.

He looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was eight o’clock at night, but the hall was quiet and uninviting.

Zhan Beitian hesitated before lifting his feet up to the second floor and arriving at Mu Yifan’s room.

The door was unlocked, so you could enter directly, and the room was dark, so you could only see the furnishings by the light from the window.

Zhan Beitian turned on the light and immediately saw the ‘mummy’ lying flat on the bed.

On the night before, Li Qingtian had come to the villa to change Mu Yifan’s medicine, and the gauze on his arm was changed in front of him, and Mu Yifan did not have a gunshot wound to the right arm.

As for the gauze on his face, because Mu Yifan didn’t want him to see his ugly face after the allergy, so he dragged Li Qingtian back to his room to change it.

“…“ Zhan Beitian pursed his lips and walked over, knowing that it would be difficult for Mu Yifan to wake up, so he just pushed with his hand: “Mr. Mu, wake up.”

The man in the bed was unresponsive.

Zhan Beitian increased the force again: “Mumu, wake up.”

It took about seven or eight screams before the ‘mummy’ on the bed leisurely woke up, blinked her sleepy eyes, and stared dumbly at Zhan Beitian. There’s a sense that ‘I don’t know if I’m in a dream or a reality’.

Zhan Beitian took advantage of his slight lucidity and immediately said in a light voice, “Something is very wrong with your body, you should quickly wash your face and change your clothes, I will take you to the hospital for a checkup.”

Mu Yifan was very slow to react, and it took ten seconds before he gave a stupid, oh-so-slow sigh, and then, got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face to wake himself up! Sober.

As he was relieving himself, he noticed that his pajama pants had suddenly gotten tighter, looked down, and instantly woke up, panicked and headed outside Shouting, “Tian…Beitian…Zhan Beitian, get your in here.”

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