Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 22: Who is the child’s other father?

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 22: Who is the child’s other father?

After nightfall, very few people go to the hospital for an ultrasound, and Shen Qinyang is the director of the hospital, so he is able to push Mu Yifan directly to the ultrasound room to do the Check, and Zhan Beitian followed suit.

Shen Qinyang examines Mu Yifan’s stomach bulge as requested by Zhan Beitian, then he finally knows why Zhan Beitian told him to not be too surprised.

“God, he’s obviously a man, and he’s carrying a fetus without a uterus, and judging by the size, it would be five months old, and the fact that the fetus is not only surviving but also very healthy is something that even the current medicine can’t explain.”

Shen Qingyang looked incredulous and his eyes shone as he looked at Mu Yifan like he was looking at a treasure that he wanted to send to the Research Lab to do research on.

In the meantime, despite having guessed about Mu Yifan’s physical condition before arriving, Zhan Beitian, upon hearing that the man is carrying the fifth month of pregnancy, the Still can’t stop being amazed.

It’s just that the doctor said the fetus was only three months old at the checkup a few days ago, so why is it suddenly five months?

“Are you sure it’s been five months?”

“Sure. Didn’t you say earlier that he was lethargic in addition to being nauseous, vomiting, and liking acidic foods? These are the reactions of pregnant women.”

Complicatedly looking at the fetus on the ultrasound screen, at this time he was very sure that the fetus was transformed by the Qingtian Pearl, otherwise, how could the man get pregnant for no reason and go from being three months pregnant to five months pregnant in a matter of days?

His gaze was complicated as he Add Form turned to Mu Yifan, whose face was wrapped in gauze, and he really doesn’t know why the Qingtian Pearl ran into the man’s stomach.

“By the way, who is the child’s other father? Why didn’t you see him come to the hospital with you?” Shen Qinyang curiously looked back at Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian’s face stiffened and pursed his thin lips in silence.

He was going to say that this fetus was created from a bead, and the buddy won’t believe it.

If there is no such thing as another father at all, which is even more unlikely, in the absence of another person providing the sperm, how could a man conceive a child for no reason?

Sure, he can talk about a man all he wants, but it would ruin Mumu’s reputation, and, seriously and strictly, the fetus has nothing to do with him but there’s no getting away from it, after all, the Qingtian Pearl was fed by his essence blood, so it should have a blood relationship with him.

The thought of a man carrying his child made Zhan Beitian feel inexplicably irritated and even a little strange.

Shen Qinyang’s eyes widened as he saw his friend’s hesitation, “This child isn’t yours, is it?”

Zhan Beitian is silent.

Shen Qinyang felt that his friend’s appearance was like a tacit acknowledgment and said incredulously, “Beitian, don’t you like women? What’s up with shacking it up with the guy all of a sudden? If your grandfather found out about this, he would have shot you with a gun.”

In the meantime, Zhan Beitian didn’t intend to explain to him and asked in a soft voice, “Can you remove the fetus? Or knock it off.”

He thinks the fetus will turn back into a bead when he has removed it.

But as soon as he said it, the man in the bed recoiled and mouthed a painful, “Pain.”

In his sleep, Mu Yifan suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, opening his eyes abruptly, biting his pale lower lip in distress, covering the bulging abdomen.

Shen Qingyang whispered in Zhan Beitian’s ear, “The child in his belly shouldn’t know that you don’t want him and start to lose his temper, right?”

Zhan Beitian glanced at him coldly but had to agree with Shen Qingyang’s words.

Because the last time the doctor said he was going to abort the baby, Mumu did the same thing, covering his stomach and screaming in pain.

Seeing that Mu Yifan was about to roll off the bed, Zhan Beitian turned to Shen Qingyang and said, “Just pretend I didn’t say anything just now.”

Mu Yifan suddenly didn’t feel the pain again, and his entire body calmed away on the bed.

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes.

It looks like Qingtian Pearl won’t come out.

If it doesn’t want to come out, no one else can take it out.

Mu Yifan looked around the ultrasound room, and finally, his eyes fell on Zhan Beitian and asked weakly, “Did you check my body? What the hell is going on with my body?”

How the stomach pains can come and go one minute and then not the next.

Zhan Beitian didn’t speak.

Shen Qinyang looked at his friend and smiled, “This gentleman, you are pregnant”

“Qinyang, you come out with me.” Zhan Beitian suddenly interrupted him.

“Uh, good.” Shen Qinyang very much regretted not being able to finish his sentence and turned around and walked out.

Mu Yifan laid on the bed, staring blankly at their departing backs.


Shen Qingyang?

Holy shit!

Does everyone in the book who uses the names of his hairdresser and best friend for their names look like real people? It’s like Zhan Beitian and Shen Qingyang just look exactly like his best friend.

Outside the ultrasound room, Shen Qingyang whispered, “Beitian, you’re not trying to hide the fact that he’s pregnant, are you? It can only be hidden for a while, but not when he’s having a baby.”

Zhan Beitian followed up, “He was born then even if he didn’t want to be.”

Shen Qingyang: “…“

Zhan Beitian scanned the unoccupied corridor and whispered, “Qinyang, you must resign immediately or take leave to return to B City tomorrow.”

Shen Qingyang wondered, “Why should I resign and take a leave of absence?”

Zhan Beitian lowered his voice, “I can’t tell you the truth at the moment.”

Shen Qinyang knew that his best friend wouldn’t ask him to resign and take a leave of absence for no reason, it must be because his best friend had received some news in the army that he wanted him to do so.

“Resigning right away is not possible, but taking time off is, how many days do you want me to take?”

“One month.”

Shen Qingyang thought that he hadn’t taken a vacation in years, and nodded in agreement: “Okay, I’ll take leave to return to B City after tomorrow’s surgery.”

“After returning to City B, you and Jun Lin and the others will try to collect as much food as you can to store at home, preferably as much as you have, as for the I’ll tell you what to do with the rest when I’ve actually confirmed it.”


Zhan Beitian suddenly fell silent, his indifferent eyes flashing.

Shen Qingyang had never seen such Zhan Beitian like this before, and poked fun at him: “Look at you, do you have something hard to say to me?”

Zhan Beitian coughed, “Can you go to the OB/GYN and pick up some books with information about pregnancy.”

Shen Qinyang laughed, and the empty corridor is full of his laughter: “Zhan Beitian, I can’t believe this is happening today. Are you worried that you don’t know how to take care of your male wife?”

Zhan Beitian’s face went dark.

He and Mumu aren’t even in the kind of relationship that Shen Qingyang said he was going to read the maternity book, it’s all about the Qingtian Pearl, it’s about his walk-in Space.

Shen Qinyang put away his smile and said, “There is something I have to remind you in advance, this is a very odd pregnancy, the child may die in the womb at any time! The most important thing is that he has bone cancer. Didn’t you say before that his time was running out? Then there’s a good chance he won’t make it to the day the baby is born, so prepare yourself for that, and the fact that he doesn’t have a birth canal and need a C-section, you’ll want to prepare early for the outcomes.”

Here he laughed again: “I wonder how you planted the baby’s in there.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the man inside was Zhan Beitian’s wife, he would have wanted to capture the man and bring him to the research lab for research.

Zhan Beitian looked at him sideways, “Do you need me to personally demonstrate on you?”

Shen Qinyang laughed dryly twice, “Do you want me to do a bone cancer test for your wife?”

“No need, he has a family doctor to treat him.”

“I’ll go get your book, then, and you can wait for me downstairs.”

Zhan Beitian turned and pushes the door back to the B-room, saying, “Let’s go.”

A dazed Mu Yifan hurried out of bed: “Did the doctor tell you what kind of disease I have?”

Zhan Beitian said in a faint voice, “Stomach gas.”

“Stomach gas?” Mu Yifan didn’t believe it: “No way, why don’t I feel sick to my stomach, you’re not lying to me, are you?”

However, gas does cause nausea and vomiting, and it also makes the stomach bulge, but how do you explain the lethargy?

Zhan Beitian ignored him and walks straight down the stairs.

Mu Yifan thought to himself that there was no reason for Zhan Beitian to lie to him, so he had to believe that.

Going down to the first floor, Zhan Beitian told him to go back to his car and wait.

A few minutes later, Shen Qinyang walked out of the hospital building with a bag and handed it to Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian got back in the car, left the bag still in the back seat, and drove away from the military hospital.

Mu Yifan, who was sitting in the second seat, looked back slightly, and by the light coming in from outside, he saw that the bag contained several books.

The cover of the book at the top of it has the word ‘pregnancy’ written on it, and Mu Yifan don’t know what kind of book that is.

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