Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 23: Courting Disaster

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 23: Courting Disaster

Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan keep looking into the back seat and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Mu Yifan withdrew his gaze, “How come your friend only gave you a few books, and he didn’t give me any medicine?”

“What medicine?”

“A medicine for stomach gas.”

“…“ Zhan Beitian faintly glanced at Mu Yifan’s gauze-covered face: “You’re allergic to medication and so he didn’t prescribe it.”

Mu Yifan was tongue-tied.

This is like courting disaster!

Why was he using the allergy to medication as an excuse when he should have just said he had an injury on his face?

Well now, with no medication and so he will need to carry a big belly.

Mu Yifan touched his bulging abdomen, wanting to cry: “So did your friend say when the stomach gas will go away?”

He’s got a big belly on top of him, and he’s just as ugly as he is fat.

Then again, why is he so pathetic and what did he do wrong to make him wear his book.

Mu Yifan can’t help but think back to what happened before he wore the book.

I remember that he had just finished writing the King of the End of Days novel when his best friend, Zhan Beitian, came to see him and told him that he was getting married to his own sister next month.

Mu Yifan then was stunned and immediately said congratulations.

However, Zhan Beitian was very unhappy with his congratulations and asked in a cold voice, “Don’t you have anything else in mind besides congratulations?”

He thought, happily, “Just in time, my novel is just about finished, so let’s go out and celebrate your pending nuptials.”

Zhan Beitian’s face instantly darkened: “Go find yourself a protagonist in your novel to celebrate with.”

Said that, slammed the door and left.

That night, he somehow crossed over into his own novel.

To this day he still doesn’t understand what Zhan Beitian was angry about.

Could it be that he’s transmigrating into the book because of what Zhan Beitian said?

Zhan Beitian counted the time it took for the Qingtian Pearl to grow and said, “It’ll take about a month.”

If in one night, you can go from carrying a pregnancy for three months to five months in four days, then it might be possible to use the Eight days to grow to seven months, then sixteen more to deliver the baby.

Of course, this is just his guess, and he’s not sure when Qingtian Pearl is willing to come out.

Mu Yifan nearly jumped up when he heard, “A month? So long? I thought I was just bloated? How it takes a month to get the belly down.”


He’s been eating a little too much lately and, well, sleeping on a full stomach, so it’s no wonder he’s bloated.

In the absence of medication, it takes a month, perhaps it is quite normal.

Zhan Beitian asked in a faint voice, “Is there a problem?”

Mu Yifan immediately shook his head, “No problem.”


It’s not that there isn’t a problem, it’s that the problem has gotten bigger!

He’s clearly trying to win the man’s trust, but he’s been in bed for four days with no communication with the man during that time, and there are still 20 days to go, can he gain the man’s sexual freedom and kill him when he’s not defending himself?

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