Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 25: How did this happen?

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 25: How did this happen?

“How did this happen?”

Mu Yifan looked incredulously at the nails on his ten fingers, the color was actually darker than before, turning gray-black as if painted Nail polish, very obvious, can’t hide it if he wanted to.

He remembered that the book’s Mu Yifan had only sped up to become a zombie in a few days at the end of April, so how did that change so quickly?

Where did it go wrong?

Mu Yifan thought about it.

It’s not like Qingtian Pearl made him turn into a zombie early, is it?

But if it’s really Qingtian Pearl’s fault, how come it’s not reacting until now.

Mu Yifan suddenly remembered the cup of water that Zhan Beitian had given him before and drank it, and immediately had unbearable abdominal pain, wasn’t there something in the water? The laxative, rather…was it the spring water in Zhan Beitian’s walk-in space?

He couldn’t help but gawk.

According to his description in the book, the man’s walk-in space contained a lake full of spiritual spring water, which, when drunk, eliminated body dirt through his pores, and pulling out toxins from the body in a way that allows the body to metabolize and regain a healthy physique is akin to cleansing the marrow.

Right now he just has diarrhea, his body isn’t eliminating dirt, and it’s possible that the spring water the man gave him to drink was mixed with other water in it and was not pure enough.

If that were true, why would the man give spring water to someone he’d only known for a few days.

If it’s true that it’s because drinking the spring water speeds up the process of turning into a zombie, the man really did him a disservice.

Because the spirit spring doesn’t even eliminate the necrotic poison from the zombie’s body, it makes the zombie even more ferocious.

Mu Yifan looked at his hands for a long time.

Next, how should he hide these hands, should they be wrapped in gauze, like his face?

Thinking about it would make the man suspicious instead.

Mu Yifan thought, walking out of the bathroom, picking up the wallet on the table and putting it into his pocket, shoving his hands in his pocket on the way out of the room, and just Saw Zhan Beitian sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone.

“Let’s put aside today’s vegetable purchases, and you go and buy me 50,000 cans of milk powder, and all the baby supplies, and All kinds of toys for a young child to  ten-year-old child, and clothes for the under eighteen, spring, summer, fall, and winter, male and female.”

Mu Yifan was stunned at this.

He remembered writing the book and didn’t write about the man specifically acquiring milk powder or anything like that.

Mu Yifan didn’t think too much about it and took advantage of the fact that Zhan Beitian was talking on the phone to quickly bolt.

“Wait.” Zhan Beitian said to the person on the phone, then, looking at Mu Yifan who was walking lightly towards the front door, “Where to are you off?”

Mu Yifan stopped and turned around with a guilty conscience: “I just had diarrhea and wanted to go to the pharmacy to buy anti-diarrhea pills and some clothes from the mall.”

Zhan Beitian looked at his bulging abdomen and said, “You’re not feeling well right now, you can’t drive, I’ll take you there.”

“No, no, I’ll just take a cab, don’t you have something to do? You get busy, I’ll be back soon.”

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow, “Then bring your phone and call me if you need anything.”

“Okay.” Mu Yifan hurriedly picked up the cell phone that was placed on the dining table, quickly walked out of the villa, saw that Zhan Beitian didn’t chase after him, breathed a sigh of relief, and then, called a taxi.

It’s far from the city, and the taxi hadn’t arrived when he reached the gate of the villa area.

Standing with his belly up was very uncomfortable, and as he was trying to get back to the security room to wait for the bus, he heard someone shout, “Mu Yifan.”

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