Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 26: The Man in White

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 26: The Man in White

Mu Yifan was stunned at the sound of his voice.

Holy shit!

He’s all wrapped up in mummy form and was surprised anyone recognizes him.

Mu Yifan turned his head in great admiration and saw a tall man in a white leisure suit standing on the sidewalk across the street looking steadily at him. 

The man was about twenty-seven years old, gentle and elegant, with short curly dark brown soft hair with small lashes, and a slightly curled mouth, his smile was like a spring breeze, however, the narrow eyes were slightly evil, making the whole person look both righteous and evil.

Who is this man?

Confusion flashed in Mu Yifan’s eyes.

The memory in this body had never seen this man before, but it made him want to be close to this man.

The man in white walked across the street and stood in front of Mu Yifan, narrowing his eyes, his eyes flashing: “Why are you wrapping your face?”

Mu Yifan subconsciously answered his words, “The medication caused allergies in my whole face, so I had to wrap my face for fear of scaring others.”

Afterward, he was shocked at how easily he answered the other man’s words, and thankfully, he didn’t tell him the truth.

The man in white didn’t doubt his words, raised his hand to touch the gauze on his face, then, grabbing Mu Yifan’s arm and he walked to the villa’s front door sitting down around the block, the other hand touched the swollen spot on Mu Yifan’s right leg with unerring accuracy.

Mu Yifan looked down at the hand on his thigh and his pupils constricted.

The man’s fingernails are surprisingly dark black in color, which means that the man has become a real zombie.

Mu Yifan inwardly drew a breath of cold air and shifted his gaze to this man’s face, only then did he notice that the man’s face was very much pale, faint red lines appear in the inner rims of the eyes, making the slitted eyes even eviler.

Who the hell is this man?

Obviously the end times haven’t arrived yet, but real zombies with self-awareness have appeared.

The man in white clothes looked up and asked, “It’s bone cancer, isn’t it?”

Mu Yifan quickly collected his thoughts and nodded his head.

The man in white removed his left hand, which is tucked away in his pocket, and turned the back of his hand upward, exposing his gray and black nails to the man in white.

The man in white was slightly startled, incredibly rubbing his thumb against Mu Yifan’s nails, whispering: “It’s only the beginning of April, and yet it’s turning gray and black.”

Mu Yifan looked at the black nails of the man in white clothes and said, “My family doctor said that the reason my nails turned gray-black due to bone cancer being in the terminal stage, I see your nails are black, do you also have bone cancer?”

He made that up at random question, of course, in order to get an idea of who the man in white clothes was.

The man in white let go of his hand in displeasure at the news: “Is the family doctor you’re talking about Li Qingtian?”


“You think you can believe what he says?” The man in white sneered, staring at Mu Yifan’s eyes exposed outside the gauze, and suddenly narrowed his eyes: “I think you’re a little different from before.”

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