Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 28: Sister

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 28: Sister

Mu Yifan quickly left the man in white clothes behind, because after he kills the protagonist man, the world will no longer exist, so that’s why whoever that white man really is it is not really important.

When he arrived downtown, he first went to the pharmacy to buy anti-diarrhea pills and an extra box of anti-inflammatory tablets, which he secretly hid.

Immediately after leaving the drugstore, he went to the big box store to buy clothes because he has a big belly and can only buy loose fitting casual clothes, and when his belly is smaller It’s still wearable when you come down.

In addition to that, they helped the man buy some handsome casual clothes so that they could get closer to the man.

As soon as Mu Yifan had bought his clothes, he received a call from Zhan Beitian.

“I have a business deal to discuss at noon today, find your own place to eat lunch.” Zhan Beitian said and hung up the phone.

Mu Yifan wondered, wasn’t Zhan Beitian a soldier? What business does he need to talk about? Is it a business deal with someone to buy supplies?

He looked at the date on his phone, which showed April 11, and couldn’t help but think back to the day in the novel when the man did what.

Remember that the man had a dinner date on April 11 with two arms sellers at a Xilanfa restaurant and ordered a large quantity of arms that would the deal in the offshore at the beginning of the next month, then, a day later, the end times come.

Mu Yifan thought that the end times were coming and hurried back to his senses, the most important thing now was to find a place to solve the nail problem.

He wandered around the mall and finally found a nail salon on the seventh floor of the mall, but in and out of it were dress-ups beautiful women and a grown man going in there is really going to make things uncomfortable all over the place.

Mu Yifan lingered outside for a long time.

A face full of gauze made the club clerks mistake him for a pervert or someone coming to rob the place and almost didn’t call security up to arrest him.

Mu Yifan saw the female shopgirls looking out at him in droves, knowing that he looked striking, and biting his teeth to save his own little life he walked in with a hard scalp and said to the smiling, stiff-faced clerk, “I want a manicure.”

The shopgirl was stunned, and quickly realized that Mu Yifan must have been embarrassed before to be walking back and forth outside.

She smiled slightly, “Is this your first time in our shop for a manicure, sir?”

“Yes.” When Mu Yifan saw the gazes cast by the others, he even asked, “Is there a private room?”

“Yes, but we charge ten percent more for private room service in our shop than we charge for regular service.”

Mu Yifan interrupted her: “I want the private room.”

“Okay.” The female clerk walked to the counter with Mu Yifan and said to the person at the counter, “This gentleman would like a private room.”

The man at the counter checked the computer and smiled, “Sir, we also have a private room here on the first”

She didn’t finish her sentence when a clear, arrogant voice sounded from the doorway, “I’ll take this box.”

Mu Yifan turned his head at the sound of the voice and saw three women walking towards him.

When he got a good look at the face of the beautiful woman walking in front of him, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Sister.”

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