Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 29: Your Nails Are Too Hard

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 29: Your Nails Are Too Hard

The lady clerk and the man at the counter didn’t hear what Mu Yifan shouted, her attention was on her visitor and she quickly displayed a bright smile and greeted him: “Miss Rong, long time no see.”

The pretty woman at the head of the group raised her head slightly, looking superior, and said again, “I’ll take the booth.”

The shopgirl was a bit embarrassed and looked at Mu Yifan beside her: “This…”

It doesn’t make sense that the man should be the first to arrived and get the booth, but it was to be given to someone who arrived later.

The woman at the counter, however, stammered, “This private room was originally reserved for Miss Rong.”

She looked at Mu Yifan who was stunned at the beautiful woman and smiled even wider: “I believe this gentleman will not steal from Miss Rong either, sir! Isn’t that right?”

Mu Yifan nodded stupidly.

This Miss Rong even looked very similar to his real-life sister Mu Yixue, if not for the different temperament and aura, he would simply have to jump on hugging her.

The pretty woman looked at the gauze-covered Mu Yifan with disgust in her eyes, then, confidently lifted her hair to let the female shop assistant lead the way.

The two women behind him looked at Mu Yifan with disgust as they stared at Miss Rong’s silly eyes and sneered: “A grown man running to the nail salon, either he is a pervert, banshee, or gay!”

“Look at the gauze wrapped around his face, he must have failed at plastic surgery when he tried to look like a woman.” They said as they followed Miss Rong into the private room.

Mu Yifan: “…“

Holy shit, what does that mean?

He even gave up his private room and she attacked him with words.

The man at the counter saw that Mu Yifan was angry and quickly said, “Sir, the private room is gone, but we can arrange for you to go to a quiet corner for you to find the best manicurist for your manicure.”

Mu Yifan looked at his gray and black nails, calmed his anger, and nodded.

The man at the counter called for a manicurist to do Mu Yifan’s nails.

Mu Yifan came to a corner seat, put down a pile of bags and said, “I have gray nails, so I just want to make them look like regular fingernails, it’s good if people can’t tell I have gray nails.”

The manicurist took his hand and looked at it, the fingers were as long and nice as a pianist’s hand, but unfortunately, the nails were so dark that they looked like a coat of nail polish: “Sir, your nails are too dark to be covered with clear or too lightly colored polish, and with opaque dark Nail polish will again be too obvious, so I’d suggest nail polish sheets that won’t be obvious and will cover up the color of your nails. However, you have gray nails yourself, and there’s a good chance that both nail polish and nail clippings will hurt your nails.”

‘Grey nails’ this word is to lie to the nail artist, Mu Yifan which would be afraid of hurting the nails, directly: “Just stick the nail plate, right, and for my toenails, you can just paint me a similar color for this one.”

“Okay.” The manicurist first sterilizes the soap so that Mu Yifan can sanitize his hands, then soaks the tender skin in a bowl of warm water to soften it, followed by a wet wipe of the nail surface and seams with gauze, then, using small scissors to remove the flesh spines and use nail clippers to trim the desired nail shape.

However, the sharpest part of the nail clipper actually chipped while trimming the nail with the nail clipper.

“…“ The manicurist looked speechlessly at the gap in the nail clippers.

Mu Yifan: “…“

Next, the manicurist used all five nail clippers in a row only to have them chip like this.

She smiled awkwardly, “Sir, your nails are too hard.”

That’s outrageous!

The nails were even hard enough to break the nail clippers.

The strangest thing is that the nails are obviously not thick.

Mu Yifan was embarrassed to look at her: “Do you want me to pay for the nail clippers?”

Honestly, he was scared of himself, too, and didn’t realize how hard his nails had become, so it should be something to do with drinking the water from the spirit spring.

Manicurist: “…“

She switched to a three-sided nail buffing contour, but the surface of the three-sided nail buffing contour was smoothed out, but the nail was intact. She really doesn’t know if the nails are being buffed with the nail buffing contour or if the nails are buffing the nail buffing contour.

The manicurist sighed in frustration, “Sir, how about we don’t do manicures and just put on nail clippings.”

Of course, Mu Yifan agreed, breaking so many other people’s tools is embarrassing even for him.

The manicurist doesn’t have to do any more manicures, so the rest of the procedure is much easier for her.

Mu Yifan looked around, saw that there was no one there, and asked in a low voice, “Who was that Miss Rong just now?”

The manicurist looked at him and said in a low voice, “She’s the only young lady of the Rong Group.”

Mu Yifan stared incredulously, “She’s Rong Xue?”


The female antagonist even looks like his own sister.

How come the fictional characters’ relationships are so far from reality?

It’s like in reality, his own sister is obviously going to marry his childhood friend, Zhan Beitian, but in the novel, they’re enemies.

No, actually the woman likes the protagonist man, but the protagonist man hates her very much, or should I say hates her to death, because in the last life, the woman liked the man, who was only good for the protagonist woman, so the female antagonist joined forces with the zombie king out of love and hatred, using the woman and leading the protagonist man to commit a dangerous death.

The manicurist was busy shushing: “Miss Rong’s name is not for everyone to speak, and Miss Rong has a very high vision, ordinary general man is not someone she will even give a second glance.”

This is to imply to Mu Yifan, Miss Rong is not interested in him.

Mu Yifan heard the meaning of her words and rolled his eyes.

Even if Rong Xue was interested in him, he couldn’t be interested in someone who looked like his own sister.

It took the manicurist most of an hour to get Mu Yifan’s nails and toenails done: “Sir, do you see if it’s full?”

Mu Yifan looked at his nails with satisfaction, without looking closely, he didn’t even know he had nail clippings attached, the color was similar to an ordinary person’s nails. It’s the toenails that are easier to see that nail polish has been applied.

But it doesn’t matter, the man can’t see his toenails as long as he’s wearing socks and shoes.

“When do the nail plates come off?”

Manicurist: “It’ll come loose in about two weeks, so you can buy a bottle of glue for nail clippings, so that after it comes off easily, you can stick it back yourself.”

Mu Yifan asked for a bottle of glue and nail polish, and paid the bill and left.

While waiting for the elevator, Rong Xue and her two companions also happened to come out.

“Rong Xue, it’s almost 1:00 p.m., where are we going to eat?” One of the companions asked.

Rong Xue thought to herself, “Xilanfa restaurant is nearby, we’ll go there for western food.”

Mu Yifan’s ears immediately perked up as soon as he heard it.

A Xilanfa restaurant?

Didn’t the man and the two arms dealers dine at the Xilanfa restaurant?


As the novel progresses, the man meets his female antagonist when he finishes negotiating the arms business and is about to leave the Xilanfa Restaurant, which is when the female antagonist starts to fall for the man.

Mu Yifan thought about it, followed the female antagonist, and maybe he might meet the male protagonist.

At that point, he takes the opportunity to stalk the protagonist and cultivate a relationship with him.

After all, it’s been a week since he crossed over into the novel, and the next day he’s closer to the end of time, but he’s just a stranger to the man…

What gave him the most headache was that the man still called him ‘Mr. Mu’ to this day, making him feel very distant between them, so he has to move faster to do that.

Rong Xue and her two companions saw him coming to the elevator doorway and quickly shut their mouths and stopped talking.

The two companions scowled at Mu Yifan, snorted, and walked into the elevator.

As if he hadn’t seen their ridicule, Mu Yifan carried a large bag and followed them out of the elevator and out of the mall.

One of Rong Xue’s companions noticed that Mu Yifan had been following and hurriedly said to Rong Xue and the others, “Rong Xue, that pervert has been following behind us.”

When Rong Xue and another companion looked back, they saw a striking-looking Mu Yifan slowly following behind.

And, if they’re fast, he follows, and if they’re slow, he slows down and obviously they think he stalks them.

“The Xilanfa Restaurant is just ahead, there’s security there.” Another female companion whispered.

They run into the restaurant at a quicker pace, panicking to the security guard, “There’s a pervert following us, that’s him, with a face covered in gauze! That.”

They pointed to the door Mu Yifan was about to enter and screamed.

The two security guards guarding the door were shocked and stepped out to stop Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan looked at them in confusion: “What’s wrong? Is the Xilanfa restaurant closed?”

He looked in the next window, which was filled with people.

“Sir, someone said you followed them.”

Mu Yifan was stunned, dissatisfied: “Who’s following them? I came here to eat.”

He staggered past two security guards and went inside but was pulled out.

Mu Yifan was furious: “Are you still doing business or not?”

If he hadn’t wanted to meet the man, he would have eaten at a different restaurant.

Mu Yifan once again dodged the security block and tried to push his way through the door, at once scaring Rong Xue and her two companions by screaming, “He’s coming in, He’s coming in.”

The security guard heard the screams of the three female guests and hurriedly made a tackle, twisting Mu Yifan’s arms behind his back.

“Ah, pain, pain, what are you doing?” Mu Yifan yelled for no apparent reason, “Is this how you treat your guests?”

The security guard snaps, “Sorry, we don’t welcome you here.”


“Mr. Mu?” A deep voice came out of the door.

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