The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 0.1: The Hidden Woman and the Emperor

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 0.1: The Hidden Woman and the Emperor

“What kind of death is planned for me?” Under the dim light of the dark palace, she supported herself on the table with both hands and brought a smiling face like a windy rose straight to him, “Poisoned wine? White silk handing? Pulled apart? Stabbed with knives?”

“What kind of death do you want?” He poured himself a glass, his movements steady, the crisp, slightly tilted wine reflecting the woman’s haunted eyes, she, who had lived for years in a cloud of secrecy until her death she didn’t want to be seen by the other.

“How pleasurable to come here, I mean, to you.” She smiled, tenderly pulling up her sleeves and spreading her palms to him, “Let this concubine serve you one last time.”

With a smile and a mocking curve of his thin lips, he handed her the flask carelessly.

The color of the wine is like jade, the white wrist is curled with frost and snow, a line of deep greenery falls from the delicate fingertips, and falls in the white jade chalice, the surroundings are very quiet. The brocade tent and drapery sagged, shutting out all the noise of the world.

Including the whirring and fighting of the rebels near at hand, under the palace jade steps.

They belonged to her, the rebels.

The smoke and blood seemed to be blocked far away from the ears of those two, and in the silence, they searched carefully to listen to each other’s breathing quietly, serenely, almost with the same frequency, in the curling smoke of the golden tripod incense burner, distinct and deathly lingering.

Turning the glass gently in her hand, she asked with a lowered tone, “Not afraid I had poisoned it?”

“This secret hall has never been entered by anyone for many years.” He said indifferently, “And this jug of wine, aged within the secret compartment, has never been touched by anyone.”

“As for you…” he calmly took a sip of his wine and didn’t continue, his ice-blade like eyes, the smile was the tip of the knife without moving a muscle.

She laughed silently, out of sight examining her fingers, from the time she was tricked into this secret palace, she had been checked through by the most knowledgeable drugs and poisons maker in the world, the most skilled craftsman in the world, the most skilled assassin in the world. If it’s not a poison and if it is a hair on the head that can be used as a weapon, it has also long since been picked up.

Indeed, at the moment, no one could poison him in order to flip this situation against her.


She smiled shallowly, and her eyebrows curved in a surprisingly playful and lovely way.

“Feeling chesty pain?” The eyes of a young girl with mist in them were fixed on him, and after the fog it was difficult to see the real look in her eyes, “Do you feel a tingling in your qi? Ever feel like the blood is rushing back up against your qi reserves?”

He also looked at her, his face growing slightly blue.

“Since the completion of this secret hall, it has been heavily guarded, no one has indeed entered.” She paced a few paces with her hands crossed, smiling back at him, “But what about before it was completed?”

His face shook.

When the secret palace was first built that year, he never let her interfere from the drawing to the completion of the palace, but took her in after it was completed to see it.

He still remembered that time, the pear blossoms fell like light frost in front of the temple, her silver train lightly brushed the moonlight bright ground, spin flow of brilliant flowers! He was instantly struck by the serene smile as she smiled back at him while holding onto the porch pillar in the shadow of the moonlit flower.

At the time, the sentiment was strong.

It was in the evening when the fragrance of pear blossoms was wafting through the veins, and in the smiling eyes of the two eyes that she looked at each other. A secret compartment under the wine jug, laying the poison of assassination years later?

The gentle smile, the beautiful waves of the eyes, the warmth of the pear blossom fallen hand in hand, it turns out, are just an empty flower in a fantasy dream?

He was still basking in the joy of sharing his secret with her, but she’s already leaving a weapon for a future life-or-death confrontation.

Turns out, she was never his match.

He didn’t know where it’s hurting, or where it’s not hurting at all, but there’s something, glazed and brittle, that vaguely seems to hear “Ka-Ching” Didn’t know where it broke with a click.

The meeting is just a big dream, we’re both just passing through.

Slowly lifting the sleeve to cover his lips, a little red stains the sleeve, his eyes are cold and silent and wiped away, and she has somehow turned her back on him, her back Straight and slender, he gazed at that back and suddenly felt that there was a saying that, if he didn’t ask now, he might never get the chance.

“Have you ever loved me?” A few short words, tough questions.

She paused and looked back a little while later, smiling coquettishly and speaking clearly.


A suffocating silence in the deep palace and an autumn red begonia in full bloom outside the long window suddenly wilted silently.

“Good.” After a long time, he finally smiled as well, and the rumored face of the man with the perfect face was actually no better than the wilted flower when he smiled right now.

He no longer looked at her, but his eyes had dwindled and he suddenly clapped lightly.

Just so crisp and calm, the rest of the sound in the palace was still throbbing.

An overwhelming whistle suddenly sounded in the distance, like waves violently erected by a hurricane, thick as a wall before the Golden Palace. Brake down the sound of the approaching kill in steps.

He smiled slightly, and knew without looking that all those longitudinal roads, all those palace corners, would gush out a thousand black after that applause fell undercurrents, the elite army that he had secretly ambushed, would meet those who tried to trample on the imperial power with their shining cold, hundred-refined blades, and would stain the boots with blood rebels on the jade steps.

As things have turned out, love and affection are no match for life and death, and his precious thoughts of over 20 years can no longer be used to water this poisonous poppy.

It’s enough to allow her to flip-flop around breathing to this day.

“Hey, I’m still the one losing.” She peered out into the temple and spoke easily, “What a shame.”

“Yeah, unfortunately.” He coughed lightly, coughing up blood, “Look, even though you plotted this killing move years ago, even though you killed me, your Dacheng Empire, which was recovered with so much effort, is still destined to collapse today.”

“It’s okay.” She smiled, “It would be my honor to die with you.”

He settled on her, her smile as gentle as the first time he saw her, he lowered his eyes, his five fingers tighten, and the jade cup in his palm shatters with a thud.

In the bloodstain, he indifferently said to the air, “Guard.”

Several silhouettes immediately appeared in the four corners of the palace like ghostly flashes.

She glanced up and turned calmly, her long, dense eyelashes lowering to hide her dark, shifting eyes.

The secrets that are hard to tell are buried with this body.

A cool sound of a voice was behind him, the words cutting off gold and jade glint.

“Take her down and put her in a dark cell, and three days later…”

He closed his eyes.

“Behead her…”

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