The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 0.2: The Death of Dacheng Dynasty

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 0.2: The Death of Dacheng Dynasty

The night was dark, the layers of clouds flew, and the silver serpentine lightning, burning the edges of the dark golden clouds, plowed out the penitent stranger land of the 100,000-mile desert sky across.

A night of dark clouds and stormy weather.


A thunderstorm finally breaks the silence of the night, and the heavens and earth are instantly white and bright, outlining the hideous dark shadows of the trees clawing above the earth in Between those long, demonic shadows of the trees, there were several darker shadows that flew over like meteors.

The first one has an excellent lightness in his steps, his figure is so fast that it almost creates a faint shadow, but he seems to stagger a bit every time he lands, look at his posture! Seemingly weak, yet each time he was about to fall, the man would twist and shoot out faster and harder, without any regard for his strength. Not giving himself a chance to pause at all.

The man leaned forward slightly, a most economical position for a wild run, but his hands were clasped around a small package in his arms.

The little ball was in his arms, protected from the storm, and the man was running with his hand, lest he should catch a speck of rain.

Behind him, several silhouettes followed in a guarded position without leaving a gap, and although the lightness of several people had different levels, the frequency of their gait was the same! The way the man was surrounded was very orderly and well-trained, except for the one at the front who ran forward with his head buried, and the ones behind who were galloping. The last one kept turning back as if he was watching for movement behind him.

The rumbling rain cut off the noise, but the violent wind swept some hidden movement behind it – the sound of horses’ hooves in the puddles, the sword sound of friction striking, the sound of the whip snapping anxiously and frequently against the horse’s body.

These sounds reached the ears of this small, galloping party, and these weary, wretched men were faster on their feet.

Obviously, it was a rainy night chase, between winding mountain roads and pale green dense forests, chasers and fugitives in bad weather, conducting a contest of physical strength and endurance.

“At least we are almost to the safe grounds!” In the group of fugitives, a burly man wiped a handful of rainwater and cocked his head to look in a certain direction behind a desolate mountain, his bloodshot eyes glittering with a spark of hope.

“Wait, hurry up, and look at Little Liu’s injuries.” Another long jade-faced man turned his head and looked with concern at a young man with two swords behind him.

The one called Little Liu, who looked like a child, pale, thin and bloodied, was stubborn in the face of the concerned eyes of several people who all looked over at him, pursing his lips and shaking his head.

“I told you not to come but you had to, now that’s a drag!” A short man tilted his lips and looked askance at the skinny teenager, but smoothly flicked out a pill and shoved it into the teenager’s mouth.

The boy pooh-poohed his medicine and spat it in the dust.


“San Hu!” The leader of the group, who was holding the package, snapped in a deep voice, and the dwarf immediately shut up and turned his head, the leader looked at the boy with a somewhat apologetic gaze Little Liu hadn’t finished his training yet and shouldn’t have made the trip, but he sighed, touched the boy’s head, and said, “Good thing we are almost there.”


The fierce breaking of the wind through the curtain of rain, cutting off his voice for a moment, the rain-spattered with blood, and running to the last one in charge of the guard of the figure stumbled and fell silently.

Through the blackened tip of his back, he pinned the newly revealed joy between the brows of these fugitives!

The enemy is coming after us!

The leader of the group unconsciously tightened the package in his arms, pursed his lips, and threw his head full of rainwater flying away, his wet face reflecting in the lightning’s white light, the eyes are as falconous as a hawk sweeping towards the end of the line.

The burly man who received his look twisted around and laughed, “B-stard, things are really happening!” The green light blade in his palm glowed, and without a word, he pounced on his pursuer.

The coarse sneer nailed out in the storm, and almost as soon as he landed, the big man, who looked exhausted, was fighting hand to hand, killing several people in succession, the bodies of fallen enemies blocking the road.

The enraged enemy outflanked him and surrounded him, the rain washed out the outlines of the fighters, and an unknown shout rang out in the mud, large flowers of blood mixed with rainwater splashed open, staining the pale lightning red.

The black back in the lightning stays alone on the other side of the rain curtain, blocking the enemy’s advance with his own deadly strength. On this end, the rest of the group didn’t even hesitate, gritting their teeth and continuing on without turning back.

There was no time to hesitate, much less to grieve, such scenes had stretched across the road of escape that was paved with white bones and blood along the way, it was in this manner that the 300-man team was thinned to the last few remaining tonight.

No one is dissatisfied, let alone cowed, this is their entire mission in existence – the amazing emperor of six hundred years ago, who founded the generations of vigorously trained secret guards, these men enjoy the highest level of worship, the family’s wives and children are specially cared for, usually not fighting, not guards, not used by any noble officials, and some may not be used once in a lifetime, but once they are used, the world will be overturned! The moment when they are used then everyone will be a dead man with one goal!

How much more than one life for one chance? A thousand miles of escape, facing tens of thousands of troops that never stop chasing, assassinations, ambushes, backstabbing, attacks and defenses, the three hundred men at the start of the journey and now there were only the last five left here, however, in exchange for those two hundred and plus lost comrades a thousands of enemy bodies, all the way down.

In the heavily-locked royal secret files, they are called: The Bloody Pagoda!

However, just as Bloody Pagoda will never be known to the world, the most glorious achievements of this elite army will be doomed to history.

To exist is to sacrifice in the moment of need.

The clamor of the enemy behind him came again, a life can only delay a precious moment, Little Liu’s eyes were cold, returning to pounce back at the enemy, the dwarf San Hu Suddenly reached out and yanked him hard to the side.

“Show off!”

In the rainstorm San Hu girded his waist, there is a wound that has been bleeding, he cursed very dissatisfied: “I knew it was my turn to be a good guy.”

He dragged the knife backward and turned away, leaving his companion with a lazy back and a wave.

“If anyone survives, remember to tell my daughter that her father will never marry a second wife again, and tell her not to worry!”

The three remaining men were silent, Little Liu was even paler, and the lead man closed his eyes.


The sound of fighting was left far behind, three men were racing as fast as they could, it was time taken with their lives and no one had the right to waste it!

A sad and familiar roar came from the distance, sharp through the din of heaven and earth, and the lead man immediately said, “Don’t look back!”

However, Little Liu had already turned his head back and turned his head to see the scene of flesh and bones flying and trampling into mud behind him, his eyes blood red.

Then he pounced back without a word.

The leader of the men reached out and grabbed him, Little Liu struggled desperately, but the hand stuck in his arm was as still as an iron grip. Clear and steady: “A-Yan, you go!”

Little Liu looked back with fury, “Captain, you’re crazy!”

The long man was already smiling and saying, “My boy, please understand Captain.”

The lead man nodded silently and dropped his gaze, but what else does he have to say is immediately sealed in mute.

The long man touched his head, smiled warmly, and said, “Little Liu, you’re the only remaining heir to the Heavenly Warriors Family now, so live well and survive for the future.”

He turned his head and met his eyes with the lead man, then staggered away from each.

Looking up to the end of the rain curtain, as if trying to see the person I want to see through the heavy rain, or as if making a silent farewell, long… The man’s eyes were faintly pained and soft, but they were fleeting, and then he swept into the midst of his enemies without looking back.

The man has not yet arrived, a flick of the wrist.


The ground bounced off the black ropes, nimbly and sturdily wrapping around the pursuing galloping horses, rolling and snapping, and the foremost horse collapsed with a terrible neigh. The horseman who had a bow and arrow on his horse was overturned and rolled down like a gourd, hitting the horse behind him. As he lifted, the snow glowed, the blood shadow was as bright as a rainbow, a human head spun away in the rain, then the long knife turned out from between the elbows and snapped off the head of the first horseman, pulling in one smooth motion, cut off the legs of the second horse in unison, and the moment the horse crashed to the ground, he had turned over like a harrier into the arms of the knight on the horse, knife in, knife out!

In the blood burst, the third knight has also arrived, the longsword struck the wind fiercely, and Cang Yan leapt up, in his hand a thinner and thinner than an ordinary knife long blade, meeting the man’s sword, the swords clashed with a “ka”.

The knight on the horse only felt that the opponent’s knife suddenly disappeared, and in his heart was just happy, suddenly he saw a blade tip silently close to him. The long sword, slithering out like a snake, instantly shoots the spark of life!

In a flash, the man managed to kill two horses, and killed three men!

The First Captain of Bloody Pagoda!

Little Liu was dragged along by the lead man, judiciously staring back at his flashing, lightning-quick back, trembling slightly.

Yes, the entire team is the captain’s subordinates and should all go forth in life and death situations, but that shouldn’t include Yan!

He’s the only one who knows that he’s the Captain’s own brother!

What’s more, he’s a father, that son of his and only son has been left 3,000 miles back, the child is the last descendant of their Cang family, and how could that singular child live without a father!

This replacement is for two lives, for the last bloodline of the Cang family’s continuation.

How can the Captain bear to make such a decision to sacrifice his own brother and threaten their family bloodline?

He suddenly stopped struggling, his wet hair falling down and hanging over his eyes, and the lead man looked at the boy’s pale forehead, slightly taking pity on him and letting go of him.

“I have a hunch that there are probably still enemies ahead.” The lead man said in a deep voice, “If that’s the case, I’ll distract the others, you must remember to bring… “


Before he could finish, the teenager suddenly lifted his hand and grabbed the package in his arms and threw it!

The little ball flew in an arc in mid-air and was thrown far away for a moment, and in the rumble of the thunder the faint sound of crying in the package was faintly heard., the lead man was shocked and hurriedly leapt up to pick it up, the package falling into his hands, before he breathed a sigh of relief.

When he turned back again, the youth’s thin figure had swept into the midst of the pursuing horses behind him.

The blood-bathed A-Yan looked back at Little Liu, not knowing whether to be happy or sad in his gaze, the boy only smiled and whispered, “The Heavenly Warriors members of the family will always die with his brother.”

The storm is pouring down, like the sky sorrowfully singing far away, and the last loyal men of the last dynasty choose to die with a smile on their faces.

The leading man, holding his burden, watches from afar the silhouette of the man fighting back to back, his eyes glowing, then purses his lips and turns away.

If he could, he would prefer to die instead of his brother, but he can’t.

The ball in his arms was so light and weightless, yet so heavy with responsibility, that he had no reason to unload it until he had fulfilled his vow.

The sound of fighting blocked out the rain and the night, and he ran faster than the lightning, far behind the depression revealing a small forest.

The man had joy in his eyes, he knew that after the woods was the end.

But that joy was suddenly frozen, and he turned abruptly and shouted low, “Who!”

The dark woods are silent, the leaves are swished by the wind as if ghosts were clapping their hands, and the whispered drink of the condensed foot seems to fall in the air…

The man frowned, raised his true strength, and sent a message to a cottage hidden behind the woods as promised: “After the emperor’s blood oath, I seek to see the Valley Master, please  Valley Master fulfills the secret covenant passed down from generation to generation!”

Spoken three times in a row, no movement behind the woods, no light in the hut.

The man’s heart sank, knowing that things had changed, immediately did not move slowly back three steps, looked around, and slowly leaned on a higher ground old tree.

It was wide open in front and sheltered behind him, so that in case there were enemies in the forest, he could not be surrounded and attacked.

Choosing the most favorable terrain for yourself first in a bad situation is a must for Bloody Pagoda.

The man was very cautious and had carefully watched the tree for anything unusual before leaning into the old tree that could not possibly harm him.

The back was just leaning against the tree, however, when he suddenly let out a wild yell and flipped out with a great lean over for his life.

Landed with blood on his leg.

The shadows in the woods flashed in succession, and several gray-robed old men appeared without a sound, surrounding him squarely in the middle.

The man looked miserable, staring in the direction of the stump of the tree just now, where the moss has accumulated and the roots are coiled, and looks nothing special, and yet the way the man stared at the stump was like seeing a demon coming out of the ground.

There is no devil in the ground, but a hand is suddenly and slowly extended.

White, not too big, looks like a child’s hand.

The woods are dark and deep, the grey rain slanting down, the small hands in dull colors as sharp as reliefs, from the pale green old trees. Stretching out, the scene was a bit weird any way you look at it, and the man’s heart, which had always been steady and heavy, thumped.

First the hand, then the wrist disguised mossy roots were plucked away one by one, revealing the tops of black hair, and a man, from the stump of a tree drilled out.

He lifts his head.

The man takes a shocked step back.

Really a child.

But the child was six or seven years old, wearing a dark green oiled fleece coat that looks similar to the color of the tree, a color that’s ugly enough to wear here. The child’s body, but one feels clear and elegant, just as the night’s rain is dark, muddy, dirty and cold. A word suddenly crossed my mind – Jade Man.

Bright and clear, like jade.

But a child is already so capacious, and once grown up, even the captain doesn’t know how he is going to turn the world upside down.

The man, however, only clings to the bundle in his arms, keeping a wary eye on the child – he will not forget that it was this seemingly harmless little teenager, hiding in the body of this tree, he used the cover of this rainy night dark forest to sneak up on the battle-hardened man and even managed to almost wound the Captain.

Trained Bloody Pagoda elites in dense forest encounters will habitually choose to occupy favorable terrain with their backs to trees first, while normally where one’s sight is usually only flush forward and not deliberately downward, and where did he expect to hollow out at the not-so-thick stump of a tree to hide a child.

Is it a coincidence, or a deliberate arrangement?

If it was an intentional arrangement, the kid was bold and ruthless too – he seemed familiar with Bloody Pagoda’s method of combat self-preservation and understanding the customary choices people make…

That knife, if he hadn’t been able to avoid it in time, should have been stabbed at his waist.

The kid tilted his head slightly, looked at him interestingly, looked over the baggage in his hand, and suddenly faded out, “Some people are just stupid, why go to all this trouble to lose manpower and chase after you like a dog? It’s better to wait for a rabbit than to chase it for thousands of miles, don’t you think?”

The man pursed his lips and swept back his gaze, and the boy immediately said, “Don’t look, the man you wanted to connect with is gone.”

The man’s eyes trembled, the master of this valley, had an agreement with the late Emperor that he would never leave until he came for help and had to live here to wait for contact. However, this forest has made such a big commotion, and the stone house at the back is still untouched, could it be that the people have really left?

At this thought, his heart sank with despair, yet he remained cautiously silent, not losing his nerve, but the child seemed to be able to read minds. The General laughed softly, the smile is elegant and bright, but the eyes are crystalline cold.

“Don’t believe it, do you? It’s simple. Suppose someone came before you did, with the token of your Bloody Pagoda, and the same treasure as yours, begged to see the valley master. What do you think the Master of the Valley will do?”

The man, heavily shaken, stared at the boy in horror and said in a low voice, “How did you know?”

How could a top-secret that had belonged to the royal family for centuries be known to this child?

“What do you think?” The child’s smile on the thin lips, floating cool as the autumn night lanterns, “The world’s secrets, as long as someone knows, sooner or later will be Leak of the day.”

Man clenches his hands. There’s a spy among the Bloody Pagoda!

The dynasty fell, all the princes surrendered, and all the old courtiers loyal to the dynasty were slaughtered. Anyone in control of the Bloody Pagoda Sect who retained a free body was duty-bound to protect the last bit of bloodline of the dynasty, and how many have perished in the thousands of miles of pursuit? The journey has been cut short by many, but now only a few have made it to the end… his brother A-Yan, Lao Shi, San Fu, Little Liu… are all part of the team. The most elite, highest ranking, most loyal and most impeccable member of the group, a brother to whom he entrusted his life and death.

So, who could it be? Who could be the spy?

Can’t doubt, don’t dare doubt, the thought once touched is a cold tear and a spreading shadow, if it’s true, what a shame that sacrifice and following can be false.

Taking a deep breath, the man takes a step back, this is no longer the time to pursue who the spy is, the priority is to complete his own commitment.

As he took a step back, the several gray-robed old men also took a step forward in unison, the movement seemingly ordinary, but the man noted with fine attention that he and they were the distance between them, after this move, is exactly the same as it was originally.

This discovery made his heart clench once again, and there was no doubt that the other party was a superb master of eyesight and force, and in his present condition, he can’t kill a single one while the others come for him, let alone escape with everyone around.

Falling rain silent, vaguely heard people nervously breathing heavy, when first a gray-robed old man woodenly raised his hand, pointing to the man’s bosom package…

The man lowered his eyes, voice calm:” Want this? You want to take a life.”

But the boy laughed.

A hand waved.

There was a muffled thud, and a mass of something was thrown into the forest, the dim light outlining a drenching and blurred reddish outline that momentarily made the people around fail to see what it was, but the man stared at it, clutching his hands hidden in his sleeves, his nails deep in his flesh.

That’s the corpse of the San Hu, or it’s not really a corpse anymore.

If it wasn’t for the significantly shorter height and the half-way remaining Bloody Pagoda symbol at the waist, it would have been hard even for the wise, ruthless and bright San Hu’ youngest daughter to be able to recognize her either.

He was silent, not saying a word, and there’s a dead silence in the forest, and the tension is palpable when it’s clear that no one is making any moves.

And yet someone opened his mouth as if nothing had happened.

“The only ones who are still fighting with their lives to this day in this great imperial dynasty are you Bloody Pagoda.” The child spoke softly, with a slight sense of regret, “I must say, you are truly foolish and loyal.”

“Did you see what happened to him?” He pointed to that clump on the floor, so young, so calm and indifferent in the face of such tragedy that it chilled the heart. The same goes for stubbornness.”

The man, however, had slowly withdrawn his gaze to the boy and actually smiled.

“The Dacheng Dynasty at least has us fools who are willing to fight for it until the last moment” he laughed, “just don’t know the future of your family’s imperial power. How many of them will die for you when it falls apart?”

“Unfortunately, you won’t see that day.” The boy wasn’t angry, smiled slightly, and changed his tone, “But even if you can’t see it, don’t you want your children and grandchildren to see that day?”

The man’s face changes.

“Your family has had difficulty producing heirs for generations.” The boy looked at him, his tone faint, “In your generation, it’s been a hundred years since you’ve had two brothers born to the same family, but even so, the good fortune seems to be also has come to an end, and your brother, though he married long ago, has yet only one male member, who is said to be a …” he said, smiled lightly and stopped.

The man’s face was livid, and his hands, which had been steady, actually trembled slightly as he gazed at the little child, his eyes finally a little Shocking.

Everything about Bloody Pagoda is top secret, and the privacy that belongs to him, the leader, his family, and even more so to almost no one in the world, and this little Kids, I can’t believe they know everything!

The boy, however, ignoring the look on his face, continued frankly, “I believe you are not afraid of death, nor do you think that gold, silver, and jewels can buy generations of loyal blood. But I’m sure the 37th generation of the Bloody Pagoda Sect general will not want the family bloodline to end with his decision.”

A light word, but it hits the man like a giant hammer, and he staggers back a step, his face miserable.

There are no heroes who fear death, but there are augurs who are trapped by duty.

If the family line is extinct today. He will die without having the gut to look at his ancestors.

The boy looked at his look and his lips curved in satisfaction, “I won’t hurt you, I won’t even ask you anything, as long as you drop this package right now, turn around, and that child of your family will rest easy from now on.”

Raising his palm, his still childish voice sounded even clanking: “I swear by my divine Ning bloodline, violators of this oath will be cut off!”

Everyone in the forest was moved – the Ning family that had single-handedly overturned the rule of the Dacheng dynasty, the Ning which was the family of the Dacheng dynasty’s foreign relatives, and it was said that a hundred years ago the Ning family were annexed by the royal blood branch of the Dacheng family, so the Ning family privately called themselves heavenly anointed, so for extremely heavy bloodline inheritance, such oath is pretty heavy.

The man’s expression remains unchanged, but his eyes already show a sullen look, clearly moved by his vow.

“Bring it on,” the boy sensed, and immediately held out his hands gently, stretching them forward, a gesture of waiting to receive them.

In the dark colors of the dense forest, the wrist bone delicate palm like jade, words like a strand of fine silk slowly scattered, tangled bundle of restless men. The mind.

“You’re the only one left in Bloody Pagoda, and no one will ever know what you’ve done as long as no one here says anything about it,” the lowly The voice sounded endlessly seductive, ghostly, “You just have to let go, and from then on, no one else under the sun can embarrass your family.”

The man is silent, as if in thought, his eyes sad and distant as if he wants to see the person he wants to see through the now darkening sky.

The crowd waited with bated breath for him to retreat, or advance.

Waiting to become the end of this glorious dynasty, waiting for the last bit of this dynasty’s spark to go out.

This moment of silence was as thick as substance, mud-like condensation that seemed to bind the physical and mental movements of the crowd.

A long time later.

The man finally looked up, fixed him, and gave a smile.

The smile was light and deep in obscure colors that seemed as flimsy as morning fog.

The boy squinted, his eyes swirling with cold.

The man’s hand, however, had been raised, his palm slightly red, and it was evident that he had already gathered up his true strength.

The boy’s eyes contracted tighter, but his form didn’t move.

The man lifted his palm, but instead of releasing his posture, he suddenly sank downward and wrapped the forequarters of his arms!

At the same time, the sound of sad and angry laughter was so loud that it shook the forest and made the leaves fall down.

“Where is the right to leaving a family bloodline when the nation will fall? In that case, I might as well destroy it all!”

The brow moved, and the child swept over for a moment like light smoke, at the same time the figures around the dense forest that had been eyeing him moved, grey shadows were like a closing net, closing in on all sides, bound to stop the movement of the man’s hands.

Yet as fast as they moved, how could they match the speed of a falling palm, a vague red glow, a hand already pressing on the package.


Half a whimper was cut off abruptly before it could be heard!

That voice, so weak and tender, in the midnight stormy forest, like a broken candle, wavers and fades away in a flash.

Everyone looked livid.

The young man’s eyes, layer by layer, went cold as he stared at the man, who was still small and not yet strong enough, but looked like a young dragon in the long sky above stared at the tiger running on the mountainous earth.

There was still some suspicion in just that look as it skimmed over the now unmoving package.

The man, however, casually threw the package away and laughed angrily, “Having died with the last bloodline of the Dacheng dynasty, it doesn’t matter where I’m buried!”

The package flew out.

The crowd tilted their heads together and watched the flying dragon and phoenix brocade wrap in a golden arc in mid-air in a thrilling arc falling quickly to the bottom of the cliff behind the dense forest.

The teenager’s eyebrows raised and he quickly rebuked, “Stop him!”

Immediately someone got up, but the man flew over and pounced straight at the teenager, in the middle of the air with a cold flash of a hand, the abstruse wind whistling chop to the teenager.

Everyone screamed out and turned around, no longer interested in chasing the package, but the man suddenly laughed as he was about to jump in front of the boy. : “Bloody Pagoda lives and dies with the dynasty, I will not dare to live a moment longer!”

He fetched up the unreadable mass of flesh on the ground with a flick of his hand, and, with a twist of his body, rushed down the cliff faster than the parcel.

The crowd didn’t expect him to be so fast even when he was exhausted from running for ten thousand miles, and they couldn’t catch up with him for a while and all breathed a sigh of relief in mid-air.

Don’t rest when there is a sudden change of heart!


A sudden burst of bright colors in the gray of the world, a dark golden flower rising in the air, and a great wave of air that would penetrate through the forest with a long, long stretch of raindrops stirred and rained a colorful and creepy rain of gruesome blood and flesh.

A deep black and bright red fishy fog diffuse, justified by the golden honor of the child, fell silently.

Screams from all sides seem to freeze!

For a long time, some reddish flesh, pouncing from the end of the leaves slipped silently, instantly accumulated a pile at the feet of people, that was just thrown in the last remains of the Bloody Pagoda Guard in front of the teenager’s feet.

The men just appeared to pick up San Hu’s body and wanted to leave but detonated the explosives hidden in the body at the moment when the enemy was least prepared.

Clothes carrying the wind, all rushed to the fallen master who was alive and dead.

But a long, sorrowful laugh rang out from among the unbroken smoke.

“With my dead body, I can still exchange my life for the lowly life of a traitor, Third Brother, you can rest in peace!”

The man in the mid-air bathing in black, gazing at the long-unseen pile at his feet, his eyes pained and pleased.

All Bloody Pagoda top guys have a thunderbolt firearm (bombs) in their bodies, used to die with the enemy at the last minute, and the long-trained Bloody Pagoda skills of preserving life and killing the enemy are also extraordinary, along with the chase, people already know that there may encounter an enemy who they might not be able to defeat, and it is taught that their bodies are likely to be used to sway and blackmail the hearts and minds of their own troops, so even if they die under siege, they are very tacitly to choose to self-destruct for this last chance so as to take as many enemies as they can.

If you’re already dead, why are you afraid to throw away your flesh and blood? Use your life to provide a safe haven for the future

The man took a glance over, no longer holding back, and whistled.

The whistling sound is like a dragon flying through the deep forest, shaking the dewdrops on the leaves, like the last tear of a hero.

The crowds around the teenager were horrified by the change and looked back.

Only a piece of blood-stained black shadow was seen racing down and disappearing into the pale green cliffside.

The people were startled, stained pale by the dismal moonlight, and when they saw the horns of that garment annihilated at the bottom of the pitchy cliff, all could not help but take a long breath.

The eyes are all slowly soaking up some desolation and confusion.

I saw him erecting a tall building, I saw him entertaining guests, I saw his building collapse.

600 years of gold dust, 100,000 miles of beautiful mountains, once the whip was broken, once the nations came to court, once the world was overpowered, once the four seas were subdued… Proudly owned by the gloriously gorgeous Dacheng Dynasty.

From now on…

Eventually, a new owner will come.


In the sixteenth year of the 16th year of the Dacheng era, the Dacheng dynasty, which had stretched for 600 years and had been in great prosperity, was destroyed.

On the ruins of the golden palace and the broken tiles and the sea of corpses of the former imperial family.

The Tianshang Dynasty was standing.

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