Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 31: This isn’t for you to see.

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 31: This isn’t for you to see.

Mu Yifan followed to the place where Zhan Beitian pointed and saw that the cover of the film was actually an animated cartoon, he turned with an incredulous look on his face: “No way, you want to watch cartoons?”

Zhan Beitian withdrew his hand, picked up the lemonade the waiter had poured for him earlier and sipped it.

Mu Yifan can’t believe that the man loves to watch cartoons: “We’re all sixty years old together, and yet we still go to watch a cartoon? Are you sure we really want to see this?”


“But, I don’t want to watch cartoons.” Mu Yifan said, pointing to a comedy, “I’d rather watch a comedy.”

Zhan Beitian said meaningfully, “It’s not like it’s for you to see, you just have to sit there.”

Mu Yifan was stunned: “If not for me, then for whom?”

Zhan Beitian looked at his stomach and didn’t speak.

Mu Yifan had no choice but to say, “All right, I’ll book the tickets now.”

Since the man is willing to watch the movie with him, he should stop picking and choosing, and cartoons are just cartoons.

As soon as Mu Yifan finished booking the tickets, the waiter came in with two steaks and put them on the table, smiling and saying: “Please enjoy your meal, gentlemen. Three black pepper steaks will need to wait a little longer.”

There’s still a little time and a half before the next movie starts, so Mu Yifan quickly picked up his knife and fork and gobbles it up, but fortunately, the movie theater is just nearby, or he’d just have to swallow the whole steak.

An hour later, after Mu Yifan had eaten his fill, Zhan Beitian called the waiter to pay the bill.

“Gentlemen, a lady named Rong has already paid your bill.” The waiter said, “She said that she wished to make friends with you.”

The waiter also took a golden business card out of his pocket: “Here’s Miss Rong’s card, if you need anything, you can call her, of course, she would also like the two gentlemen to leave a contact number if possible.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes looked cold.

The temperature in the box dropped again.

When Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian had remained silent, he had to remind him in a low voice, “The movie is about to start.”

Zhan Beitian looked at him, narrowed his eyes, took the pen from the waiter, and wrote ‘Zhan Beitian’ in three strong and rigid characters on white paper. Followed by a scurry of phone numbers.

The more Mu Yifan looked, the more he found the scurrying phone number very familiar, and then, eyes widened, wasn’t that his phone number?

“Why did you give them mine?”

Before he finished speaking, he was coldly glared at by Zhan Beitian, and Mu Yifan quickly swallowed the rest of his words.

Remembering the plot of the novel, the man didn’t answer his female protagonist, but now he left his name and phone number, is that a sign that the novel’s plot development undergoes no small change because of his presence?

The waiter got the contact number and was very happy to leave the room.

Zhan Beitian got up and said, “Let’s go.”

Mu Yifan quickly lifted all the bags and followed him out.

When they arrived at the cinema, it was just in time for admission, one of you will be responsible for storing your things at the counter and the other will be responsible for picking up your tickets from the ticket machine.

It was all adults with children when they entered the arena, and only two grown men, Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan entered the arena together, allowing the ticket-checking inspector who couldn’t help but look at them twice.

They came to the movie playing room and sat in the last row facing the aisle two seats down.

After the movie opened, Mu Yifan thought the cartoon would be boring but didn’t expect to be the one laughing the most, causing Zhan Beitian to frequently look at him from the side-eye.

“It’s just too funny.” Mu Yifan laughed as he touched his round belly, “I’ve been laughing so hard that my stomach has been beating happily.”

Zhan Beitian: “…“

Mu Yifan suddenly stopped laughing and nervously picked up Zhan Beitian’s hand and placed it on his stomach: “Really, it’s been moving, what’s going on??”

Zhan Beitian: “…“

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