Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 32: This man is a tease

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 32: This man is a tease

Zhan Beitian: “…“

He can’t see what’s going on in the belly, but, judging by the jumping of the finch, the little thing in the belly seems happy.

As if infected by it, Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with a faint smile.

“How’s that? Feel that?” Mu Yifan asked nervously.

His stomach hadn’t moved since he got back from the hospital last night, so he thought it was stomach gas causing several violent beats, so he didn’t care, but Now that the beating is so frequent, it shouldn’t be as simple as stomach gas.

So why is his stomach pulsing for no reason?

He remembered that when the novel described Mu Yifan, the zombie king, it didn’t say anything about the zombie king’s stomach.

Mu Yifan carefully recalled the content of the novel back to him, suddenly thinking of the Qingtian Pearl that he had swallowed into his stomach, which was a very spiritual bead, and it’s still in his belly right now.

Did it have something to do with the fact that his stomach would suddenly flutter?

With his stomach beating so hard, it’s impossible for Zhan Beitian to say he didn’t feel it.

Just when he wanted to know if he could fool the other party by using stomach gas as a dressing, he only heard Mu Yifan say, “I think it should be. It’s caused by stomach gas, so two farts later and it won’t jump.”

If it’s Qingtian Pearl beating in his stomach, he’d be better off not going to the hospital.

Because the man wouldn’t stay at the villa too long for just helping to block a shot, or because he has cancer to stay with him.

On that day, he had Li Qingtian lie to the man saying that he wouldn’t live much longer, and also wanted to take a gamble that the man would stay for him. I didn’t think the man would volunteer to stay behind and take care of him because he took a bullet in the back.

Now, the only thing that can really keep the man is the Qingtian Pearl, so you can’t go to the hospital, lest the man finds an excuse to remove the Qingtian Pearl from his belly.


Zhan Beitian’s right hand under his nose, covering his pretty thin lips, and silently turning his head to the other side, where Mu Yifan cannot see. The corners of my mouth suddenly curved in a smile that was hard to suppress.

This man is a tease!

Mu Yifan took advantage of the fact that Zhan Beitian wasn’t looking at him, lowered his head to his stomach and said silently, “Stop jumping.”

Immediately, the stomach quiets down.

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up.

It really is the Qingtian Pearl.

Then he tried a few times to get Qingtian to jump and it jumped, and when he told it to not jump and it was quiet.

After Mu Yifan knew it was the Qingtian Pearl that was causing the trouble, he stopped worrying and let it stay safely in his belly until he took care of the male protagonist and again…

The next thing you know, each of them has no desire to see the movie again.

After the movie, they drove straight back to the villa.

From the car, Mu Yifan has been too sleepy to open his eyes, yawned, and said, “Beitian, you will try on the clothes later, if it doesn’t fit, or if you’re not happy with it, you can change it tomorrow.”

He said as he entered the villa.

Behind him, Zhan Beitian was taking a pile of bags that Mu Yifan threw in the back seat of the car.

Suddenly, ta-da, something fell out of the bag.

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