Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 34: 2B(Stupid person) is Calling

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 34: 2B(Stupid person) is Calling

Mu Yifan remembered the pharmacy’s instructions that the medicine should be taken after meals, two tablets at a time, three times a day.

He took the bottle, and out comes another one to his mouth.

Just then, the phone which was thrown on the bed suddenly sounded like a duck quacking an unpleasant voice: “2B(Stupid person) is calling, 2B(Stupid person) is calling.”

“Ahem! Ahem!”

Mu Yifan immediately choked on his pills.

Holy shit!

What idiot sets such a ringtone?

He quickly poured a glass of water and drank it down, quickly ran to the bedside to pick up his cell phone, it showed the three words Mu Yihang, and quickly pressed answer Key, asked, “What is it, brother?”

There was silence from the other side.

Mu Yifan looked at the phone screen in confusion, obviously, he was still on a call, how come there is no sound, and then thought of something, quickly lowered his voice. Coldly, he asked, “Is something wrong?”


He’ll never dare to name a fictional character after a real-life family member or friend again, it’s a deathwish.

Mu Yihang in the phone right now is the half-brother of this body, the same one that allowed Li Qingtian to inject the virus into this body by the influence of the Second Brother.

In reality, however, Mu Yihang is his own big brother in real life, he is a brother who treats him especially well because he’s nearly fifteen years younger than Mu Yihang in reality. As the eldest brother, Mu Yihang spoiled him especially, as well as his older sister Mu Yixue, who was ten years older than him, and the two of them treated him better than his own parents and loved him as much as his second set of parents.

However, now one of these two people has become the brother who is always trying to kill him, and the other has become the one who once collaborated with him to kill the protagonist and the female protagonist.


Are you playing a game on me?

Oh yeah, and Mu Yihang’s real mom, who is obviously his real mom in reality, is his stepmother in the novel, what the f-ck! F-ck.

“Dad, come back tomorrow, Mom wants you to come back for dinner tonight.” Mu Yihang coldly said and hung up the phone.

Mu Yifan’s face collapsed and immediately loosened up, then he frowned again, he had to pretend to be the real Mu Yifan only by tomorrow.

At that moment, the door knocked.

Mu Yifan turned.

He was the only one in the villa with Zhan Beitian, so the only one who would knock on his door was Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan quickly put away the anti-inflammatory tablets, opened the door, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhan Beitian said indifferently, “Come down and let’s watch a movie together.”

Didn’t expect the man to be so proactive, making Mu Yifan surprised and delighted, then, thinking of something, he busily asked, “You’re not watching cartoons again, are you?”

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes hinted at an unseen smile: “No.”

Mu Yi Fan smiled: “We’re going down to the movies.”

It was true that Zhan Beitian did not put an animated film, but a comedy that Mu Yifan liked to watch, except that, when the movie’s second part was about to start, Zhan Beitian actually turned off the movie.

Then, after saying that they would continue tomorrow, he started playing the piano music Mu Yifan heard this morning and picked up a book without a cover to read along the way.

Mu Yifan was so baffled by him that he didn’t walk away, and then, hearing no more than a few songs, he fell asleep on the couch.

On the side, Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan sleeping past, put down his books, and gently walked over to him and squatted down.

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