Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 35: Why did you sleep in front of my room?

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 35: Why did you sleep in front of my room?

Mu Yifan did not sleep very deeply, in a half-dream half-awake state, faintly, felt someone lift his clothes, gently touching his bulge of the belly, the movement was so gentle that the other man’s hand was like an energy that made him feel very comfortable in the belly area.

However, the other party quickly withdrew his hand, and the comfort snapped away, and Mu Yifan fell more and more restlessly, he opened his eyes sharply to look at his ceiling in his bedroom.

He scanned the room, wondering when he had returned to the room, thinking it might have been Zhan Beitian who carried him up, so he didn’t care and picked up his phone, it was one in the morning.

Mu Yifan put down his phone, turned around, and went back to sleep.

However, he can’t sleep, and even if his eyes are sleepy, even to the point where he can barely keep them open, he still feels like he is holding a belly hard and it irritates him.

Mu Yifan tossed and turned on the bed for most of an hour, and finally, decided to take a walk downstairs.

As soon as the man left the room, he was drawn over by a force that makes him feel very comfortable all over, and then, he just lies down on the floor and slept.

The next morning at 5:30 a.m, Zhan Beitian, who was used to getting up early to exercise, opened the door and saw a man lying outside the door.

When it became clear that the person on the ground was Mu Yifan, a quick flash of anxiety flashed across his eyes, and he crouched down in a hurry, shaking Mu Yifan: “Mu? Mr. Mu? Mumu? Mumu?”

In his sleep, Mu Yifan heard someone calling him, opened his eyes in a daze, saw the handsome face, and yawned: “Beitian! Good morning, isn’t it time for breakfast.”

“…“ Zhan Beitian was slightly relieved to see that he was fine, and asked sternly, “Why did you sleep in front of my room?”

Mu Yifan shook his head blankly: “I don’t know, last night, I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to come out and walk, behind, to your room door, I felt comfortable here and laid down here.”

“…“ Zhan Beitian looked at his stomach and helped him up, “It’s not even six o’clock, go back to sleep, I’ll wake you up later to eat breakfast.”

“Oh.” Mu Yifan rubbed his eyes and went back to his room to sleep nicely, but he couldn’t fall asleep, so he got up and went down the hall to watch TV.

It was eight o’clock, and Zhan Beitian returned with a big bag of breakfast, Mu Yifan immediately got up and goes over to help: “Beitian, today I have to go on a trip back to my dad’s, probably won’t be back until tonight or tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll give you a ride.”

Mu Yifan quickly refused: “No, I’ll drive myself.”

When he goes back to meet your family, of course, you have to remove the bandage from your face, so how can you ask the man to send him back.

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow, “You can’t drive.”

“Then I’ll take a cab there.”

Since Mu Yifan had said so, Zhan Beitian no longer said anything.

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