Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 36: Do you have a girl you like?

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 36: Do you have a girl you like?

Mu Yifan ate breakfast, rested for a moment, and left the villa area.

First, he took a taxi ride downtown, went to the bathroom at the big mall to remove the gauze from his face, and shook a smiling nod at the sight of Sven’s handsome face.

He’d never taken a good look at what the body looked like since he’d transmigrated into a novel he’d written.

In the mirror, he was pale, with dark eyebrows and clear, bright eyes that looked a little childish, much like the real him. It’s just that he’s a bit more handsome in reality, not as handsome as the fictional Mu Yifan looks.

And the look he saw now does not resemble Mu Yifan he portrayed in the novel.

The real Mu Yifan is full of hostility and darkness as if the whole world owes him, and his face never shows any smile, it was just deadly gloomy.

Even if he’s handsome, he can’t make the people around him like him.

Mu Yifan pinched his lower jaw in satisfaction, not having seen his face for so many days, he had forgotten what he looked like, not to mention being it was time to let this face breathe after all this time wrapped in gauze.

He looked in the mirror again, and then, in the meantime, the only thing that displeased him was an overly pale face, which proved that he was far from the day of zombification is getting closer.

Mu Yifan sighed, turned away from the bathroom, found a hair salon, washed his hair, trimmed it, and then, found a random restaurant and had lunch, and found a taxi which brought him to the villa where his stepmother lives.

Outside the entrance to the villa, two military Land Cruisers were parked.

Mu Yifan looked at the car and knew that Mu Yuecheng was back.

He walked into the villa as he thought about the attitude that the once-proud Mu Yifan used to treat his family.

In the garden, four soldiers are standing guard.

The maids in the villa were startled when they saw Mu Yifan, and after a somewhat fearful greeting to the eldest young master, they reported to the people in the hall, “Admiral, Madam, the eldest young master is back.”

Mu Yifan walked into the hall and saw soldiers in uniforms that exude an air of authority, as well as the noblewoman sitting next to her and the heroic young man looking over at him.

Noblewoman Zhao Yunxuan smiled slightly, “Yifan is back.”

Mu Yifan looked at her gloomily, didn’t answer her, resisted the urge to call out for Mom, and just sat down on the sofa and faintly shouted. “Father.”

Mu Yuecheng asked, “Have you had lunch?”


Mu Yuecheng stood up and said, “Since you’ve eaten, you and Yihang come with me in the study.”

Mu Yifan got up and followed the study.

Zhao Yunxuan even gave Mu Yihang a wink and told him to hurry inside.

When the three of them came to the room, Mu Yuecheng sat down on the sofa and asked Mu Yifan, “How are your legs been lately?”

Mu Yifan remained silent.

Mu Yihang glanced at him.

Mu Yuecheng had gotten used to his eldest son’s few words, quirked an eyebrow, and asked, “Yifan, do you have a girl you like?”

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