Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 37: Almost suffocated me

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 37: Almost suffocated me

Mu Yifan’s eyes flashed with stupefaction.

He didn’t expect Mu Yuecheng to ask this.

Mu Yihang quickly raised his eyes to look at Mu Yuecheng, as if he guessed what his father wanted.

Mu Yuecheng continued, “If not, I have a friend whose daughter is also of marriageable age.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he immediately recalled the novel’s mention of how Mu Yuecheng once wanted to set up Mu Yifan with the Rong Family’s eldest daughter, Rong Xue.

Because he was worried that his oldest son’s bone cancer was getting worse and worse, he wanted to get married early so that he could leave a legacy and continue the bloodline of the eldest son.

In the novel, Mu Yifan is persuaded to meet Rong Xue, but, when meeting Rong, who works as a temp in a restaurant for dinner, it was at that time that Mu Yifan fell in love with Rong Yan.

“Dad, you didn’t call us in just to talk about this, did you?” Mu Yifan interrupted him in a deep voice.

He knew that Mu Yuecheng was still pretty good to his eldest son, unlike the others who had found a stepmother for their son and had become a stepfather themselves.

And, of the two sons, Mu Yuecheng prefers Mu Yifan because, like him, Mu Yifan chose to be a soldier, making him especially proud as a father.

Unfortunately, Mu Yifan was later diagnosed with bone cancer, and he is not the real Mu Yifan, so is not going to marry anyone, either. Won’t let a blind date or anything like that happen, not to mention that the person Mu Yuecheng is now introducing is still Rong Xue, who looks similar to his real-life sister. That’s even less likely to make the relationship happen.

As soon as Mu Yuecheng heard this, he knew that his son did not want to mention such a thing, sighed, and with a straight face, said seriously, “I let you in, Not about that, of course, but something else important to say.”

Mu Yifan and Mu Yihang saw the atmosphere become serious and couldn’t help but sit up straight.

“I recently received news that there is going to be a great deal of turmoil around the world and that the money we now use will become useless, Including gold, silver, and jewels, all will be useless furnishings, and in the future, having all kinds of food and supplies will be the way to survive. So…”

Mu Yuecheng said here, paused, and continued, “I want you to sell all the shares of the company, and then, use them to buy all kinds of supplies, including large quantities of weapons.”

Mu Yifan tried desperately to suppress his emotions to maintain the calmness on his face, but inside, he was already in shock.

These words of Mu Yuecheng clearly mean that he already knows that the end times is coming, but in his novel, Mu Yuecheng doesn’t even know that the end times are coming till they came, so how does he know now?

Mu Yifan was vaguely uneasy.

His novel plot is clearly going off the rails.

“Dad, you’re kidding us, right?” Mu Yihang stood up abruptly and looked at his father incredulously.

Mu Yifan faintly looked at Mu Yihang, knowing very well the reason for his excitement.

Not only is he doing a lot of things in secret to get the company, he even injected his older brother with a virus, but now his father is letting them put the How could he take it when the company is sold.

Mu Yuecheng said in a quiet voice, “Do you think I’m joking? Yifan, do you think you would be willing to sell your shares in the company?”

The company was left behind by his ex-wife, and its largest shareholder is Mu Yifan, who is now the only one who can make the decisions.

Mu Yihang quickly turned around and looked at Mu Yifan nervously.

Mu Yifan asked, “Dad, how did you get this news?”

Mu Yuecheng frowned, “I can’t tell you that, but the information is absolutely accurate.”

Mu Yifan stood up: “Dad, you should ask Mu Yihang about the company, I’ve given him full authority over the company.”

He knew that Mu Yihang considered the company more important than himself and would never sell it, and, importantly, he also doesn’t want the plot to go off the rails.

Mu Yihang was even more surprised to hear him say this than he was to hear Mu Yuecheng tell them to sell the company before: “Big…brother, are you serious?”

Has his brother changed gender?


Mu Yuecheng looked anxious: “Yifan, you…”

Mu Yifan left the study directly, looked at Zhao Yunxuan who was waiting anxiously in the hall and returned to the room prepared for him.

The door to the room closed, and suddenly, with relief, “B-stard, that almost suffocated me.”

He rubbed his cheeks hard, facial paralysis is really not so easy to pretend, and every moment he had to restrain himself from outwardly showing his emotions, to him it is a little hard to tell.

“By the way, how the hell did he know the end times were coming?”

Mu Yifan was full of doubts and thought about the answer for a long time, but soon, his mind turned to the protagonist man.

He is going to waste another day today not being able to stay with the man to develop a relationship, and if this continues, he’s going to have to brush up against the man to make his presence known.

Mu Yifan took out his cell phone from his pants pocket and immediately called the man.

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