Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 38: Just missed you.

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 38: Just missed you.

The phone only rang twice before Zhan Beitian picked up the phone and Mu Yifan happily said, “Beitian, what are you doing?”

The other was silent and asked in a quiet voice, “Is there something wrong?”

Mu Yifan sensed from his voice that the other party seemed unhappy that he was making this call, and his smile disappeared, willy-nilly: “Nothing, just want to give you a call, are you busy with something? Then I’ll leave you alone.”

He quickly hanged up and tossed the phone aside in frustration; it seems he’s bothering the man and upsetting him.

However, he remembered that today the man didn’t seem to have any, other than getting together with his subordinates to discuss what supplies to purchase next. What’s going to be making busy?

On the other side, Zhan Beitian looked at the phone and raised his eyebrows, a shallow smile surging up under his eyes that even he didn’t notice.

“Boss, did your girlfriend call you?” Sitting next to him, Lu Lin poked fun at him.

Xiang Guo even asked, “What girlfriend? It’s not like the boss has a girlfriend, right?”

“What? Does the boss have a girlfriend? How come I don’t know? When was this?” Sun Zihao excitedly said, “Boss, you’re too scanty to have a girlfriend and you didn’t tell us.”

Mao Yu said with a smile, “Boss, if you really have a girlfriend, bring her out and show us, let’s see if your girlfriend is pretty, brothers, am I right?”

Others chimed in: “Right.”

Zhan Beitian glared at Lu Lin who stirred up the conversation.

Lu Lin said with an innocent face, “I saw how happy Boss was smiling, and that’s why I guessed that it was his girlfriend who called Boss.”

Just now, the boss showed that although it wasn’t obvious, as a comrade who had worked together for many years, the boss felt good or bad, he More or less you can feel it.

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow.

Did he just have a good laugh?

Xiang Guo smiled, “Boss, you’re not young, it’s normal to have a girlfriend, there’s no need to hide it anymore, if she’s suitable, then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get your license, or else, the girl will run away and you’ll have something to cry about.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t want to explain more to them, so he just stood up with his phone and walked to the corner to make a call, and when the call came through, he heard the other party Excitedly shouted, “Beitian?”

He was not going to be able to keep his mouth shut: “Are you coming back tonight?”

Lu Lin and the others looked at Zhan Beitian, who was on the phone in the corner, and whispered in the discussion, “Look, the boss looks like that, he’s definitely in love.”

The others nodded repeatedly.

“Just wonder who the woman is who brought the boss down.”

“I’m sure it’s a very gentle, beautiful woman who can be liked by the boss.”

The guys around can’t help but start imagining what their future sister-in-law will look like.

Right now, the object of their fantasies is flopping around the two-meter-wide bed in delight as the man called him back: “Today, I gotta stay at my father’s for the night before I go back tomorrow.”

He laughed, “Did you miss me too when you called me back?”

Zhan Beitian: “…“

“If you don’t make a sound, I’ll take that as your default yes.”

“I have something else to do, I’ll hang up first.” Zhan Beitian quickly hung up the phone.

Mu Yifan looked at the phone with dissatisfaction, then smiled happily, the man calling him back is a good start.

He’s going to have to work harder and try harder to befriend the male protagonist man.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Mu Yifan looked at the door, sat up in confusion, fixes his clothes, and lowers his face in the mirror to make sure there won’t be a break before opening the door, saw Mu Yihang standing in the doorway, quirked his eyebrows and asked in a cold voice, “Something wrong?”

Mu Yihang stared at his face for a while before moving his gaze and looking in the direction of his thigh: “Brother, is your leg getting better?”

Mu Yifan looked at him without making a sound.

If the man in front of him didn’t look exactly like his real-life big brother, he wished he could say ‘liar’ back to him.

Mu Yihang asked again, “Did you mean what you just… said in the study?”

“Is there a problem?”

“No problem.” Mu Yihang quickly took out a document: “This is the company’s power of attorney, which needs to be signed and sealed by big brother.”

Mu Yifan took the document and signed it without looking at the contents.

As for the stamps to be stamped, it had been tucked away in a wallet by the former Mu Yifan, which was very convenient to carry around because of its small size.

Mu Yifan finished stamping and immediately closed the door.

Outside the door, Mu Yihang looked at the document in his hand, still unable to believe how easily Mu Yifan had signed this power of attorney.

Didn’t know how, but he always felt that today’s Mu Yifan was a little different than before, though he still liked to keep a gloomy face and didn’t like to talk. However, his temperament became much more, not as gloomy and hostile as before, as if the people around him were his enemies.

When it’s time for dinner, Zhao Yunxuan was particularly enthusiastic towards Mu Yifan: “Yifan, it’s rare for you to come home, just eat more, to make up for your body, especially the water fish soup, which warms the lungs and stomach.”

Mu Yifan knew that Zhao Yunxuan was suddenly so enthusiastic because he had signed a power of attorney relationship to her son, Mu Yihang.

He wasn’t shy about it, either, and promptly drank more bowls when he heard that the water fish soup was good for his stomach.

However, I hope that after the end times come, Zhao Yunxuan and Mu Yihang don’t regret not selling their shares in the company.

After dinner, Mu Yuecheng didn’t mention the sale of the company’s shares again and sat on the sofa with Mu Yihang, laughing and chatting about recent developments.

And Mu Yifan didn’t bother about Mu Yuecheng, later, whether he killed the protagonist man or not, whether the world would still exist or not. For Mu Yuecheng, who was an admiral, life at the end of the world was many hundred times better than others.

At night, like last night, Mu Yifan’s eyes were obviously too sleepy to open, but he just couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned in bed, finally, had to sit up.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Yifan scratched his hair in irritation: “It’s not like I slept too much the other day, right?”

He yawned and picked up his phone to see that it was two o’clock in the morning.

Mu Yifan put down his phone, fell back to sleep, and still couldn’t close his eyes until the sky dawned outside the window, so he had to get up and wash his hands before everyone Taxi away while still not asleep.

He didn’t go back to his villa immediately but found somewhere to eat breakfast first, and then, he went to find Li Qingtian to wrap his face.

By the time he arrived at Li Qingtin’s apartment, it was after eight o’clock.

Mu Yifan got down from the taxi and stretched, the morning sun shining on his face, making him feel especially comfortable.

“Sir, you haven’t paid for the car yet.” The driver in the car got a little tired of waiting, so he had to voice a reminder.

Mu Yifan came back to his senses, turned around and said, “Excuse me, please wait here for half an hour, I’ll have to take your car back later!”

He pulled $300 out of his wallet and handed it to the driver.

The driver took the money and immediately smiled cheerfully, “OK, no problem.”

Mu Yifan took out his cell phone and called Li Qingtian to ask him exactly which building and which floor he lives in.

Just then, a black BMW sedan pulled up in front of him.

Mu Yifan narrowed his eyes, the car was just like the BMW he usually drove, making him look at it a bit more.

When the car stopped, the door on the driver’s seat was pushed open, and a tall figure stepped out of the car, and when he saw Mu Yifan across the street the whole person was startled, then the icy voice spat out from thin lips: “Mu-Yi-Fan!”

Mu Yifan almost didn’t pull his legs out and ran when he saw that the person coming down from the car was actually Zhan Beitian.

Holy shit!

Why is the male protagonist here?

He never thought he would face the man with this face before the end of time.

Mu Yifan’s first reaction after he got back to his senses was to touch his face, then, dropping his eyes to look at the clothes he was wearing.

Fortunately, he had changed clothes at Zhao Yunxuan’s place.

At this time, a person also walked down the side of the vice seat, saw Mu Yifan for an instant, froze, then, a mockery flashed in his eyes: “Yo… Isn’t this Major Mu? It’s been a long time, I didn’t think you were still alive!”

Mu Yifan looked at the person across the car, the other person was very tall, had a national prideful face, thick black eyebrows, wide nose, thick mouth, and looked very common.

He searched the body’s memories and learned that the other party was a subordinate of Zhan Beitian’s named Xiang Guo.

Xiang Guo hated Mu Yifan very much, because during a mission, Mu Yifan, not wanting to let Zhan Beitian finish the mission successfully, would secretly make traps and nearly get Xiang Guo and Lu Lin both killed in the mission.

At that time, if not for the risky rescue of Zhan Beitian, they would never have seen the sun today, so Xiang Guo to Zhan Beitian was very respectful, but he hated Mu Yifan enough to want to pluck his skin.

At that time, if they hadn’t had proof that it was Mu Yifan who had secretly tampered with their mission and caused them to fail, Mu Yifan would have been kicked out of the troops, or even jail time.

After that, every time we went on a mission, everyone guarded themselves against Mu Yifan and monitored his every move.

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