Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 39: It’s Good to dream of You

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 39: It’s Good to dream of You

Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian and Xiang Guo looking at him coldly and tried desperately to suppress his inner panic to calm himself down.

Gradually, the gaze changed from amazement to calm, while recalling the novel’s, what kind of the stare Mu Yifan used after becoming a zombie to look at Zhan Beitian’s and theirs, then transformed from calm to cold hostility, causing Xiang Guo to shiver.

Mu Yifan from just now obviously looked harmless, how come in the blink of an eye, the person reverts back to Mu Yifan he knew before, no he should say this one was even scarier than the old Mu Yifan, like a demon from hell trying to rip him apart.

He felt this way because he’s never seen Mu Yifan after he turned into a zombie.

Zhan Beitian shifted a step, blocking Mu Yifan’s line of sight.

Mu Yifan was slightly startled at the cold eyes from Zhan Beitian, apparently, his acting skills had fooled him, and the corners of his mouth slowly curled up in a cruel smile, lowered his voice and said in a mutely voice, “Zhan Beitian, you are so protective of him, are you still afraid that I will eat him.”

After he said that, he really wanted to slap himself, what he had just said was simply adding fuel to the protagonist man’s anger, in the novel during the protagonist man’s last life the zombie king Mu Yifan was the one who ate the bodies of the protagonist man’s two subordinates, Xiang Guo and Lu Lin, one bite at a time, in front of the man’s face! So evil

Zhan Beitian suddenly squinted his icy red eyes, his clenched fist also made a crunching sound, and the veins on the back of his hand one after another outburst veins with anger, as you can see, he is struggling to contain his emotions.

Mu Yifan’s heart, thumping straight.

The man’s eyes were so scary, what should I do? Who will save him?

“Boss!” Xiang Guo noticed that something was very wrong with Zhan Beitian and hurried to his side, worried that Zhan Beitian would beat Mu Yifan to death on the spot.

Strange to say, the boss used to ignore Mu Yifan when he saw him, so why is he so excited this time?

Mu Yifan grunted while Xiang Guo stopped the man, turned to get into a taxi, and had the driver drive away from here.

Zhan Beitian stared at the direction of the taxi’s departure with a deadly stare.

Xiang Guo saw that the taxi was out of their sight, but Zhan Beitian hadn’t relaxed yet and cautiously called out, “Boss?”

Zhan Beitian finally paid attention to his surroundings, glanced at Xiang Guo, slowly collected his emotions and regained his composure, saying, “Which building is Dr. Ge in?”

“Boss, Dr. Ge is on the 7th floor of Building C.”

Zhan Beitian turned around and headed to Building C.

Xiang Guo quick to catch up, then says about Mu Yifan: “I didn’t hear from Mu Yifan for so long, I thought he was dead.”

When Zhan Beitian heard about Mu Yifan, his eyes went cold and asked, “Why did you think he was dead?”

“Boss, you forgot, Mu Yifan was only discharged from the army to go home to recuperate after being diagnosed with bone cancer when he was wounded in his last mission, and behind, hasn’t heard from him, so, just assumed he was dead. I think he deserved cancer and who told him to do all the bad things that even God couldn’t stand and wanted to punish him.”

Bone cancer?

Zhan Beitian stopped in his tracks, something made him think of the unnerving thought of Mumu.

He also has bone cancer and, well, his days are numbered.

In the meantime, Zhan Beitian suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable when he thought of this.

Xiang Guo also stopped in his tracks, “What’s wrong, boss?”


Zhan Beitian ignored the inexplicable feeling of misery and continued walking, having been killed by Mu Yifan, who was a zombie king, he had long since forgotten Mu Yifan was discharged from the military due to a bone cancer diagnosis.

Because whoever it was they couldn’t imagine that the ferocious zombie king was once a man with a terminal illness.

Immediately, Zhan Beitian thought of something else and commanded, “You go tomorrow and find out where Mu Yifan lives and if he stays in G City as well.”

Xiang Guo doesn’t understand: “What’s the point of investigating him, the man is going to die.”

Zhan Beitian thought of Mu Yifan’s pale face just now, narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Even if you die, he won’t die.”

Xiang Guo looked at him in surprise, “What do you mean, Boss? Do you know something about Mu Yifan? Or does Mu Yifan not have a disease like bone cancer at all?”

“Just you to look it up.”


Mu Yifan breathed a sigh of relief as he got in a taxi and left Li Qingtian’s apartment building until he couldn’t see Zhan Beitian: “What a fright!”

He just thought he was dead, after all, the man looked like he wanted to get killed. At that time, he wanted to run, but he thought it would be useless to do so, so he had to face the man with a hard chest.

As for why the man has been holding back from doing anything, he thinks it’s likely that it’s not the end times yet. The man would probably get into unnecessary trouble by fighting randomly and would be better off spending his time buying supplies.

Of course, this is just his guess, and how can he guess the real reason why the protagonist man might want to come back after the end of the world? Torturing him may or may not be.

By the way, why is the man here?

Mu Yifan thinks back to the book and quickly understands why the man is here.

According to the novel, on the day of April 13, the man was introduced to a doctor surnamed Ge and asked this doctor to help him out purchase a stock of medical equipment, and various medicines.

If that’s true, the doctor surnamed Ge lives in the same apartment complex as Li Qingtian.


That’s too much of a coincidence!

The driver in the front seat looked at Mu Yifan in the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but mutter, “I’m the one who’s scared of you.”

Don’t think that he can’t see it sitting in the car, but just now, he clearly saw Mu Yifan looking at Xiang Guo from the reflection on the opposite window. Zhan Beitian’s eyes were so brutal that it caused the driver to think he was carrying a murderer who had just escaped from prison.

When he arrived downtown, Mu Yifan got off the taxi and called Li Qingtian to meet him downtown, then, in the big mall, bought a suit to change into.

Half an hour later, Li Qingtian arrived in the city center to find Mu Yifan and wrapped gauze around his face.

Mu Yifan wrapped up his face before returning to his villa, and saw that the man hadn’t returned yet, so he called, “Beitian, I’m back, where are you at?”

“I’m out here talking to someone about something,” Zhan Beitian said indifferently.

Mu Yifan listened to his deep and beautiful voice, like a lullaby, which made him yawn: “Then you continue being busy, I’ll go to sleep first!”

When Zhan Beitian saw him trying to hang up, he quickly said, “Wait.”

“Huh?” Mu Yifan echoed weakly.

“I’ll be back for lunch.”

On the other end of the phone, there was silence and no one answered Zhan Beitian’s words.

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow, “Mumu?”

Still no answer.

The confusion that sprang up in Zhan Beitian’s eyes was tinged with unseen concern: “Mumu, are you listening?”

Still no answer.

Zhan Beitian hung up and redialed, but no one answered.

He called three times in a row, couldn’t sit still any longer, and stood up abruptly: “Xiang Guo, I have something to go back to, on the issue of the medical device and medicine I’ll leave it to you to talk to Dr. Ge.”

Xiang Guo busily asked, “Boss, is something going on over there with your girlfriend?”

Zhan Beitian was distracted and didn’t pay attention to addressing the country, so he casually responded, said sorry to Dr. Ge and left.

Xiang Guo laughed, “I told you the boss was in love.”

Then, he took out his cell phone and called Lu Lin and the others: “Lu Lin, the boss does have a girlfriend, named Mumu, and I know by that lovely name, I can tell that our sister-in-law is very pretty. Well, there’s absolutely no mistaking it, the boss just admitted it himself.”

Sitting across the room, watching Dr. Ge who is gossiping to Xiang Guo “…”

Hey hey!

Who then, do you remember that they were talking business now?

Zhan Beitian, racing back to the villa, saw Mu Yifan lying on the sofa in the hall, quickly went over and pushed Mu Yifan: “Mumu? Mumu?”

Mu Yifan opened his eyes in confusion and saw that the person in front of him was Zhan Beitian, and thought he was dreaming, moving his mouth: “Beitian, it’s so good to dream about you, I’m hungry, go make me dinner.”

Then, he closed his eyes again and went to sleep, sleepy as hell from not sleeping all night.

The corners of Zhan Beitian’s mouth smacked hard.

He didn’t hear Mu Yifan answer him on the phone just now, so he thought it was the Qingtian Pearl that caused something strange to happen to Mu Yifan again, and didn’t realize it was asleep.

This made Zhan Beitian angry and helpless, it’s not like it’s his fault that Mu Yifan is sleepy, can he be blamed?

At that moment, Mu Yifan’s stomach rumbled.

Zhan Beitian looked askance at his stomach, then looked at the clock on the wall, it was already after 12 noon, resigned to walk to the kitchen to get food.

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