Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 40: Don’t sneak away

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 40: Don’t sneak away

As soon as the food was ready, Mu Yifan was called up to eat.

After eating, Zhan Beitian said, “I’m going to be out for a few days.”

Mu Yifan stared blankly at the man.

He remembered the day after the man negotiated a deal with Dr. Ge for medical machinery and medicine, only to leave G City for a few days and go to the township nearby collecting food and other supplies, but why would the man leave G City early now?

Is it…because of the original reason of seeing ‘zombie king Mu Yifan’ today?

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with the man leaving early, except that he’ll have a few less days to spend with him again.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian depressedly.

Zhan Beitian looked at the grieving eyes that seemed to be saying, ‘Don’t you dare leave me behind’, Zhan Beitian, he intoned, “If…you’re free, you can come with me!”

In the meantime, what’s going on? Why would he even think of taking this man with him?

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up as he listened, nodding incessantly in excitement, “I’m free, I’m very free.”

He was afraid that Zhan Beitian would go back on his word and hurried upstairs: “Wait for me for a moment, I’ll pack up and come down.”

When he came to the second floor, he shouted down again, “You have to wait for me, no sneaking away.”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows.

Thought it would be nice to bring this man along, at least he’d have a personal guard to keep Qingtian Pearl from messing up.

It only took Mu Yifan two minutes to come down with a black backpack on his back, smiling happily, “We can go now.”

Zhan Beitian pursed his lips, “I’m going to be gone for a long time, don’t your legs need looking after? Do you have to go back to the hospital in the next few days?”

“No, I’ll just take my medicine with me.”

“So you have your medication?”

“…“ Mu Yifan quickly ran back to his room to get the medicine again.”

Zhan Beitian: “…“

Mu Yifan ran down again, smiling, “This time it’s really good.”

Zhan Beitian looks askance at the backpack behind him and turned towards the door.

Mu Yifan hurried to catch up.

They got in a car and left the villa area and drove to the highway.

Mu Yifan’s cell phone rang as the car hit the highway.

He saw that it was Mu Yuecheng calling and quickly picked it up, shouting softly, “Dad.”

At the sound of that, Zhan Beitian glanced at him unseeingly.

Mu Yuecheng on the other end of the phone said, “I’m going back to B City tomorrow, you’re coming back with me.”

To B City?

Mu Yifan quietly looked at Zhan Beitian for fear of being sent back by the man, so he didn’t dare to say the words ‘don’t want to go’, so he just faintly Hmmm.

He knew that Mu Yuecheng was taking him back to City B to treat his bone cancer.

“It’s a 3 p.m. flight tomorrow, so I’ll see you at Southside Airport then.”


Mu Yifan hanged up the phone quickly, then, changed all the names stored in the phone book of the mobile phone, so that the protagonist man will not be careless looking one day and see their names and thus discover who he is.

It was only at 8:00 p.m. that they drove to a village called Baibi and asked several families before they found one to stay in place, and the other only provided one room.

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