Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 41: Needs to be toned up more (given more supplements)

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 41: Needs to be toned up more (given more supplements)

The room they stayed in was not large, about 15 square meters, and is very simply furnished, with only a 1.5-meter wide bed and a writing desk. as well as a wardrobe with a full-body mirror, with very old furniture that should be 30 to 40 years old.

“This is the only room in our house, so if you don’t mind, you can stay here.” An honest-looking big man scratched his head in embarrassment.

Zhan Beitian pulled out 1,500 yuan and handed it to the big man: “Uncle, we’re going to stay here for five to seven days, so I will trouble you here to help us prepare our meals for a few days, and by the way, we haven’t had dinner yet, can you cook a meal for us?”

Chen Dong said with a haughty tone shaking his hand, “Can’t use that much, just give five hundred yuans.”

Zhan Beitian shoved the money directly into his hand: “My friend eats a lot, please cook more later.”

Chen Dong hesitated and smiled, “That’s good, I’ll cook you guys dinner now, by the way, the toilet is on the left hand side of the stairs. You can shower there.”


After Chen Dong left, Zhan Beitian first went to take a shower and returned, wearing only a pair of tight jeans, as tall and strong as a model’s lean body made Mu Yifan look envious and jealous and so hateful.

Zhan Beitian felt his scorching gaze and turned around in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yifan didn’t answer him, got up and ran to the full-body mirror, pulled up his shirt and took a picture.

He saw the bulging belly and frowns in discontent and delight: “When will my body get back to its original shape.”

Zhan Beitian: “…“

Mu Yifan suddenly took a deep breath and pulled his belly, which shrank by a small half inch.

However, the bulging belly was still noticeable and still resembled a middle-aged beer bump.

When Zhan Beitian saw him closing his abdomen by half an inch, his eyes snapped and he shouted, “What are you doing?”

Mu Yifan was shocked by him, and his collected belly immediately returned to its original position: “I…I’m contracting my belly ah.”

“You…” Zhan Beitian looked at his innocent face, took a deep breath, eased his tone and said, “You can’t do that next time.”

Mu Yifan was stunned: “Why?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t answer him, chilling, “Go take a shower.”

When Mu Yifan saw the man’s face, he didn’t dare to mess with him again and picked up his pajamas and slipped out.

Zhan Beitian put his shirt back on, left the room and went down to the first floor, found Chen Dong in the kitchen, then, took out five hundred dollars and slipped it to Chen Dong:” Uncle, my friend is sick and needs more toning.”

Chen Dong thought about Mu Yifan’s gauze-wrapped face and smiled, “No problem, I will definitely stew up a chicken for your friend every day.”

Hearing his assurance, Zhan Beitian didn’t immediately leave, looking as if Chen Dong had something else to say.

“Anything else?” Chen Dong asked.

Zhan Beitian hesitated for a moment before saying, “Uncle, just cook the dishes as they are cooked for pregnant women these days.”

Chen Dong: “…“



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