Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 46: Almost Fooled

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 46: Almost Fooled

Baibi (white jade) village, as the village is called, has an outer wall of each house, coated with white powder and covered with black tiles, one house next to the other. Every house felt like you’ve stepped into an ancient town.

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan followed Chen Dong’s words and made their way up, then, questioned a few villagers and soon found the village chief’s house.

The village chief of Baibi Village was very enthusiastic when he heard that Zhan Beitian had come to purchase their village’s rice and fruit and vegetables, and immediately welcomed them into the hall!

Mu Yifan, who was carried out by Zhan Beitian, couldn’t help but yawn when he heard the content of their conversation. For a man who already knew that the man was going to talk to the village chief about the acquisition, he felt particularly bored.

However, just as they are about to leave the village chief’s house, the plot changes, and suddenly there come five people who are also looking for the village chief to talk about purchasing all the rice grains in the Baibi Village.

Mu Yifan looked at the five elites with doubt in his eyes, in his novels, no one would even rush to acquire food from the Baibi Village and where did they get it from, and, more than the man offered.

Zhan Beitian didn’t bid against them, and left the village chief’s house with Mu Yifan after learning that they had offered a higher price than him.

Then, outside the village chief’s yard, a fancy little car was seen, presumably driven by the five men who had just arrived.

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan look at the number on the license plate, which reads City G66333, a small car from the G City side.

Back at Chen Dong’s house, Zhan Beitian immediately called Xiang Guo and asked him to find out whose car License Plate City G66333 is.

Mu Yifan took the opportunity to run to the kitchen: “Uncle Chen, is the medicine ready?”

“It’s just simmering, I’ll pour into a bowl for you, when it’s not so hot.” Chen Dong said as he poured the medicine into the bowl, then, turned to see if the chicken in his pot was hot enough to simmer.

Mu Yifan flew around the kitchen to see if there was a place where he could dump the medicine, then, with a smart move, speed picked up the bowl and put the medicine is poured back into the medicine pot and the lid is put back on.

He laughs inwardly.

That way, no one would notice that he had poured the medicine back into the medicine pot.

When Chen Dong turned back around again, he quickly put the bowl to his mouth and pretended to have finished his medicine.

Chen Dong looked at him in surprise, “You drank all the hot medicinal juice so quickly.”

“Hm. “Mu Yifan wiped the corners of his mouth with his hand: “Uncle Chen, I’m going upstairs to rest for a while.”

He’ll come back down and sneak the medicine out when no one is in the kitchen later.

In the lobby, after Zhan Beitian hung up the phone, he headed to the kitchen, saw Chen Dong, who said with a haughty tone, and asked, “Uncle, is the medicine ready?”

Chen Dong raised his head and smiled, “It was already cooked, and Little Mu just drank the medicine.”

Drank it?

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows, not quite believing that Mu Yifan would come to drink the medicine so voluntarily: “Uncle, you saw him drink it with your own eyes!?”

“Of course.” Chen Dong nodded affirmatively.

Zhan Beitian still didn’t quite believe how someone who clearly resisted drinking the medicine would happily drink it.

His eyes swept around the kitchen, then, landing on the medicine pot on the tabletop and the large bowl next to it, he walked forward to open the pot, which contained most of the soup and dregs: “Uncle, how much water did you use to boil the medicine?”

“A bottle of water was used, and when it was boiled, the juice was just enough to fill a bowl.”

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow and pointed at the medicine pot, “What’s with the medicinal soup still being in it again?”

“What kind of soup?” Chen Dong was confused and came over to take a look, “Hey, I obviously poured out all the medicine juice, why is there still so much left over?”

He scratched his head in puzzlement.

Zhan Beitian’s gaze sank: “Uncle, did you really see him drink it?”

Chen Dong becomes uncertain: “This…this”

Then, he thought of something, eh, “This kid wouldn’t pour the medicine back into the medicine pot while I’m turning my head, would he? Just now I was wondering how he drank such hot medicinal juice in one gulp.”

Zhan Beitian was suddenly feeling a little too cryptic to be angry if he wanted to be.

He realized the kid wasn’t as stupid as he thought he was, and if he hadn’t been careful enough, he would have fooled him.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes moved as he looked at the medicine in the pot and picked up the pot and walked out of the kitchen.



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