Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 47: You wicked man

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 47: You wicked man

Mu Yifan returned to his room, happy to have escaped, and rolled around in bed.

If he had really drank the medicinal soup containing space spring water just now, he would have turned into a zombie on the spot and the man was going to kill him.

Then again, can he come back to reality after he dies?

He’s afraid to try, in case he can’t go back to reality.

Mu Yifan continued to be smug about his cleverness.

When Zhan Beitian came in, he saw Mu Yifan like a child, happy to avoid taking his medication and hugging the blanket on the bed flipping it around, an amused smile flashed across the bottom of his pale eyes.

Mu Yifan glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw someone enter, stopping his movements and watching curiously as Zhan Beitian walked into the room with two red beverage cans.

Ta-da, Zhan Beitian opened one of the bottles of drink cans, sat on the edge of the bed, and handed Mu Yifan another bottle that had been opened long ago.

In the meantime, Mu Yifan took the drink can and immediately smelled a strong medicinal odor, sniffing it: “What kind of drink is this? Why does it smell like bitter medicine.”

Zhan Beitian took a sip of the drink and said, “Liangyaowang (凉药王), never had one?”

Mu Yifan shook his head when he saw the three large letters on the surface of the jar in his hand.

How could he have had a fictional drink he created in his novel.

Zhan Beitian said meaningfully, “It’s better if you haven’t tasted it, you can taste it now.”

Mu Yifan picked up the jar and put it under his nose and sniffed again, his eyebrows tightened a few points, then shallow tasted small sips, when immediately, the bitterness filled the entire Mouth.

“Ah, so bitter.” His eyebrows almost knit together.

“Good medicine is bitter.” Zhan Beitian said indifferently.

Mu Yifan endured the bitterness and took another sip: “Are all of your canned Liangyaowang here so bitter?”

How it’s so different from the real-life herbal tea Liangyaowang’s drink, which is like drinking Chinese medicine.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes narrowed.

Why does that sound weird, and why does it have the words ‘you here’ in front of it?

Before he had time to think about it, he saw Mu Yifan trying to throw the drink can into the trash.

Zhan Beitian suddenly sank, “No throwing, you have to finish it.”

“But, it’s so…bitter.” Mu Yifan dared not throw the can away again against the stern eyes of the intake, so he forced himself to drink the entire drink in one gulp.

Zhan Beitian took the can in his hand, made sure it was empty of water, and tossed it with an unseen smirk on his lips, before throwing it to the trash can, then, taking a candy out of his pants pocket and tossing it to Mu Yifan, he got up and left the room.

Mu Yifan quickly put the candy in his mouth to remove the bitterness.

When the candy was almost finished, he suddenly remembered that he wanted to dump the pot of medicine from the kitchen, and quickly got up and walked out of the room only to see Chen Dong in the courtyard working on the little vegetable garden, Mu Yifan quickly sneaking downstairs into the kitchen, picking up the medicine pot and running to the bathroom to empty it.


Mu Yifan looked strangely at the medicine pot that only a few drops of medicinal juice came out: “How come there are only a few drops of water? No way!”

He opened the lid and saw where there was no juice in it but a pile of dregs.

Mu Yifan was stunned: “Where’s the medicine soup?”

Did Chen Dong dump it?

He shouldn’t.

If Chen Dong had found that there was still medicinal soup in the pot, he would have kept it for him to drink tonight, so it was unlikely that he would have thrown it out.

If it wasn’t dumped, where did it go?

Mu Yifan put the medicine pot back in its original position, walked to the kitchen, came to Chen Dong’s side, and asked probingly, “Uncle Chen, where is the medicinal juice in the medicine pot?”

Chen Dong looked at him strangely, “Didn’t you drink it?”

“No, I mean,” he’s too embarrassed to tell the story about how he secretly poured the medicine back in.

Chen Dong turned back, nagging in a disapproving tone as he continued to busy himself with his work, “You, with your poor health, should have to drink medicine so that your body can get better faster, and those like you who don’t take medicine because are afraid of suffering, not only won’t get better, but your body will also get worse, and is that not hurting yourself?”

At this point, he was angry and amused, “I say you’re a grownup, why are you still acting like a kid when you talk about how old you are, if Brother Zhan hadn’t found out you poured the medicine back into the pot, I would have thought you had drank the medicine.”

“Yes, yes, yes” Mu Yifan nodded and responded as he listened to the lesson, but when he heard the rest, his whole body jumped up in shock:” What…what? Zhan Beitian found out that I poured the medicine back? How did he know? And after that? Where did he take the soup?”

Chen Dong looked at him in confusion, “Didn’t he take it to you to drink?”

“I drank it? When did I…” Mu Yifan suddenly thought of the bitterly bitter jar of Liangyaowang just now, and mourned and shouted, “I know, Liangyaowang, it is… That can of cold medicine, right? F-ck, I thought it was an ordinary herbal tea drink, but I didn’t think that it had already been jerry-rigged, but it’s loaded with herbal soup from a Chinese medicine pot… it’s just too evil.”

No wonder the drink is so bitter.

No wonder the lid had been pulled off the Liangyaowang’s lid long ago to redeem the cool medicine inside.

Wait, that’s not right.

The medicine is supposed to be hot when it’s just boiled, so how could it have cooled off so quickly, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so easily fooled.

Mu Yifan suddenly remembered that Zhan Beitian had ice control abilities that could instantly cool things.

He turned around at speed and roared down the hall, “Zhan Beitian, you wicked man.”

It was a shame that he was so self-conscious just now that he thought he was clever enough to hide the fact that no one would know that he poured the medicine back, but he didn’t think that Zhan Beitian, the guy found out and, moreover, tricked him into drinking the drug.

Zhan Beitian, who was watching the news in the hall, heard Mu Yifan’s angry shout, and the corner of his cold hard mouth curved up in a nice curve, seeing the other party so angry, and inexplicably he was in a better mood.

Outside the courtyard, Mu Yifan seemed to think of something, quickly ran back to his room, looked at his whole body in the full-body mirror, and finally, even the inner orbits of the eyes are not spared either.

It was a huge relief to make sure you’re not further zombified.

“Fortunately, fortunately.” Mu Yifan patted himself on the chest, as long as he didn’t immediately turn into a zombie.

Previously, the two bottles of water given to Chen Dong by Zhan Beitian were either ordinary mineral water, or the amount of spring water that contained spiritual springs in them Particularly little, maybe only one or two drops of spirit water mixed in.

But if you drink it regularly, sooner or later you’ll get into trouble.

However, Zhan Beitian had found out that he refused to drink the medicine, and would definitely supervise him every time he drank into the future, so he wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

Mu Yifan wanted to cry.

He’s so miserable.

By the way, why is the man suddenly being so nice to him?

Mu Yifan lowered his head and looked at his stomach: “Because of you, right?”

His stomach immediately jumped twice.

Mu Yifan stroked his forehead and wails.

It must be because of the Qingtian Pearl, otherwise, why would the man be so generous to feed him with the spring water from the Spiritual Spring.

If it was anyone else who drank from the spiritual spring, of course they would be begging for it, but he was different, drinking from it would only speed up the process of turning into a zombie.

He’s not really Mu Yifan, and can’t guarantee that he’ll be able to keep himself conscious when he turns into a zombie.

When it’s time for lunch, Mu Yifan glared at Zhan Beitian several times in a row.

Watching Chen Dong couldn’t help but speak up for Zhan Beitian: “Little Mu, Brother Zhan is also changed the medicine in the jar for your own good.”

Mu Yifan turned his gaze and nodded, “I know.”

He licked his chopsticks a few times, then, picking up a piece of chicken butt and placing into Zhan Beitian’s bowl, he smiled and said, “Beitian, thank you for being so caring for me, come on, you eat more.”

He knew that Zhan Beitian wasn’t a picky eater, but was a bit of a germaphobe and didn’t like people giving him food, especially since he’d specifically licked his chopsticks.

In the meantime, Zhan Beitian saw the chicken butt in the bowl.

“Kitten, why aren’t you eating, are you still mad at me for pouring the medicine back into the medicine pot?”

Mu Yifan looked at him with an innocent face.

Zhan Beitian looked at him and immediately caught the wry smile in his eyes, and with a slight movement of his eyebrows, he picked up his chopsticks to pick up the chicken butt and dipped it in some soy sauce, put it into your mouth and took a bite.

Eek! Eek! Eek!

Mu Yifan glared at him.

How come his man doesn’t even eat the food that the woman got, so he eats the food he got with licked chopsticks?

Just then, Mu Yifan’s phone rang.

He picked it up, saw that it was from Mu Yuecheng, and quickly got up and said, “I’m going to take a call.”

Mu Yifan walked to the gate outside the courtyard with his cell phone, picked up the phone, and shouted faintly, “Dad.”

“Where are you now?” Mu Yuecheng asked directly.

It was only then that Mu Yifan remembered that Mu Yuecheng had asked him to return to B City, and when he looked at the time on his phone, it was already after 2pm.

Didn’t he just have lunch? How come it’s 2pm so soon.

Ah! Right.

He got up late today, so he was late for lunch.

“Dad, I’m stuck in traffic here.”

In due course, a tractor drove past him and a couple of piglets locked in the back of the vehicle made a ‘grunting’ sound.

Mu Yuecheng on the other end of the phone, angrily yelled, “Where are you blocking traffic, why are there tractors and pigs squealing?”

Mu Yifan: “…“

Mu Yuecheng seemed to sense that he doesn’t want to go back to City B and asked, “Are you not going to make it in time?”


Mu Yuecheng was silent for a few seconds and then said, “May, you must return to B City before May.”


“Let’s just leave it at that.”

Mu Yifan suddenly thought of something and called out, “Dad, don’t hang up yet, I have something I want to trouble you with.”



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