Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 48: Are you concerned about me?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 48: Are you concerned about me?

After Mu Yuecheng agreed to help, Mu Yifan happily returned to the hall to eat.

When one is in a good mood, one’s taste for food got even better, and he finished a big pot of chicken stew all by himself: “Uncle Chen’s chicken stew is so good.”

The first time Chen Dong was praised for his cooking skills, he laughingly clears the table and cleans the dishes in the kitchen.

Mu Yifan helped carry the unfinished food to the kitchen, and when he folded back into the hall, he just happened to hear Zhan Beitian on the phone.

Zhan Beitian asked, “Did you find out?”

Mu Yifan saw that he didn’t hide from talking on the phone, so he sat aside and pretended to watch TV carefully while eavesdropping with his ears up.

After he learned that Zhan Beitian had returned from the village chief’s house, he asked someone to investigate the people who had bid against him for rice, and now this call should have been made to investigate.

“Is it someone from the G City Mu-shi Technology Group?” When Zhan Beitian heard the surname Mu, his eyes couldn’t help but look at Mu Yifan.

As if Mu Yifan didn’t notice his gaze, his eyes remained focused on the direction of the TV, but his heart was hard to suppress surprise.

The Mu-shi Technology Group?

Could it be someone sent by Mu Yuecheng or Mu Yihang?

If they were really sent by them, it would mean that Mu Yuecheng hadn’t given up and had convinced Mu Yihang to buy the rice.

However, Mu Yihang is unlikely to sell his shares in the company.

So they most likely bought it with their savings, but it was enough to get them by in the end times.

No wonder Mu Yuecheng didn’t mention the stock sale again that night.

Xiang Guo on the other end of the phone said, “Yes, boss, I also found out that it was Mu Yihang, the president of the Mu Technology Group, who sent them there. Not only that, but Mu Yihang sent a group of people around the country to buy rice.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes narrowed abruptly, shooting out a cold light: “Mu Yihang? What is his relationship with Mu Yifan?”

Mu Yifan immediately felt the temperature of the hall drop to zero.

Lowering his voice Xiang Guo said: “Half-brother.”

Zhan Beitian stood up sharply and stared at a certain part of the hall.

Mu Yifan sneaked a glance at the cold-eyed Zhan Beitian, guessing that the man must be wondering if the zombie king Mu Yifan has also been reborn.

He would have felt the same way if he had been the man.

Otherwise, why would the Mu-shi Technology Group, which deals in electronic technology, suddenly want to buy rice grain.

On a side note, where did he squeeze the original owner of this body to when he transmigrated into the book and occupied the body of the future zombie king?

Or does the man soul no longer exist in this world?

“Boss?” Xiang Guo called out again when he saw that Zhan Beitian was slow to make a sound.

Zhan Beitian finally paid attention to his surroundings: “Where’s Mu Yifan? Is he still in G City?”

“He and Admiral Mu have left G City.”

Zhan Beitian quirked his eyebrows, “Are you sure he’s left G City? Did you see him get on the plane with your own eyes?”

“The man I sent there said he saw him get on the plane.”

Zhan Beitian thought about it and said in a deep voice, “You send me some more people to monitor Mu Yifan’s every move in City B.”

Mu Yifan, who was beside him, was relieved.

Very glad he had asked Mu Yuecheng to find someone to fake him out and make it look like he was leaving G City before.

In fact, when Zhan Beitian saw him removing the gauze, he had been worried that Zhan Beitian would check on his whereabouts, even when he left Li Qingtian yesterday after the apartment, also carefully avoiding the streets and shopping malls for camera heads, so that Zhan Beitian and the others wouldn’t know where he lived.

Zhan Beitian hung up the phone and fell into contemplation.

Mu Yifan didn’t disturb him and continued to watch the TV absent-mindedly.

“Is Chen Dong home?” Outside the courtyard, a man’s voice was suddenly heard.

Mu Yifan heard the voice of the village chief.

Zhan Beitian looked out.

Chen Dong, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, immediately ran out, “In, in, in.”

Seeing that the visitor was the village chief, he quickly raised a big smile and asked happily, “Village chief, what are you doing here?”

The village chief smiled, “I’m here for the guest who lives in your house.”

Chen Dong was stunned, “Is the village chief referring to Brother Zhan and the others?”


Chen Dong laughed: “Village Chief, they’re just watching TV in the hall.”

Then he shouted into it, “Brother Zhan, Mumu, the village chief is here to see you.”

The village chief said, “I’ll go in and find them myself.”

He walked into the hall, saw Zhan Beitian and the others, and smiled, “Have you two had dinner yet?”

Zhan Beitian doesn’t engage in much hospitality with him and directly asked, “Village Chief, are you here to talk about the acquisition?”

“Yes.” The village chief smiled an unnatural smile, “Mr. Zhan, as you saw before you left my house, those five people offered a higher price than you, if Zhan Beitian is interested in buying rice from our village, I wonder if he can raise the price a little higher.”

Zhan Beitian sat back on the sofa, put his right leg on his left, and said in a soft voice, “Village Chief, don’t forget that in addition to the rice, I have to buy I can buy all the vegetables, fruits, poultry in your village that I can eat in my stomach, but if you sell rice to someone else, then sorry, I’ll have to acquire the rest of the stuff together again elsewhere.”

At that time, he would come to Baibi village because he knew it had a good harvest, but, since other places also had good harvests, it was important to find where their stuff is grown and hard to sell and that’s why he’s here to acquire it.

Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian was doing this because he was pinching those people who wouldn’t buy vegetables and fruits from Baibi Village, after all, they were not good for a long time storage, and if you buy it, you’ll need a lot of freezer ice to freeze it, or have someone pickle it to store it for longer.

The protagonist man, however, is different; he owns a space that keeps everything fresh and, moreover, doesn’t go bad, which is why he dares to acquire large quantities.

The village chief’s face turned ugly: “This…you let me reconsider.”

If he sells rice to those five men, he will make a lot more than the man in front of him is offering, but those five men only buy rice. If they don’t buy anything else, then they won’t be able to sell the vegetables and fruits in their village.

The village chief left Chen Dong’s house and immediately went to talk to someone.

Chen Dong, who had escorted the village chief out, quickly ran back into the hall, “Brother Zhan, Brother Zhan.”

Zhan Beitian quirked an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

“Are the doors to your car locked? When I was walking the village chief out, I saw someone watching the car you were driving, and as soon as that person saw me come out, he left, so, I suspect he wanted to steal the car.”

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan looked at each other.

“Is that guy wearing a black suit and black tie?” Zhan Beitian asked.

Chen Dong nodded his head in succession, “Yes, yes, Brother Zhan, how did you know?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t answer him, already guessing in his heart that the person looking at their car should be the one who wants to buy rice, and that they shouldn’t be looking at the car, just wanted to see the license plate so I could find out who the person who robbed the rice with them was.

Mu Yifan also figured out the other party’s intention, but didn’t worry that those people would find out his identity, because the plate mounted on the car was a fake one, once Mu Yifan didn’t want anyone to know his whereabouts and he deliberately put his mind on it.

And the other cars that were kept at the villa also had fake plates placed on them.

Zhan Beitian looked at Mu Yifan and suddenly spoke out, “Worried that the people from the Mu-shi Technology Group will find trouble with you?”

As far as he knew, the Mu family was very powerful in G City, and the license plate of the car they drove here was also from G City, so it was easy to find out who wanted to rob the rice, and when they did, they were sure to apply secret pressure.

Mu Yifan squinted, “Are you concerned about me?”

What a good sign that the man has begun to think of him as a friend.

Zhan Beitian: “…“

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about a mere Mu-shi goon.”

When Zhan Beitian saw that Mu Yifan was really not caring, he stared deeply at him for a good second before moving his eyes.

Into the night, Chen Dong’s son, Chen Zhuang, returned, and Chen Dong immediately introduced his son to Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan. Because last night, when they arrived, Chen Zhuang had already gone to bed, and when they got up, Chen Zhuang was already riding his motorcycle to work in the city, and in the evening he will come back to eat and sleep, so they all don’t know each other.

Chen Zhuang and Chen Dong look very similar, both have an honest and simple look, and are always smiling at anyone with a silly smile, and in their actions with a hint of being overwhelmed as to how to communicate with strangers.

After eating, Chen Zhuang went to bed early because he had to work tomorrow.

Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian also returned to their room to take a bath and rest.

At bedtime, Mu Yifan was particularly good at lying on the other side of the bunk, leaving the big companion bed for Zhan Beitian.

However, when one gets to sleep, one becomes restless again, and one goes hard into the arms of Zhan Beitian.

At first, Zhan Beitian pushed him a few times, but to no avail, the pushed went away, the man rolled back, he simply stopped caring and lay flat on his back body, allowing the person next to him to sleep peacefully with his arms around him.

Only, by the second morning, he was vaguely aware of something hard against his thigh, and his whole body sobered up instantly.



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