Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 50: Don’t move

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 50: Don’t move

After breakfast, Zhan Beitian mentioned to Chen Dong that he had to go to Guyu Town, thirty kilometers away, on business and wouldn’t be back for lunch, and then, he took Mu Yifan and left the Baibi Village.

On the road, Mu Yifan frequently turned to look at Zhan Beitian who was driving the car he was driving, finally, he couldn’t help but ask: “last night, I did not kick you out of bed!?”

“…“ Zhan Beitian glanced at him coldly.

Mu Yifan looked at him uncomprehendingly: “Otherwise, why were you staring at me with a glare while eating breakfast? I don’t think I messed with you, did I?”

At breakfast, he’s close to thinking the man has discovered who he is, and the cold, emotionless look in his eyes is like going back to when the man was just on day of rebirth.

Still not speaking, Zhan Beitian arrived at Guyu Town, dropped people off directly at Yushi Street, gave a few words of explanation, and drove off.

Mu Yifan knew that the male protagonist would be in the vicinity of Yushi Street, talking to someone about acquiring jade stones. Because these jade stones were very useful to the male protagonist, it could raise the level of his personal space in the shortest time possible.

However, in the novel, the man’s acquisition of the jade should have taken place after the acquisition of the rice grains from Baibi and Yongcheng villages, and now that it happens earlier, it shows that the novel plot has changed again.

He was now used to the plot constantly changing and twisting, so he had already seen it and was leisurely strolling around Yushi Street by himself.

Guyu Town is best known for its jade production, making the entire street full of shops selling jade items, and people from nearby towns love to come to buy jade gambling stones here, so the street is very busy and bustling, and the street is lined with large and small jade stones for you to choose from!

Mu Yifan, however, couldn’t understand jade; in his eyes, jade was just stone, but each stone was a different color and shape size.

However, when he was near them, he felt warm and very comfortable all over, which made him love to be near the jade material and made a few more touches until he couldn’t feel the warmth coming from the piece of jade, and that’s when he put the jade down.

Mu Yifan soon realized that it was the origin of the Qingtian Pearl in his body, because the Qingtian Pearl could absorb the energy in the jade, and when it had completely absorbed the jade material, the warmth transmitted from the jade disappeared.

Of course, not every piece of jade will make him feel warm, which means there’s a good chance the stone doesn’t have jade in it.

However, he was curious about what the jade in the jade would look like after being absorbed by the Qingtian Pearl’s energy, and in the novel, he didn’t describe this, so he was keen to see it.

“Don’t move.” A stern voice came over, interrupting Mu Yifan’s thoughts.

Mu Yifan looked sideways, a tall, handsome man strode towards him, slightly angry and said: “Sir, you didn’t see the jade on the sticker. Is it marked? This means that someone has already picked off this piece of jade.”



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