The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 1: My Hands Are Dirty

The Rise of Phoenixes 《凰权》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 1: My Hands Are Dirty

Winter, 12th year of a prosperous reign.

Tiansheng Imperial Capital, Imperial Capital.

Early in the morning, a misty fog, a thin curtain of refreshing coolness floating in the world, falling on the deep red bright glazed tiles of the Qiu manor in Xihua Lane, rose. A layer of light pink white, that point covered in snow-colored frost flowers under the deep red, then take away a few points of the bright and fierce, give birth to a few points of warmth and lovely, like the frozen persimmons fruit.

Frozen persimmons fruit

Feng Zhiwei swallowed her saliva and touched her belly which had suddenly started gurgling.

Bright red persimmons ripened in late autumn, frozen in the first snow of winter, with a little bit of nine brews of honey, served in a thin snowy porcelain chalice of Keng Feng. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do. Hot and dry.

Unfortunately, that seems to have been a past life.

Feng Zhiwei’s head tilted up in fascination, as if nothing had happened, sighing, lazily waving a broom, sweeping the snow on the road to the roadside artificial lake. Within.

The broom handle was cold, with a bit of frozen snow, which would have made ordinary people feel cold when they looked at it, but Feng Zhiwei grasped it comfortably, feeling only the coldness brought a relief.

The sound of ring p jingling suddenly came from behind, and the rich aroma then came, Feng Zhiwei did not turn back, but smoothly flattened the broom in his hands. Some condensed ice droplets, dripping and rolling on the ground in front of them.

“Yo, if it isn’t my Miss Feng?” The female voice behind her brought a laugh, a laugh that had a mean chill to it, “Early in the morning, what’s going on?”

“As you can see,” Feng Zhiwei turned back and gathered his broom together, “Sweeping the snow.”

“How can such a servant’s work be done by a nephew’s lady of an esteemed senior official?” A woman over twenty years old, delicate makeup, a pair of eyes slightly up, wiped a little light silver and red rouge, which is the most popular in the capital this winter ‘Feiye makeup’, “Your uncle wouldn’t know how distressed he’d be if he knew…”

Feng Zhi smiled slightly and lowered her eyelashes.

“How can I bother uncle with such trivial matters when he has so much on his plate? It’s enough to have my Fifth Aunt’s heart.”

“Yes, your uncle is the admiral of the five armies and the commander of the Flying Shadow Guard, the number one martial general in the Tiansheng Dynasty, he really doesn’t have time to care about this! In the backyard all things, you know the score, aunt has to take care of you more.” This lady was the Qiu family manor’s already disgraced Fifth Aunt, satisfied with Feng Zhiwei’s gentle, downcast face… This girl has always had a good temper, and no amount of rubbing will ever cause her to react. I never thought that the disgraceful Qiu family aunt would produce such a gentle daughter.

“Why is auntie out alone today?” Feng Zhiwei humbly retreated to the side, broom slanted, simply even the word “fifth”, also omitted.

The Fifth Aunt listened to this name and she was in a good mood, slender fingers lazily resting on the edge of the lips, finger cardamom bright red, lining the flow of eyes, laughing she said: “There’s someone up front who might need me to wait on them… Well, you don’t have to ask.”

Feng Zhiwei hung his face, expressionless… The people of the Tiansheng Dynasty are open and the royal ministers are even more promiscuous, sharing beautiful women in their daily interactions. It’s not unusual for them to give each other and share concubines, but there are many concubines in the Qiu family manor. I must have heard someone was coming and thought it would be a good idea to have a surprise encounter for a change of world.

I just don’t know which of the unlucky ones is coming.

“How can I do without someone to serve by my aunt’s side?” Feng Zhiwei set aside her broom and reached out to help her Fifth Aunt, “I’ll help you.”

“Don’t! Your hands are dirty!” The Fifth Aunt snapped her hand open, disgusted with her snow-stained fingers, and the unusual reddish color between her eyebrows, avoiding her like a plague and stepped back.

Feng Zhiwei smiled humbly and retracted his hands into his sleeves.

“You’re also fifteen years old, always in this backyard is not a matter.” The Fifth Aunt stood by the snow pile, glancing at her obliquely, “Someday I’ll talk to the lady and match you with someone, you know, in the front yard Steward Liu’s son looks good.”

It’s nice that after five whole years of private school, the Three Character Classic the child still has not memorized the book.

Feng Zhiwei was still smiling, smiling more and more gently and quietly, a pair of eyes on the yellowish complexion, confused and hazily flowing, gradually a few points light dances like a fawning and colorful come.

The Fifth Aunt glanced at her, her heart stirred… This girl, if it weren’t for her poor complexion, would have a good face, no wonder she was said to look like that man.

But what are good looks? For a notorious birth, or a sickly child who can’t live long, a red-headed empty flower, doomed to blossom and fail in the mud.

She was feeling cold, thinking that she’s had enough talk with this girl today, where else would she be in the mood to talk to her? If the Chu Palace hadn’t come down and asked her for a private meeting in the backyard, delighted with her heart, she wouldn’t have bothered with this girl’s life.

She raised her face and snorted, thinking of His Highness the Prince of Chu, who was known as the No. 1 handsome and styled man of the Tiansheng Dynasty, and thinking that if she could attach herself to this Prince she could henceforth be free from the Qiu manor from this lonely day, the eyebrows are full of joy, lifted her feet in happy steps and went away.


Suddenly slipping beneath her feet, stepping on a tiny but slippery bead of ice, the Fifth Aunt could not stand, she leaned back with a shriek subconsciously reaching out and grabbing at air and her fingers eyeing the side of a broom stuck in a snowbank.

Feng Zhiwei suddenly took the broom away.

The Fifth Aunt grabbed the air and landed on the ground with a thud, a thin layer of floating snow on top of the ground ice, very slippery, Fifth Aunt slipped as soon as she landed on the ground Out, and ahead, a frozen lake where the water is bone chilling cold in the dead of winter.

The Fifth Aunt shouted in a flurry of panic as she spun around, “Help me! Help me!”

Feng Zhiwei watched as the woman slid all the way over, slowly gathering her hands back into her sleeves and gently saying, “Can’t, my hands are dirty.”


The sound of a human body falling into the water also sounded like an understatement, Feng Zhiwei smiled and took a broom to the shore, the Fifth Aunt actually fell in the water, struggling to fling herself out of the water, the water was too cold, her face instantly freezing blue, her slick hair falling out of her bun. Wet and sticky on her face, like a black wandering snake, she seemed to have frozen too cold to scream, and seemed to know that Feng Zhiwei would not save her, only she tried to swim as hard as she could to move toward the shore.

Feng Zhiwei squatted on the shore, calmly watching, this place is already remote, early in the morning there is something going on in the front, and no one will come, the Fifth Aunt has lost her heart! Passing through here is a real death wish.

The wet woman swam over, her trembling fingers just about to touch the shore, and Feng Zhiwei broom flicked it away.

This woman, for f-ck’s sake.

Back then, when her mother returned to the Qiu family manor with her siblings and knelt in front of its gates for three days and three nights, and on the third day the door opened, a basin of foot-washing water was poured out, and the one behind the door with the foot basin was the Fifth Aunt’s servant girl.

It was also a snowy day, colder than today, and she knelt behind her mother and watched the foot-washing water freeze bit by bit in her hair. Her mother had a high fever for three days and three nights afterward and almost lost her life.

 The Fifth Aunt swam over for the second time, the lake stirred up large ripples, her movements had been much slower, her fingers stiffening as she tried to grab the shore.

Feng Zhiwei’s broom stuck out and toppled the Fifth Aunt.

This top, for herself.

Steward Liu is a distant relative of the Fifth Aunt and has long been attracted to her. The son’s proposal of marriage was the idea of a father and son sharing a wife, and Feng Zhiwei’s mother made a scene in front of Feng Zhiwei’s uncle. Just a few days ago, Steward Liu blocked her in an old room that no one went to, if not for the scissors she had with her, now Feng Zhiwei would either become the wife of a father and son, or get thrown out of the Qiu family manor for losing her virginity.

 The Fifth Aunt swam over for the third time, the woman was actually quite fierce and vicious in nature, and actually stopped trying to grab the rocks on the shore. Rather, she suddenly grabbed the broom body, hugged and pulled down hard.


Feng Zhiwei was caught off guard and pulled into the lake by her!

The bone-chilling lake water instantly surrounded her body and she shivered, thinking that she would freeze immediately, but after that initial coldness passed the hot current of the body that has been coiled endlessly suddenly surged, fountain-like flow throughout the body, and the cold outside the body of a fight, neutralized into a hot spring. The right temperature, rushing and stretching between the blood meridians, she actually felt warm and comfortable, like soaking in hot water.

Feng Zhiwei was startled, subconsciously touched her heart, she has been suffering from inexplicable internal heat since childhood, she is always dry and depressed, her body heat burning her body like fire, very greedy for cooling, the doctor asserted that she would not live to be twenty, and in the eyes of the public, she was a dying person.

It’s probably getting worse, right? She can’t believe it’s not even cold in the winter lake.

There was a sudden tightness in her scalp, the woman at her side grabbed her hair, and when Feng Zhiwei turned her head, she saw the face that had shown the color of death. With a pale, hideous smile, her fingers tangled vine like in her hair, trying to take her down with her.

Feng Zhiwei tilted her head and smiled at her.


The scissors’ snow glinted on the turquoise lake, and a strand of black hair fell leisurely to the surface, rooted and floating away.

The Fifth Aunt, who had grasped the air, could no longer support herself and lost her strength, and sank without a sound as her head showed at last on the surface of the water.

Feng Zhiwei stomped a foot on top of her head and sank her down even further – if she’s doomed to die, she might as well die fast.

With the force of this, she leaped upward and pulled her wet hair out of the water – the lake soaked all the heat out of her body, and she felt light and refreshed, so comfortable that she didn’t even want to leave.

So she got wet and soaked in the water, thinking about the aftermath of the incident – how to cover up the shore marks, how was she going to explain herself to her mother about the suddenly short hair and wet clothes.

None of this was a problem for her, and after a while she reached for the rocks on the shore to get to shore, unintentionally skimming the water out of the corner of her eye, there was an unexpected stiffness in her body.

A long slender reflection of a fluttering dress is reflected on the mirror-like water.


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