The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1 Chapter 2:  Do You Need a Reason to Kill?

The Rise of Phoenixes 《凰权》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 2:  Do You Need a Reason to Kill?

Feng Zhiwei stared at the wisp of shadow.

Jade crown, moon white dark silver brocade robe on a white moon background, wearing a snow-white light fur, the light fur shining halo brilliant noble, but even more brilliant is that person face, like a colorful concentration of human beauty, all condensed in one person’s eyebrows, instantly stunning mountains and rivers.

The eyebrows were slightly raised, delicate as a feather, the lips were wonderfully curved, and the hand of the gods carefully painted, yet these stunning beauties, in the pair of eyes beneath the long, thick eyelashes quietly turned, the world was left with only the inky glow of those eyes.

The early winter wind blows snow froth from a forest of white plum trees on the shore, shattering plum and plum-like snow, sweeping over a blue penannular frozen lake, and then shattered in his fluttering lapel, this slightly monotonous and pale winter landscape, immediately picturesque.

A fairy in the mountains, a high priest in the woods, a national dandy, a difficult posture to describe.

The man’s slender body wrapped in a light coat, standing like a jade tree on top of the rocks on the shore, from his posture, was slightly leaning over to look at the lake himself.

Feng Zhiwei immediately sank down into the water, then looked up.

She looked into a pair of deep black, cold eyes.

The eyes are extremely beautiful, flowing with color when they turn, and quiet as the abyss when they gaze at people, with the slightest hint of pure steel in that black and white. The blue, like a rich brocade, rolled close in layers, gorgeous and dignified but thick and cold, drowning people.

Feng Zhiwei put her hands in front of her chest and stared at the eyes that seemed to be looking forward to the affectionate, soaked in the darkness of the night as if to write down the end of the affair. All would be confused by such a stunning face, unable to see the coldness of the thousand frozen miles in his eyes?

“Excuse me, move over.” She lifted her head and motioned for the man to move out of the way of her feet.

The man didn’t move, he stayed there looking down at her – Feng Zhiwei, standing in the shallow water, with a beautiful face and dark, thin eyebrows revealed between her long, loose hair Soaked in water, dark and sunken as a feather, a pair of eyes enigmatic, like a veil of enchantment when looking at people.

Really seems like a very delicate and harmless woman.

What… that face that surprised him.

In the flowing water waves, Feng Zhiwei bent over, her hands cleverly protecting her chest, not embarrassed by such a position, and not panic-stricken because the murder was discovered, still standing openly in the water, not shying away from the man’s smiling, stern gaze.

Any disguise before the man’s glazed, clear eyes would be self-defeating.

“Is that how you’re going to explain?” A little while ago he opened his mouth, his voice warm and mellow, listening carefully but still able to perceive the indifferent cool.

When Feng Zhiwei looked back, the Fifth Aunt had already sunk.

“What if she floats?” The man looked at that side of the water, “At that time, how will you, someone who is responsible for sweeping this garden, deal with Qiu manor’s interrogation?”

Feng Zhiwei felt that he didn’t sound like he was worried about her, but rather had a few implications of a school exam, but why would she want to be taken by a stranger for an exam?

“Oh? Cross-examination?” Feng Zhi smiled, treaded water straight towards the shore, her body dripping water splashed on his embroidered ink tracks, the man did immediately give way.

“The Fifth Aunt inexplicably lost her footing in the lake when she was on her way to your Excellency’s appointment,”…Feng Zhiwei stretched out her hand to hold back her wet hair, and touched her face with a bit of regret-. It seems that the nails of the Fifth Aunt were mixed with “Wunahua” which has the effect of enhancing color and fragrance. Her face washed away the turmeric complexion she had been wearing all these years, it was her mother’s request, and she herself felt relieved, and now… Well, it’s being seen all over.

Sighing helplessly, she turned to him and smiled, “It seems like you should be the one who needs to explain this to Qiu family manor?”

“My explanation?” The man turned his head and smiled meaningfully, “But, girl, it seems that you are the one I’m dating, not the half-aged concubine woman.”

Feng Zhiwei stood still and tilted her head to look at him.

“Is it? Then, may I ask you, sir, what is the name of this person?”

The smile on the man’s lips deepens as he suddenly reached for her and whispers in her ear, “You’ll tell me yourself sooner or later.”

Feng Zhiwei was caught off guard and fell into his arms, a struggle under the line of motionless, only then found that this person seems to be handsome and delicate, like a jade man. The fingers that held her arm were long and shapely, her skin close to the skin of her hand. Transparent, beautifully contoured not unlike a samurai’s hand, but full of irresistible strength.

He leaned in extremely close to her, and the cool, minty, masculine scent rushed into her nose, a chill and refreshing smell that was not obvious yet Ubiquitous, she frowned unaccustomed and tried to struggle, but she heard a sudden jumble of footsteps behind him.

Someone said sternly, “Where’s Yu Hua? How come no one has seen her?”

Feng Zhiwei’s heart trembled, she recognized this voice – her uncle, the Commander of the Five Armies and Commander of the Flying Shadow Guard, Qiu Shangqi, a military general of the dynasty.

And Hu Yua, was now sinking in the pond at her feet.

Someone behind Qiu Shangqi replied something in a low voice, but he was interrupted in the middle of his sentence by Qiu Shangqi, who said, “Ah”, “So you are here…”

That tone of voice, was directed towards Feng Zhiwei this direction, only halfway through the words, also interrupted by the light fur man, “Lord Qiu, I am walking on my walk, why, is it inconvenient?”

“I dare not.” Qiu Shangqi immediately bowed, sounding terrified.

Feng Zhiwei listened, but felt that while the uncle’s words were terrified, the respect was lacking, and the man’s tone was somewhat inappropriate, as the conversation sounded It’s actually a bit odd.

“Yu Hua, the concubine of the house, is good at singing and dancing and working on the lute, she was supposed to be pointed out to serve you.” Qiu Shangqi smiled a little awkwardly, “It’s just that she was suddenly ill.”

“I’ve already met her.” The light furred man spoke in an idle tone, Feng Zhiwei’s eyebrows raised to look at him as their eyes met and the man smiled playfully at her.

She was seen underwater.

They meet each other’s eyes and respond silently with a look.

: You know what I would say?        

: That’s your business.

: Scared? There is no blame in killing someone to save one own life.

The woman’s eyes are always smiling, unable to see the true emotions in her heart, except for the finger that seems to be slightly cold against his forehead… The man was suddenly a little surprised that he can feel that coldness through this thick winter clothing, is it an illusion? Or is it the old wound in the chest that often chills into the marrow of the bones, acting up again?

An old illness that has been settled for a long time, but now it’s back, and the woman across the street’s eyes are full of smoke and fog, and the feeling that it’s so hard to trace, makes He was in a trance for no apparent reason.

It’s an interesting one.

All these thoughts were but an instant, and in the next instant he had withdrawn his gaze, and half turned to Qiu Shangqi’s questioning gaze.

“Oh, I killed her.”

The tone is understated, like bringing up a trampled ant.

Qiu Shangqi’s shocked stare and the indifferent smile on the man’s elegant, slightly cool face across the street caused him to draw a breath of cold air, then he remembered the legends of the emperor about this man, the vicious birds of prey behind those windy and gorgeous women, did not immediately conceal a look of surprise, and he said with harmonic face, “I’m sure it was the rude concubine who rushed you?”

Still interrupting him again, the man with the light fur carelessly rolled up his cuffs, his tone as light as the wind that melted the broken snow on this winter day.

“Do you need a reason to kill?”


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