The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 3: Not a Thing

The Rise of Phoenixes 《凰权》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 3: Not a Thing

“Do you need a reason to kill?”

“Do you need a reason?”

“Do you need it?”

“Don’t need it?”

Feng Zhiwei, wrapped in half-dried clothes, she was dragging a broom and walking trembling on the snowy road in the early morning, kept muttering this incomparably overbearing phrase.

That guy, who looked as elegant as bamboo in the snow, spoke in such a thunderstruck manner, Feng Zhiwei has always believed that he has good stability and she shuddered when she heard that sentence too.

I thought my uncle would be unhappy, if not furious, but I didn’t expect him to laugh twice, as if he was already used to this man’s words, during which he tried several times to peer into the covered her, but somehow never came closer.

The two exchanged pleasantries, and the uncle was sent away, and the man, after he had gone, suddenly released her and left, looking meaningfully at her before leaving. He took one look at her and saw her raw with goose bumps.

Feng Zhiwei hugged her arms and sighed helplessly, what bad luck! After all these years of swallowing her anger, she finally got a chance for the first time! Killing someone and actually getting caught right in the middle of it, what a bad year.

Although in the end, that person didn’t embarrass her or exonerate her, but Feng Zhiwei didn’t dare to feel a bit of celebration over it.

Because the moment she first saw him in the water, she clearly saw the murderous aura in the bright eyes reflected in the blue water.

She was thus frozen in a frozen lake, not daring to move a hair.

“It’s a bad feeling to be on the chopping block for people…” sighed Feng Zhiwei, vanity propped her broom forward, and it swung weakly… The first thing that came to mind was the fact that it was the first time that a person had ever been in a position to be so arrogant,” he said.

If she can do it herself and stand for herself, then no more kneeling in front of someone’s door in the dead of winter to drink footwash.

If she can do it herself, then there will be no more of those unsighted bastards barricading her in an empty house.

If she can do it herself, then she will no longer have to look up to others and watch her mother swallow her pride and protect her children, sister and brother without being able to do anything about it.


In your dreams, Feng Zhiwei laughed to herself and dragged the broom forward.

What’s the point of thinking so much about someone who won’t live to be 20?

She turned the corner of the wall of flowers without missing a beat, but didn’t realize that someone had been quietly watching her from behind the wall.

Seeing all the desolation and frustration in her look.

That corner of the wall of flowers held a clump of evergreen vines, the wind past the vines only the sound of the leaves shaking, not the slightest sense of human presence, only in the Between the deep verdant leaves, faintly slanting eyebrows, like feathers, reveal a distant mountain-like daisy blue.

After a long time.

“Ning Cheng.”


“You said…” the man was wearing a collar with light fur up, a brilliant million-dollar light half hiding a deterrent face, thin glazed eyes laughing in the cold, “… What about killing her? She’s spoiling things for me, and besides, I always feel a little dangerous around her.”

“My lord.” The normal-looking gray-clothed man to the left of him looked seriously at the back of the distant woman, snapped his fingers and counted, solemnly saying, “Half a quarter of an hour.”

Half a quarter of an hour means half a quarter of an hour to do the whole thing, including killing and destroying the body and destroying all traces.

Fingers clasped under his chin, the light-furred man looked at his subordinate, who had extraordinary intuition, with a seeming smile: “You’ve been slow lately.”

“This woman is a little different,” Ning Cheng still confessed, “She gives me a familiar feeling, a little bit dark, a little bit weird, a little bit cold, a little bit empty.” He tilted his head and thought, a little lost in thought, “Like….”

The man raises his eyebrows, and his eyes are wide with laughter, a little shady, a little weird, a little cold, a little empty.

Sure enough, he saw the guy overflow with a look of sudden realization and clapped his hands in joy, “Like this lord!”


Shaking a fist to cover his lips and coughing slightly, the man looked at his jubilant subordinates and smiled, “Yes?”

It dawned on him, and he nodded vigorously, “Yes!”

The other man in grey, who had been standing on the right without speaking, dragged the scourge away in a drop of cold sweat

The man watched with interest as the two loyal subordinates fled away, turning to look in the direction where Feng Zhiwei had disappeared, remembering that the woman had surprised him with her face, the flashing eyes, the half-laugh.

“Like me?”

Served by the guards, he lazily put on a cloak of flying feathers and densely woven ink dragon, he looked around with interest, smiled lightly and left with a negative hand!

“In that case, I’ll watch.” The laughter was not high, but it shook the fallen trees on all sides, “To see if she can survive in this stormy and treacherous imperial capital as well as I. See if she can…”

A tone of voice, the solemnity faint, a white plum at the highest point of the plum branch, suddenly shattered.

“… live pass the next three months.”


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