Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 51: Zhuang Ziyue

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 51: Zhuang Ziyue

“Ziyue?” Mu Yifan called out to the man who had approached in a somewhat uncertain tone.

Zhuang Ziyue heard the other party shout his name, his face full of anger froze, looked at the  gauze Mu Yifan, and asked in confusion: “You… are…”

“I’m Yifan ah.” Mu Yifan said with some excitement.

In reality, he is best friends with Zhuang Ziyue, who is also still best friends with Zhuang Ziyue in the novel, so in the novel, he meets a Friends with whom he has a normal relationship are inevitably excited, and, after the end of the world, Zhuang Ziyue has likewise turned into a zombie, becoming Mu Yifan’s right-hand man.

After Zhuang Ziyue turned into a zombie, he was the only one who could absorb jade energy for advancement of his zombie seniority, so the ability should not be taken lightly.

However, according to the story, the real Mu Yifan didn’t meet Zhuang Ziyue until after the end of time.

“Yifan? Mu Yi Fan?” Zhuang Ziyue looked at him incredulously, “I said, you did not get disfigured while on a mission, are you? Why else would your face be wrapped like that?”

The original Mu Yifan, after being diagnosed with bone cancer and discharged from the military, didn’t contact his former friends and stayed at home all day, not going out. So, Zhuang Ziyue doesn’t know the real situation of Mu Yifan now.

Mu Yifan laughed bitterly: “It’s hard to explain, but aren’t you here to buy jade? We’ll find a place to sit and talk after you cut the jade.”

In fact, this piece of jade had already had its energy sucked out of it by the Qingtian Pearl, so he wanted to see what a sucked jade would look like.

“OK.” Zhuang Ziyue asked the two people following him to drag the jade he was interested to the stonemason, and then, putting a smile on Mu Yifan’s shoulder, he asked: “I didn’t expect to meet you here, you’ve always disliked jade things, so why are you here in Guyu Town today?”

“Came with a friend and will be back this afternoon.”

Zhuang Ziyue quirked an eyebrow, “You’re not on a mission right now, are you?”

Mu Yifan shook his head, “I’ve quit the army.”

“What? Quit the army?” Zhuang Ziyue looked at Mu Yifan in surprise: “How come?”

He saw people all around him and didn’t continue: “We’ll talk later at lunch.”

The two came to the stonemason, and Zhuang Ziyue with the drawn lines handed it to the stonemason.

Mu Yifan was just watching, and couldn’t quite understand the people around him shouting out words like fogged up, up, and cut across, but only from whether they were happy or not to find out whether the jade was worth anything.

“Out of the green, out of the green.”

People around us were shouting with excitement, and some were even anxious to make an offer on the piece of jade that had come out green.

The stonemason looked to Zhuang Ziyue, “Young Master Zhuang, do you want to continue?”

“Of course, continue.” Zhuang Ziyue was pretty sure there was jade in it, and that the value was above what he’d spent on the jade, so he wasn’t afraid to lose.

Mu Yifan was very impressed with Zhuang Ziyue’s confidence, but was nervous on Zhuang Ziyue’s behalf, wondering if the jade inside turned out to be nothing.

The stone mason stopped cutting and switched to rubbing, and a few minutes later, a pile of green powder floated out from inside the jade.



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