Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 53: Male or Female?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 53: Male or Female?

Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian had arranged to meet at the corner of Yushi Street and got into the car, his eyes and mouth were still suppressing their delight.

This was the first time since Zhan Beitian had known him that he was so happy, with a smile that reached the bottom of his eyes, eyes as bright as the curved moon, and he was curious, so he asked, “What’s made you so happy ?”

Mu Yifan thought of Zhuang Ziyue and couldn’t help but smile, “I just met a friend I haven’t seen for a long time.”

“Male or female?”


Zhan Beitian started the car movement, glanced at Mu Yifan with an even bigger smile, pursed his thin lips, and drove away from Yushi Street without saying a word.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became quiet, and Mu Yifan yawned and went to sleep unconsciously until he returned to Baibi village before he woke up.

Getting out of the car, he stretched out lazily as he walked towards Chen Dong’s yard, his clothes following his movements and it untucked up to reveal a bulging belly.

Zhan Beitian from the car saw his belly exposed outside his shirt, and suddenly, it glowed red.

Immediately afterwards, he immediately felt fluctuations in the space within his body, squinted his eyes abruptly and asked, “Today on Yushi Street, did you touch jade items or jade stones?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes: “Aren’t you full of crap? It’s Yushi Street there, how could one not have touched these things.”

He lowered his hands, pulled on his clothes, and walked through the door.

Chen Dong, who said with a haughty tone in the courtyard, saw them return and smiled: “Little Mu, Brother Zhan, you’re back, the village chief is already in the hall and he has been waiting for you for a long time.”

The village chief of Baibi Village heard the voice and hurried out of the hall, laughing, “Mr. Zhan, you’re back.”

When he received the news today that Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan drove away from Baibi Village, he thought Zhan Beitian had given up the idea of buying Baibi Village’s rice and went to other villages to acquire the purchase.

At that time, he was so anxious that he hurried to Chen Dong’s house and asked about it, only to find out that they had gone to Guyu Town, it was because of this that he made up his mind to sell the rice grains along with fruits, vegetables, and poultry to Zhan Beitian.

When Zhan Beitian saw the village chief with a pleasing smile on his face, he knew that leaving Baibi Village for Gu Yu Town early this morning had worked.

He walked into the hall and sat down and asked directly, “Has the village chief thought about it?”

The village chief nodded repeatedly, “We have discussed and decided to sell all the rice, vegetables, fruits and poultry the village has to sell to Mr. Zhan. We’ll ship these to G City the morning after tomorrow.”

Zhan Beitian picked up a pen and paper from the table and wrote down Lu Lin’s cell phone number on it: “When you go to G City, you’ll find this person, and when you get there, you’ll let him pay you first and then give him the goods.”

The village chief was very relieved to hear that he can collect the money before delivery, and after a few polite words with Zhan Beitian, he left Chen Dong’s house with Lu Lin’s cell phone number.

The next day, the entire Baibi Village got busy.



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