Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 55: Increasing Hatred

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 55: Increasing Hatred

At first, Mu Yifan thought that the villagers in Baibi Village were looking for Zhan Beitian, but upon closer inspection, he discovered that the people who surrounded Zhan Beitian were the ones who came yesterday looking for five elite men from the village chief buying rice.

He quickly got up, picked up the noodles on the table and headed out, and as soon as he reached the courtyard, he heard the man at the head of the door ask, “Are you Zhan Beitian??”

Zhan Beitian swept them with a faint glance: “Is there something wrong?”

The man glanced at the BMW next to him and chuckled, “Seeing that Mr. Zhan should be from G City, then I wonder if Mr. Zhan has heard of the Mu-shi Tech?”

As soon as the words died down, a ‘whoosh’ sound was heard from behind Zhan Beitian, it was the sound of sucking noodles, and everyone couldn’t help but look behind Zhan Beitian!

Mu Yifan came out and asked, “What’s wrong?” as he ate his noodles.

The man laughed, “There’s nothing to it, just wanted to tell Mr. Zhan that we in the Mu-Shi Tech Group also want to buy rice, so we don’t know if Mr. Zhan is willing to give up his rice.”

This is clearly an attempt to use the Mu-Shi Tech Group to pressure people, which Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian naturally felt.

“Which supervisor from the Mu-shi Technology Group are you guys sent out?” Zhan Beitian asked.

The person at the head and the person beside him looked at each other and said, “The young master of the Mu-Shi Tech Group, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan: “…“

Holy shit!

The man already considers him a mortal enemy, so stop increasing hatred for him, okay?

Besides, it wasn’t even him who sent them to buy the rice, so why put the blame on him.

Zhan Beitian’s gaze was cold, and without saying anything, he turned around and drove away from Baibi Village.

The five elite men stared blankly as they left the car, and it wasn’t until it disappeared in front of their eyes that someone came back and said, “Shit, this man is insensitive.”

“He obviously doesn’t take us Mu-shi Technology seriously.”

“I don’t think he’s probably aware of how serious the consequences of offending the Mu-Shi Tech Group are.”

“He should have been taught a lesson.”

The man at the head of the group looked at Mu Yifan, who was still eating his noodles, and said coldly, “Go back and talk.”

Mu Yifan looked at the five people who left and was left speechless for a moment.

And they just left?

Increasing a bunch of hateful points for him and leaving like that?

“Little Mu? Why are you standing here?” Chen Dong, who had just returned from working in the fields, was puzzled.

Mu Yifan finally paid attention to his surroundings and smiled, “Uncle, you’re back.”

Mu Yifan was no longer in the mood to finish his noodles, he just put the bowl back down the hall and went back to my room.

He thinks the man is believing the words of the five elite men, believing that they were sent by Mu Yifan, though he has previously checked to send someone out to collect the rice’s is Mu Yihang, but the man prefers to think that the real mastermind behind the whole thing is Mu Yihang.

Now the five elite men are saying again that it was Mu Yifan who came to collect the rice, which makes the men even more certain that it was Mu Yifan who was going to acquire the big thing, all the more reason to believe that Mu Yifan has most likely been reborn.

Mu Yifan sat down in his chair and let out a big sigh.

Now, the man is becoming more and more disgusted with Mu Yifan as a person and is becoming warier and warier of him, so it’s better for him to finish the man off quickly, and also, time is running out.

However, the man’s attitude towards him is much better, but he’s still not trusted, so it’s harder to kill the man than it is to get to heaven.

Mu Yifan looked at the big bed, grew disoriented, and then, thinking of something, his eyes shone brightly.

He can’t get the man’s trust yet, but he’s sleeping in the same bed as the man, so if he sleeps at night while he’s asleep won’t he be able to do it?

The more Mu Yifan thought about it, the more excited he became, just hoping that the night would come soon.



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