Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 63: Its uncomfortable here

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 63: Its uncomfortable here

At eleven o’clock, the dinner was over and a large group of people staggered out of Han styled Restaurant.

Zhan Beitian had to let Mu Yifan drive them home because he had a few too many drinks at night.

By the time they got back to the villa, it was twelve o’clock and they went to their respective rooms to sleep.

Mu Yifan breathed a sigh of relief the moment he closed the door.

At the dinner party earlier, the smell of the human body had hit him from all directions and he’d almost been tempted to bite someone.

Now, he can finally be left alone in his room without worrying about accidentally biting the male protagonist while he’s sleeping.

Sure, it might have killed the male protagonist to get what he wanted in the first place but he really didn’t want to become a man-eating monster.

He can use all kinds of methods to deal with the male protagonist, even unorthodox ones but he just can’t bite and right now, just thinking about it makes him sick.

Mu Yifan went to the bathroom, took a shower, then checked himself in the bathroom mirror for further autopsies and made sure his body was as normal as a human’s before he got out of the shower and went to bed.

Tonight, without the male protagonist by his side, he once again experienced insomnia and his stomach made him very sick, so that he could not sleep.

It’s not a pain that you can feel on the surface, or a constant ache but rather like having a puff of air in your chest, which is both uncomfortable and a little scary.

Mu Yifan simply stopped sleeping, staring at the ceiling with his eyes open, thinking about everything and finally, wondering if the male protagonist was asleep now.

The male protagonist would have slept well without him.

However, on the other side of the room, Zhan Beitian hadn’t fallen asleep as Mu Yifan thought and was still sober even after drinking some wine.

He felt that habit is a really scary thing, sleeping with someone only for four or five days but now he feels that his side is empty, without the person holding him, as if something is missing.

Zhan Beitian couldn’t sleep, so he got up and went into the space and came out again shortly afterwards, with a beautiful, locked little wooden box in his hand.

He walked out of the room, came to the door of the next room, gently tried to push open Mu Yifan’s door and found that not only was the door unlocked but the person inside was also still awake and sat up in fear because of his arrival.

Mu Yifan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the visitor was Zhan Beitian and said: “Scared the hell out of me, I thought it was a thief running in.”

Zhan Beitian went to the bed and asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“Can’t sleep.” Mu Yifan touched his stomach and said: “It’s not comfortable here.”

Zhan Beitian looked at his still big belly and handed him the little wooden box in his hand.

The little wooden box is square, only 20 cm high and wide, the carving on it is very beautiful, like the ancient times for people to put valuables in the box.

“What is it?”

Mu Yifan doubtfully took the hand, immediately felt a lot more comfortable stomach, this feeling is the same as the feeling he touched the jade, thought, the box is not filled with jade, right?

Zhan Beitian didn’t answer him, turned around and tried to leave.

Mu Yifan saw him about to leave and quickly reached for his shirt and said: “Wait.”



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