Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 65: Zombification

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 65: Zombification

When he woke up the next day, Zhan Beitian was no longer with him and Mu Yifan didn’t mind but he was a little sad that Zhan Beitian hadn’t answered his last question last night.

But yeah, they’ve only known each other for half a month, so how could the male protagonist have grown so attached to him so quickly and now that he’s a little gentler, that’s a pretty good change.

He can’t be too greedy and it’s impossible for the male protagonist to treat him as well as the real Zhan Beitian does.

Mu Yifan lay on the bed for a while, turned on his side, reached for his mobile phone on the bedside table to check the time and suddenly, found himself a little slow.

He stopped and looked at his hand in confusion.

Was it just his imagination? He doesn’t seem to be as sharply active as usual.

Mu Yifan continued to grasp the phone but his fingers stiffened and he had difficulty bending them back and the moment he picked it up, the phone fell out of his hand and fell back onto the bedside table because his fingers were not strong enough.

He looked at the scene in shock for a long time.

“Mumu, are you awake?” Zhan Beitian knocked on the door, then, walking in, saw Mu Yifan staring at the nightstand and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yifan returned to his senses and said: “No…”

The word ‘thing’ stuck in his throat but he couldn’t make it out and his voice was as hoarse as if he had a bad cold and his whole voice was hoarse and deep.

Mu Yifan was shocked.

It’s a sign that he’s about to turn into a completely unconscious zombie.

Zhan Beitian didn’t notice anything wrong with his voice. Everyone wakes up with a hoarse, perfectly normal voice.

“Come downstairs and have breakfast.”

He said that and left the room.

Mu Yifan sits up, thankful that his body isn’t slowing down as before but it’s getting there.

He sat on the bed for a while before he got up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face and then went downstairs to have breakfast, looking at the chopsticks and spoon on the table, hesitated for a moment before he picked up the spoon and drank the porridge.

Zhan Beitian found Mu Yifan too quiet today and found it a bit strange but didn’t ask, just said, “I’m going out after breakfast, would you like to come with me.”


As soon as Mu Yifan said one word, the rest of it got stuck in his throat and he couldn’t pronounce it.

He wanted to shake his head that he didn’t want to go but he was afraid Zhan Beitian would see something and finally, he had to say, “Yes.”

 They had breakfast and drove away from the villa.

 Mu Yifan pretends to be sleepy as soon as he gets in the car but it’s not surprising that he’s been sleeping a lot lately, as long as the male protagonist doesn’t notice anything strange about him.


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