Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 66: The best man in the world

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 66: The best man in the world

The car drove all the way to a factory on the west side of G City, in the east alley, which was a storage area rented out for storage of goods.

As soon as Zhan Beitian stopped, he woke up Mu Yifan, who was pretending to be asleep and then got out of the car and walked towards Mao Yu, who was ordering the goods.

Mu Yifan got out of the car, saw a bunch of porters moving goods into the warehouse and figured that this was probably where the male protagonist had rented the supplies.

In order to avoid the male protagonist from seeing his abnormality, he took the initiative to walk towards the male protagonist and Mao Yu and greeted Mao Yu with a smile and said: “Hi~”

For him, who can only speak a few words, he says the ’hi’ is the best way to say hello.

Mao Yu smiled, “Mumu, you’re here too.”

Mu Yifan nodded, not interrupting their conversation.

Mao Yu continued, “Boss, these vehicles are loaded with the last of the supplies we’ve received elsewhere, what are you going to do next?”

Zhan Beitian said quietly, “Let’s finish the shipment first.”

“Okay, I’m going to keep ordering now, so if you need anything, meet me in the warehouse.”

Zhan Beitian nodded and when Mao Yu left, he took out his cell phone and called in front of Mu Yifan and said: “Mr. Droog, hello, this is Zhan Beitian.”

He spoke the language of Y country but Mu Yifan found that he understands it too, thinking that maybe it’s because his body understands Y language too.

“The thing is, I’m in desperate need of that shipment I ordered from you last time and I’d like to make an early deal with you.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he knew that the male protagonist was on the phone with an arms dealer and that the male protagonist must be worried that the End Times would come early.

It’s not surprising that he’s worried about the two patients who escaped from the institute and his body turning into a corpse beforehand.

Here, Mu Yifan’s eyes darkened.

He’s going to turn into a zombie and then he won’t be able to kill the male protagonist and he won’t be able to stay with the male protagonist, so he’s going to have to leave sometime in the next two days.

“In the meantime, how about two days at the earliest?” In the meantime, Zhan Beitian said, “Okay, in two days, we’ll meet at the same place we met last time.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes light up and he’ll be able to find a place to hide as soon as the male protagonist leaves.

Zhan Beitian hung up the phone, took Mu Yifan to a chair under the adjacent tent and then, with his cell phone, checked the news to see if there was any news of the two patients who had escaped.

Half an hour later, Mao Yu came back from counting the goods and said: “Boss, the goods have been placed, do you want to go into the warehouse and take a look?”

Zhan Beitian put away his phone and said: “Turn off all the surveillance cameras in the warehouse.”

Mao Yu was stunned and said: “Yes.”

He turned away, went to the control room and shut down all the cameras in their warehouse.

When he returned, Zhan Beitian said again, “Mao Yu, you and Mumu stay here, I’ll go in and look around and come out.”


Mu Yifan nodded.

Zhan Beitian left, Mao Yu even busy pulling a stool to sit next to Mu Yifan, smiling and said: “Mumu, can you tell me, you and boss, in the end, how did you meet?”

Mu Yifan looked at him and managed to say, “Throat…throats…hurt.”

Mao Yu was stunned and said: “Sore throat? Can’t talk? Did last night’s food give you a heart burn and fever?”

Someone gave him an excuse and Mu Yifan of course went down the stairs and nodded to Mao Yu.

“Then remember to take your pills when you get back, so you can get better fast.”

Mu Yifan nodded again.

Mao Yu wouldn’t give up and added, “Mumu, although you can’t talk right now, you can answer me by typing on your phone.”

Mu Yifan looked as if he really wanted to know about his affair with the male protagonist and hesitated before taking his phone out of his pants pocket.

Mao Yu squinted again and when Zhan Beitian didn’t come out, he quickly picked his point and asked and said: “Mumu, is the boss gentle to you?”

Mu Yifan’s mind, though wondering why he would ask this question, hit, “How could he be gentle with me.”

He typed very slowly because of his stiff finger bones and looked at Mao Yu very anxious and said: “No way, isn’t the boss gentle to you?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Mao Yu asked again, “The boss doesn’t like to be rough with you, does he? Then how does he use a rough method?”

Mu Yifan thought and simply typed and said: “Without my consent, he just plucked my clothes.”

Mao Yu stared at him and immediately thought of some very incongruous images and said: “Boss…Boss actually used force on you…Ahem that, Mumu, do you like Boss?”

Maybe Mumu doesn’t like Boss and Boss is too fond of Mumu to use force on Mumu.

Mu Yifan thought, in reality, Zhan Beitian is his childhood friend, of course he likes Zhan Beitian as a friend but now, he is in the book.

In fact, technically speaking, the Zhan Beitian in the book is not bad at all, except at the beginning, when he was a bit bad to him but afterwards, he was quite nice to him and took care of him.

Mao Yu saw him silent, anxious, worried that the boss was unrequited love, was about to ask again, saw Mu Yifan typed and said: “I do.”

Seeing these two words, he sighed with relief and smiled, “Although our boss usually likes to keep a straight face and doesn’t know how to please people, he is definitely a reliable and good man.”

Mu Yifan agreed with this, smiled and nodded his head.

He knows Zhan Beitian better than anyone.

“I’m glad you think so too, haha!” Mao Yu was happy to put a hand on his shoulder and said: “Mumu, you’ve found the best man in the world.”

“Huh?” Mu Yifan froze, why does that sound weird.

“What are you guys doing?” When Zhan Beitian came out of the warehouse, he saw Mao Yu hugging Mu Yifan’s shoulder and his eyes lowered, feeling unhappy for some reason.

Mao Yu noticed the boss’s gaze and quickly withdrew his own hand, smiling somewhat fawningly, “Boss, Mumu is talking to me about liking you, Mumu, isn’t that right?”

Mu Yifan didn’t know why Mao Yu had told him what they were talking about but nodded anyway.

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent black eyes flashed with a startled look, looking at Mu Yifan without speaking.

Mao Yu saw that the boss’s face was much less pale and asked with a smile, “Boss, you went to the warehouse and looked around, what do you still think is missing?”

Zhan Beitian looked to him and commanded, “You inform Xiang Guo and the others that they will be on a mission tomorrow.”

As soon as Mao Yu heard that there was a mission, he immediately put away his smile and said seriously, “Yes.”

“Also, I’ve arranged for the supplies in the warehouse, so you don’t need to ask.” When Zhan Beitian finished speaking, he left with Mu Yifan.

Mao Yu scratched his head, I think there is another layer of meaning in what the boss said.

When the car was far away, he turned around and walked back to the warehouse, where all the supplies were gone, even the metal shelves for the supplies.

Now the warehouse is even cleaner than when it was rented and even if a thief came, he wouldn’t be able to steal a large warehouse of supplies in a few minutes in front of him.

Mao Yu stared in shock, “Oh shit, where are the supplies?”


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