Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 67: Leaving

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 67: Leaving

After Mu Yifan got in the car and went back to pretending to be asleep.

Zhan Beitian saw him sleeping again and he wanted to talk about tomorrow but he had to wait until he woke up.

But when Mu Yifan returned to the villa, he immediately hid in his room.

When it was time to eat, he ate his food with gusto, pretending to be too hungry to talk.

Zhan Beitian felt that there was something strange about Mumu today, not only did he feel uncomfortable talking less but it also gave him the feeling that he was being avoided.

But he didn’t really think about it, because it was Qingtian Pearl’s job to make Mumu sleepy and hungry again and Mumu was too tired to talk to him.

By the next morning, the Battle Change woke up the sleeping Mu Yifan and said, “Mumu, I have to leave G City for a trip, it will take about four to five days before I will return, you…”

He wouldn’t say much if he was concerned, so he ended up saying, “ I’ve already bought and stored the ingredients in the refrigerator yesterday, if you don’t have enough to eat, you can call someone to send extra money but don’t leave the villa, understand?”

Mu Yifan, who had just woken up, was so confused that he didn’t pay any attention to what Zhan Beitian was saying but when he saw Zhan Beitian, who showed concern in his eyes, it was as if he was seeing his real-life childhood friend and his eyes flashed with joy, so he sat up and hugged the person sitting on the edge of the bed and choked out, “God.”

But when he heard his own hoarse, ugly voice, he sobered up in an instant, wanting to be angry at the harsh truth that he was still in the book.

Mu Yifan felt lost and was about to let go but the thought that he might soon become an unconscious zombie, or possibly a zombie and be killed, made him want to hug this familiar and unfamiliar man.

 Maybe they’ll never see each other again and if they do, they won’t be as friendly as they were for the first half of the month.

Zhan Beitian’s body slightly stiffened, looking down at the person holding him tightly, a hint of softness appeared in his cold handsome face, raising his hand to lightly embrace Mu Yifan and said: “I will be away for a few days, I will be looking for someone to take care of you.”

He wanted to take Mumu with him because he would feel more at ease with him watching over him but there was a chance that this transaction would involve all sorts of unforeseen dangers, so it was better to leave him at home.

As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, he quickly spoke, “No…”

Someone to take care of him, how he’s going to leave the male protagonist.

Zhan Beitian didn’t give him a chance to refuse and said: “It’s late, I have to go.”

When he comes back, Mumu should almost remove the bandage from his face so that he can see what he looks like.

He wondered if his face would be as funny-looking as his person.

Zhan Beitian thought of this and the corners of his mouth curled up unconsciously.

When Mu Yifan heard that he wanted to leave, he couldn’t just hold on to him, so he let go of his hand.

Zhan Beitian got up and said, “Wait for me to return.”

Mu Yifan looked at his face, which was identical to his hair and involuntarily said, “Good.”

But unfortunately, he won’t be able to wait.

Zhan Beitian left the room and walked out of the villa.

When they arrived at the gate of the villa, they saw two SUVs and three trucks parked diagonally across the street and more than a dozen men in sportswear standing there.

When they saw Zhan Beitian come out, they all gathered around to greet him, “Boss.”

Zhan Beitian nodded, scanned the dozen or so burly men and asked quietly, “Who among you is the best cook?”

“Boss, it’s me.” Sun Zihao raised his hand excitedly.

“Very well.”

Sun Zihao was very happy to be praised by his boss and asked, “Boss, when we go on a mission, do I need to blend in as a cook in the enemy camp?”

“No, you stay and take care of Mumu.” Zhan Beitian interrupted his fantasies mercilessly.

“Huh?” Sun Zihao wilted for a moment.

The other people giggled and laughed rudely. Xiang Guo stretched his hand to Sun Zihao’s shoulder and laughed and said: “Sun Zihao, you have to take care of your sister-in-law, this is more important than our mission.”

Zhan Beitian glanced at Xiang Guo, took out the keys and handed them to Sun Zihao, explaining, “In addition to calling Mumu to eat on time and on time, he has a large amount of food to prepare for six or seven people and also, to supervise his medication.”

The crowd was surprised and said: “He eats so much, it’s hard to tell.”

Zhan Beitian ordered, “Get in the car.”

“Yes, sir.” All of them quickly put on their smirks, showed their military seriousness and got into their cars  and left with great speed.

“Take care of him.” Zhan Beitian gave Sun Zihao another word of advice before getting into the Land Cruiser.

Mao Yu’s curiosity was killing him when he saw the boss sitting in the back seat, looking through the rearview mirror from time to time.

He thinks that the sudden disappearance of supplies yesterday is definitely related to the boss, so he didn’t call him about the missing supplies.

 Besides, before he left, the boss said that he had an arrangement and asked him not to ask too many questions, which was obviously a hint but how did he manage to make so many supplies disappear without a trace in such a short time?

 In fact, he quite wanted to talk to someone about this, so as to relieve his curiosity but, not only would no one believe him, they would think he was just joking and besides, the boss does not like people who talk too much, so he had to keep things to himself.

 Zhan Beitian, who was sitting in the back, sensed that someone was looking at him and raised his stern eyes to the rearview mirror, making Mao Yu not dare to look back.

On the other side of the villa, Mu Yifan originally wanted to escort Zhan Beitian out but the moment he got up, he found his body suddenly became too slow and stiff to keep up with Zhan Beitian’s steps.

By the time he stepped out of the door, Zhan Beitian had already left his villa.

Mu Yifan knew that his body was further zombified, so he went back to his room, brushed his teeth, washed his face and sat down in front of his dressing table to find a pen and paper to write a message to Zhan Beitian so that the male protagonist would not look for him.

At this time, his fingers were even stiffer than yesterday, the pen in his hand dropped more than twenty times before writing the letter and the words on the letter were also extremely ugly and twisted, worse than the words written by first-grade schoolchildren, he could barely see what he had written.

Then, he put the letter in a conspicuous place so that Zhan Beitian could read it when he returned.

After Mu Yifan put the letter in, he remembered that the Qingtian Pearl was in his belly and that he should return it to the male protagonist but he didn’t know how to remove the bead, so he stopped.

Anyway, the Qingtian Pearl is a spiritual pearl that will return to the male protagonist as soon as it leaves his belly.

Mu Yifan wrote about the Qingtian Pearl in his letter, then packed his things into his backpack and left before the Zhan Beitian’s men arrived.

But as soon as he stepped out of the room, he heard the TV coming from downstairs.

He was shocked and happy, shocked that Zhan Beitian didn’t leave, afraid that he would find out that he was leaving secretly and happy that…

Mu Yifan was suddenly startled but he was glad that Zhan Beitian hadn’t left.

When the man downstairs heard a voice from upstairs, he stood up and looked, saying happily, “Sister-in-law…Mumu, you are awake.”

Mu Yifan was dismayed to see that it was not Zhan Beitian, that it was someone called by the male protagonist and that he had arrived so soon.

Sun Zihao downstairs quickly explained, “The boss didn’t trust you, so he left me to take care of you, Mumu, do you remember who I am? My name is Sun Zihao. I’m the boss’s brother. Come down. I’ve got breakfast ready for you.”

Mu Yifan put down his backpack and walked slowly down the stairs, taking out his cell phone and typing a few words, smiling as he approached Sun Zihao to show him the contents of his phone.

Sun Zihao looked at the phone, confused and said, “I have a sore throat and can’t talk, please excuse me.”

He was stunned and smiled, “It’s okay, if you need anything, just type it to me on your phone.”

Mu Yifan nodded, smiled and sat down at the table.

Sun Zihao explained as he opened the lid on the bowl that covered the hot air, “Actually these were prepared for you by the boss, I just warmed them up for you in the microwave.”

Mu Yifan opened his mouth towards him and said a silent thank you.

Sun Zihao, being a special forces soldier, read his lips easily and smiled, “Don’t be shy, I’ll get you some chopsticks and bowls. By the way, I’ll be staying here for the next few days, is that alright?”

Mu Yifan shook his head and pointed to the second floor guest room.

Sun Zihao would have said, “You let me sleep there right?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

“Thank you.” Sun Zihao went to the kitchen, took out chopsticks and a spoon and handed it to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan had just taken the chopsticks into his hands when, suddenly, his fingers hardened again and the bowl fell to the table with a clatter, shattering.

He was in a panic. His body was transforming at an accelerated rate.

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