Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 68: You scared me

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 68: You scared me

Sun Zihao was shocked to see the shards on the table and quickly asked, “Mumu, are you okay?”

Mu Yifan quickly changed his look and shook his head, thankful that Zhan Beitian was no longer here, otherwise, he would have noticed something wrong with him.

Sun Zihao went back to the kitchen, took another set of dishes out and gave them to him, then, clearing the table of the debris said, “Mumu, you eat slowly, I’ll go to the hall and watch TV.”

He walked down the hall and before he sat down, he heard another clunking sound from the dining table.

Sun Zihao looked over to the kitchen and saw Mu Yifan picking up the spoon that had fallen into the bowl and slowly sipping the porridge.

Whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that Mumu’s movements were a bit stiff, as if his elbow had been injured and he was having difficulty bending it.

Sun Zihao couldn’t keep staring at Mu Yifan, so he withdrew his gaze and sat down to watch TV.

The next thing you know, there’s a clanging sound almost every ten seconds.

Mu Yifan’s fingers were so stiff that he couldn’t hold on to his spoon and on several occasions the spoon would drop before he could take a bite.

Mu Yifan tossed the spoon back into the bowl in annoyance, then, calming down, thought to himself, this was no time to be angry, the most important thing to do was to get out of here.

He looked sideways at Sun Zihao, who was actually watching the TV and, with a gleam in his eye, immediately took out his mobile phone and typed on it, then got up and walked over to Sun Zihao.

Sun Zihao saw him walking over and asked with a frown, “Full so soon?”

He looked to the table and found breakfast intact on the table, “Breakfast not to your liking?”

Didn’t the boss say Mumu was a hungry person? Why did he stop after just a few bites?

Sun Zihao teased him, “Is it because the boss is not here that you lost your taste for food? Well, don’t miss Big Brother too much, he will be back in a few days. Also, if you get hungry and lose weight, Big Brother will feel sorry for you and I’ll be scolded by him for not taking good care of you.”

Mu Yifan and said: “…”

It’s none of Zhan Beitian’s business if he doesn’t have a mouthful of flavor and why would Zhan Beitian be upset that he’s starving?

Mu Yifan suppressed his doubts and handed him the phone.

Sun Zihao read the message and said, “Call for a pizza, have the pizza delivery guy come here, give the pizza to the security guard at the villa and have him bring it in.

“You want pizza?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Sun Zihao takes out his cell phone and looks up the number of a pizza place and asks them to bring a pizza over.

He felt that the person the boss likes is really a young master, obviously has hands and feet but also let someone cook breakfast early in the morning to serve and, the boss worked hard to prepare a large table for breakfast, only a few bites but also to order takeaway pizza delivery, what a waste.

He wondered what the boss sees in him?

Sun Zihao sneaked a glance at Mu Yifan’s gauze-covered face and wondered if it was because he was so good-looking.

To be honest, he didn’t approve of Big Brother being with a man. Deep down, he wanted Big Brother to marry a woman, have children and enjoy the happiness of everyone.

But since it’s the boss’s choice, they can only support him as brothers.

Mu Yifan put the phone back in his pocket and when he got up, his body hardened again, causing him to nearly fall back onto the couch.

He walked towards the stairs as if nothing had happened but before he had taken three steps, a vein in his forehead jumped as he realized his steps had become as slow as a low-level zombie.

The distance from the sofa to the stairs was only ten meters but it took him more than half a minute to reach the stairs.

It’s like watching a movie in slow motion, it’s not just painful, it’s an agony.

Oh, shit!

There’s no telling how much torture he’ll have to endure in the time to come.

Sun Zihao, who was watching TV, also noticed that Mu Yifan moved slowly, going from the first floor to the second floor in three minutes.

He asked with concern, “Mumu, I see you are walking very hard, are you not feeling well?”

Mu Yifan stiffened slightly, turned his head slowly, looked at Sun Zihao on the first floor with his innocent eyes wide open and said quietly, “I’m doing a slow walk.”

“Oh.” Sun Zihao read his lips and said: “Mumu, the boss asked me to remind you to take your medicine.”

Mu Yifan nodded, from this you can tell that Zhan Beitian must not have explained exactly what kind of medicine he wants to take, otherwise, Sun Zihao will definitely offer to cook the medicine.

After ten minutes or so, he slowly walked out of the room again, returned to the living room and sat down far away from Sun Zihao.

After waiting in the lobby for an hour, the doorbell was finally rung.

Mu Yifan told Sun Zihao not to get up and he opened the door himself.

The pizza delivery guy said that you haven’t paid for the pizza yet and is waiting at the gate of the villa.”

Mu Yifan took the pizza, put it on the shoe counter next to the security door and then handed him the money he had been holding in his hand.

When the guard took the money, he saw a piece of paper that said, “This is for the pizza and whatever you see next, please be quiet.

He was slightly shocked, which made him think there was a burglar or a bad guy in Mu Yifan’s house and he looked up at Mu Yifan and saw Mu Yifan pulling out a wad of things wrapped in newspaper from each pocket of his clothes and from the appearance of it, it looked like there was money wrapped inside.

Then he said: “Please turn off all cameras after midnight tonight, just for 10 minutes, don’t worry, I’m not trying to do anything bad and if anyone asks questions about me, tell them I was seen leaving the villa but please don’t tell them where I am.

The security guard was stunned. It’s against the contract to turn off the camera system.

He was about to refuse, when Mu Yifan opened one of the piles of paper in his hand and showed him that there was indeed money inside and all of them were red hundred dollar bills. Each pile was over a centimeter thick, so it must have been 10,000 yuan in total.

The security guard’s eyes stared straight, just shutting down the surveillance cameras for ten minutes and earning 70,000 yuan is like a good thing from heaven, especially for someone who only earns 3,000 yuan a month but it will take him two years to earn this amount of money without eating or drinking.

Mu Yifan saw that he was impressed and took the pizza bag out, put the money in it and handed it to the guard.

The security guard looked at Mu Yifan, bit his teeth, took the bag and turned around.

Mu Yifan breathed a small sigh of relief.

He’s actually worried that the security guard who delivered the pizza is a very honest man and that his next plan won’t work.

Since the hall was not facing the front door, Sun Zihao didn’t know what was happening at the front door but saw Mu Yifan coming in with a pizza and took a slice.

Mu Yifan also sits down to eat pizza and suddenly, his consciousness blurs and the aroma of the body next to him increases dramatically, like heroin, emitting a deadly seduction, attracting him.

He turned a dull gaze to Sun Zihao who had started smoking after finishing his pizza.

Sun Zihao didn’t notice Mu Yifan’s abnormality and picked up an ashtray while watching TV. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a dark shadow lunging at him.

He was shocked and out of reaction, he picked up the ashtray and punched it forward and then it was bitten into his mouth.

Sun Zihao was relieved to see that it was Mu Yifan who pounced on him and said: “Mumu, you scared me.”

“…” Mu Yifan came to his senses instantly.

Oh, my God!

 What did he just do?

 How come he was suddenly unconscious?

 By the way, did he try to bite Sun Zihao just now?

 Mu Yifan’s heart is in shock.

 It seems that his corpse is getting worse.

When Sun Zihao saw no reaction from him, he asked with a frown, “Mumu?”

As soon as I said that, the heavy glass ashtray in my hand suddenly popped and the part Mu Yifan had bitten was broken.

Sun Zihao and said: “…”

Mu Yifan and said: “…”

Sun Zihao asked a little awkwardly, “Are you okay?”

He must have broken an ashtray so thick. I don’t know if Mumu’s teeth are hurt.

What’s he gonna tell the boss if he’s missing some front teeth or something?

“…” Mu Yifan looked at Sun Zihao tearlessly.

Does he look like he’s okay?

Did you see how his teeth were so sharp that they shattered a two-centimeter glass ashtray with teeth marks on it?

However, it’s a good thing Sun Zihao used an ashtray to block it, otherwise he would have really bitten someone to death.

Sun Zihao didn’t think much of it but simply thought the glass ashtray was too fragile.

“Mumu, why did you suddenly jump on me.”

Mu Yifan looked stiff, loosened his mouth, took out his cell phone and called and said: I just want you not to smoke.

“I see.” Sun Zihao quickly put out his cigarette, “Can’t you stand the smell of smoke?”

Mu Yifan nodded quickly.

He didn’t dare to stay with Sun Zihao for fear of biting him again, so he went back to his room to hide.

It took until 11pm but Sun Zihao finally went back to bed.

Mu Yifan went to the lobby and turned up the TV, then waited until exactly 12 o’clock, before picking up his backpack and leaving his villa at an awkward pace.

He didn’t go to the main entrance of the villa area but went to another villa next to his, took out the key to open the door and walked in and even locked the door, he couldn’t open the door even after turning into a zombie, before walking to the basement in the dark.

This villa was bought by the zombie king Mu Yifan after he bought the villa next door, so he could hide from his enemies.

No one would have thought that he would hide in the villa next door so easily. Moreover, when he bought these two villas, they were placed under the names of two other people, so it must be said that the original owner, Mu Yifan, was really a prudent man.

By the time Mu Yifan arrived in the basement, his body and limbs were completely decomposed, his throat could no longer utter clear words, he could only scream, his consciousness became more and more confused and uncontrollable and suddenly, he collapsed on the floor.


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