Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 69: A fluctuating Wave

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 69: A fluctuating Wave

Before going to bed, Sun Zihao knew that Mu Yifan had gone to the lobby to watch TV. He was worried that Mu Yifan would be looking for him, so he slept with the door open.

When he got up, the TV was still on in the hall, so he turned it off to go out for his morning exercise but the door, which had been locked, was unlocked.

Sun Zihao thought that maybe Mumu had left early and that’s why the security lock was opened.

However, for the sake of clearing doubts, he went to Mu Yifan’s room to see if anyone was there, knocked on the door a few times, heard no response and made sure the person was really out before turning around and leaving for his workout.

When he got back from his workout, he brought back breakfast.

After setting the dishes, Sun Zihao went to Mu Yifan’s room again and knocked on the door but there was no answer.

He suddenly remembered that Mumu’s body was still sick, so he was worried that something had happened to the people in the gas room, so he opened the door directly and entered but there was no one there and the blankets on the bed were all laid out neatly.

Sun Zihao raised an eyebrow and muttered, “Going out, why didn’t the man say anything.”

Immediately, the stationery on the table caught his eye.

Sun Zihao walked up and saw that it was written to his boss.

He was amused that he was writing a letter at this time of the day, not in the army and needed to communicate by mail.

Sun Zihao didn’t want to read it but when he saw the word ‘go’ on the letter, he didn’t care about reading his personal mail anymore and picked it up to read it.

He ran out of the room and ran to the security office at the door asking, “Excuse me, did you see Mr. Mu leave from villa A-101?”

Two of the guards shook their heads, the other said, “I saw him leave last night, so I don’t know if he came back later.”

Sun Zihao looked to the tall, thin security guard and said: “When did he leave?”

“Last night around midnight.”

Sun Zihao asked again, “Did he drive or walk?”

The guard didn’t answer right away, as if he was thinking about something but after a few seconds he said, “Walk.”

“Did you see him take a cab when he went out?”

Security shook his head.

Sun Zihao scratched his head in irritation.

He doesn’t know Mumu’s cell phone number and he can’t call the boss who is on a mission to tell him about it.

Sun Zihao thought of something and asked incessantly, “Do you have any previous surveillance footage, I think…”

He wanted to see Mumu’s face under the gauze but, without waiting for him to finish, the other security guards interrupted him and said: “Our surveillance equipment is broken and all the old footage is gone, you see, it’s still being repaired.”

Sun Zihao looked at the busy maintenance man and frowned in frustration, the monitoring equipment almost never breaks down.

 Now they have to ask the street surveillance department for help but the surveillance department did not install any cameras in the villa area and although there are cameras near the villa area, we could not find the person whose face was wrapped in gauze.

 Sun Zihao guessed that Mumu left after removing the gauze, so he asked the security guard who saw Mu Yifan leave to go to the CCTV department to check if there was any Mumu on the video but he still couldn’t find him.

 Sun Zihao will be very worried when Boss comes back. How will he explain this to him?

 After that, he sent more men to look for him but still no news.

Five days flew by and while he was still looking for someone, Zhan Beitian returned from their mission.

 Sun Zihao, who was sitting in the lobby making a phone call and sending more people to look for Mu Yifan, saw the SUV parked outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows and almost fell to the ground as he couldn’t hold his phone steady.

 It was Zhan Beitian, Xiang Guo, Lu Lin and Mao Yu, Yan Ming, who got out of the car.

 Sun Zihao quickly hung up the phone and opened the door to let Zhan Beitian and the others in.

Zhan Beitian looked for Mu Yifan as soon as he walked in the door but when he didn’t see anyone, his eyes darkened and he felt somehow lost.

Xiang Guo and the others were stunned when they saw the red-eyed Sun Zihao and said, “Zihao, you’ve been eating and sleeping well for the past few days but you’re even worse than us, the missionaries? You look like you haven’t slept in days.”

In the meantime, Zhan Beitian noticed this and frowned slightly.

Sun Zihao was not in the mood to joke with them and stepped aside, saying, “Come in.”

Xiang Guo and the others walked into the house, sat down on the couch and immediately stretched their legs and said: “I’m so tired.”

Sun Zihao looked at the indifferent Zhan Beitian and touched the letter in his trouser pocket, hesitating for a moment before he took it out with a guilty face and handed it to Zhan Beitian and said: “Boss, I’m sorry that I didn’t look after Mumu properly, this is the letter Mumu left for you.”

Zhan Beitian had a bad feeling about this, took the letter and opened it.


 By the time you read this letter, the time for my staying on this earth will be over and my body will not be able to hold out until the day you return.

 Even if I could wait until that day, I don’t want you to see me sick and shriveled up and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, so I’m leaving.

 And don’t be sad for me, just think of me as traveling the world, maybe I’m having fun in some country right now, maybe one day I’ll show up in front of you and tell you about my trip around the world, hehehe.

 By the way, I don’t know how to take the pearl out of my body and return them to you, so I’m sorry that I had to take them with me but I’ll return them to you whenever I can.

 That’s it, Beitian, goodbye.

When Zhan Beitian saw the last three words, his pupils shrank and he held on to the letter paper.

Sun Zi Hao next to him felt even more guilty and said his plea and said: “ Boss, I didn’t know Mu Mu was so ill, I thought he was just sick. At that time, I thought he was really a young master who could walk and move, so why would he need someone to take care of him? No wonder he dropped his spoon into the bowl at breakfast and took three minutes to walk from the first to the second floor.”

If Mu Yifan had been there at that moment, he would have laughed at that.

The fact that he’s in a corpse makes it sound like he’s seriously ill but it lends credibility to his letter.

Mao Yu raised an eyebrow, “That sick? Then you didn’t notice anything wrong with him?”

“I did, I saw how slow I was walking and asked him if he wasn’t feeling well but he lied to me and said he was doing a slow walk.”

Mao Yu and said: “…”

Zhan Beitian lifted his bloodshot eyes abruptly and asked in a mute voice, “When did this happen?”

Sun Zihao said, “That was the day you left.”

Zhan Beitian thought back to that day and squeezed the stationery tightly.

No wonder the normally talkative man didn’t say anything when he left.

And the day before he left, Mumu slept and ate without speaking much.

At the time, he thought it was a bit strange but later, he thought it was due to the Qingtian Pearl relationship, he didn’t think about it.

In retrospect, Mumu should have realized that something was wrong with her at that time but she was afraid of revealing it to him, so she pretended to be asleep.

Xiang Guo asked anxiously, “Didn’t you send someone to find him?”

Sun Zihao quickly explained and said: “Of course I sent someone to look for him but I neither know Mumu’s mobile number nor what he looks like, I also went to the surveillance department to look for video footage and there was no one with a veil on his face. He was nowhere to be seen, as if he had vanished.”

Lu Lin thought about it and asked, “Why didn’t you check the security cameras in the villa area?”

Sun Zihao was furious when he said and said: “My first thought was to look at the CCTV footage of the villa but the surveillance equipment just fucking happened to break down.”

Mao Yu, Xiang Guo and Lu Lin fell silent.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes, however, suddenly hardened and said: “He’s most likely still in the villa.”

“Still in the villa? But, the security guard saw him leave.” Sun Zihao’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

He’s been looking for five days and he’s still in the villa? How is that possible?

Mao Yu bantered, “Just because the security guard said it, does it have to be true? And is it a coincidence that the surveillance equipment is broken?”

Sun Zihao looked pale and said: “Are you saying….. that Mumu most likely colluded with the security guards early on?”

He suddenly thought of the day he bought the pizza, Mumu specially asked the security guard at the door to bring it in.

By the way, the security guard who saw Mumu leave and the security guard who went to the CCTV department with him were the same person.

“Shit, I’m going to ask that security guard about it.” Sun Zihao ran out of the villa.

Zhan Beitian stared at the letter in his hand and from the typeface, one could see how much effort the writer had put into finishing the letter.

He pursed his lips, rolled his throat up and down in an arduous manner, closed his red eyes and raised his hand to rub his eyelids so that no one could see the emotions in his eyes but Mao Yu and the others could feel that the boss was in great distress.

Lu Lin looked hesitant and asked, “Boss, what kind of disease does Mumu have?”

At the words, Zhan Beitian slowly opened his eyes and said in a mute voice, “Bone cancer… terminal.”

The three of them were startled.

They never thought that the person they were chatting with so happily that night would be so sick.

The atmosphere in the hall fell into a faintly sentimental mood and everyone remained silent, making the whole hall particularly quiet.

Suddenly, a fluctuating wave caught Zhan Beitian’s attention.

He turned pale, stood up abruptly, strode to the right window and looked at the villa next to him.


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